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  1. Anyone know if there will be a Belize boogie this winter and when it would be? Also does the dropzone operate full time during the winter regardless of a boogie? Thanks
  2. No dropzones on the island??? Where do you think they have the boogie? You think jumpers that don't live on the island organize a boogie for PR? There IS a dropzone
  3. gotcha. Yup I'm doing that. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info...what do you mean by bring your own spacing?
  5. Looking to go weekend of April 4th. Would love advice on pricing/coaching etc. Any deals out there?
  6. I'm looking for a helicopter in the Northern Indiana or Eastern Illinois area that might be able to help me with a little jump. Please PM me if anyone can steer me in the right direction. Thanks
  7. Anyone jump there? Are they open? Tried calling and it goes directly to a full voicemail.
  8. Drive a little over an hour north to Mesquite!!! Great view over beautiful golf course.
  9. Hey Trunk, I owe you a drink for hooking me up with getting my Hypeye.
  10. Thanks DSE, I have a dinner that night so I'll have to see if the timing works out. Either way I'll look for you during the day at least to say hi.
  11. I'll be there. Leaving tonight. Would love to grab a drink with you guys.
  12. Rover7


    Maybe...but i figured this was probably not camera specific and possibly had to do more with adding the wide angle. Anywho, thanks for the other responses. I'll give those a try.
  13. Rover7


    I added a Century .55x to the CX100 and when I manually focus to infinity, it is out of focus. I have to focus back in until things come back into focus, which is hard to see on the small lcd screen. Is there any scientific way or tricks for manually focusing with the wide angle lens on the CX100?
  14. Could you let me know what setting you have it on? I think for that footage everything was probably set to factory defaults as far as I can remember. Not 100% sure what slow shutter was set to. But believe me, I was pretty impressed for that being some of the first footage I saw. Make sure you a viewing your stuff on a good interlaced hd monitor.
  15. I've tried easy, manual, slow shutter. Just seams very noisy. I don't know much about cameras, never the less it seems not to have the HD quality inside. I have some footage shot in a low light recording studio that is broadcast quality. This camera is pretty impressive for what it is. As for fast movement I'm not so sure, but I'm still working on figuring out my issues with that.
  16. Yeah I think I'm going go back to my original thought of the camera shake. I'm going to start by putting a strap around the camera to pull it tight against the top of my mount. BTW billvon, what kind of settings did you use to render out those sample cx100 videos?
  17. Well watching back from camera to TV I originally noticed a slight shake mainly around bodies during freefall, which made me think my cam was moving ever so slightly. Unfortunately as far as I can tell, I can't move frame by frame on camera to really see what it looks like. After converting files today to uncompressed quicktimes, and going through them frame by frame, I am seeing that horrible ghosting. I agree that some of the footage that has been posted is looking pretty damn good. Maybe my conversion made my original shake even more noticeable?? I not using a pc, so right now I have do convert these so I can view them. Perhaps I'll mess with some other conversion settings.
  18. I know exactly what you are referring to. After reviewing my first day of jumps using this camera, I am starting to think that this camera isn't the great skydive camera which we were hoping it was. I was originally thinking that my camera might be shaking a bit due to being top mounted using only a quick release and the one screw into the bottom of the camera. But all my video has a horrible ghosting/doubling or tripling the image. (see attached pic) Again, I thought this might be from the wind shaking the cam, but I even see this result before exit. I'm not sure this camera can handle any quick movement. Unless I have some setting set incorrectly? I didn't have steadyshot activated, but this does not appear to be something steadyshot could fix.
  19. Well that rules out the open lens thought. Let me know how it goes. Would love to see the condom. Did you make it yourself?
  20. Seems like we both have similar setup and similar shake issues. Hopefully it's just a matter of securing the cam a little better. Did you have a filter lens on the front or just the open camera lens? I have no filter. Not sure if wind on the open camera lens would cause shaking?
  21. I'm getting that shaking issue, but I'm really hoping that I just need to secure the camera a bit more. Only using a quick release mount with the one screw going into the bottom of camera. Going to try and stap the cam down next. There's only slight movement if I put side to side pressure on the cam, but this might be causing the shake.
  22. I love the simple mounting method that I used to mount my cx100, which is a top mount using the quick shoe plate. However I jumped the camera a few times and it's not looking that great. It appears to have a slight bit of shake to the video. I am trying to narrow down the cause. Since the camera is mounted to the plate by just the one screw and that mounting hole is offset on the bottom of the camera, the camera will lift up very slightly on one side if I apply side to side pressure. I think this is mainly due to the offset and there not being equal pressure applied on both sides of the camera when you tighten the screw. I'm going to try and put a strap around the camera so I can tighten it down more and eliminate the movement I'm hoping that solves my issues. I don't have a filter on the camera yet...could the wind blowing in the lens cause this shake?