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  1. Unfortunately I don’t live in those countries when I travel abroad I usually have a security detail. I live in America and I defend myself accordingly to my surroundings
  2. I have instruments to be able to see in the dark, have to have enough rounds to engage multiple targets and not have to manipulate a rifle to manually cycle it for safety reasons
  3. I read the summary on that site Jerry, I’m not down with none of that sorry. If government and LEO’s can carry high capacity then I’m carrying high capacity too simple as that. Whatever you believe that they should be able to carry to protect and defend then that’s the same thing im carrying.
  4. Joe what capacity do you believe to be sufficient and for what scenario? to say high capacity magazines should be banned is a vague statement. What do you consider high capacity?
  5. It’s ok Jerry, you don’t have to buy it brother. I will carry on in my world legally.
  6. Joe I hunt with AR platform rifles and several other autos they are useful when engaging multiple targets and in low light conditions from having to manipulate ammo or manually cycle other types of rifles
  7. Wendy, I was addressing joe Weber I believe he warned me that administrators had a solution for who knows what. Everyone here that knows me knows that I am a very respectful and loving person I will not attack anyone regardless if I agree or disagree with the comments. in Billy’s case it did indeed turn out to be a monumental mistake to own firearms, however I do not believe that the firearm did anything more than facilitate what he intended to carry out.
  8. Understood Wendy, I haven’t been on here in a long time and am not familiar with the current format. I explained to Jerry B earlier that I am currently posting from my phone and not in front of a proper keyboard. Please forgive my grammatical errors
  9. Is this a personal matter or you just don’t like what I have to say??
  10. Unless following your instructions are some rules?? Is that the case Joe?? You want to give me instructions???
  11. The administrators are well aware of this thread I have broken no rules or attacked anyone
  12. This is just a general comment Joe, I have a lot of different firearms that I use for a lot of different things all for legal purposes. What someone else owns or uses for all legal purposes doesn’t mean anything to me, and I don’t care to tell anyone what they should and should not have or use.
  13. That was directed at you Joe just incase you were lost
  14. Public forum and all, someone can go back and read the thread
  15. Ill direct my comments however I see fit
  16. Phil I for one am open to the discussion. There’s millions of people that are armed or travel with an armed detail for a bunch of different threats. Somehow in the indiscriminate attack on some inanimate object with a bunch of bullshit statistics to go along I’m told I’m the problem, that it is my attitude that is the problem. these guys don’t live in my world they don’t do what I do so it’s foolish to try and tell me if I should or should not be armed or what I should be armed with.
  17. I don’t live in city limits I don’t expect the police is going to save me from anything
  18. I’m not asking you to do anything Jerry, I believe I was the one accused statistically to be murdered by my own firearms or to turn into a murdering scumbag
  19. My reading comprehension is sound Jerry you stated LEO’s “only” and I understood that to include federal or state employees per your description
  20. A bunch of kids carjacked a old lady here recently in New Orleans they drug her down the block on the concrete and ripped her arm off killing her…
  21. I’ve seen a lot of stats cited in this discussion. how about some home invasion stats?? how about some carjacking stats?? you guys got any of those you care to discuss??
  22. So in your opinion only LEO’s should carry is that correct? so nobody else should carry to defend themselves or somebody else?