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  1. This is from the lift every voice Oregon website. “All firearm purchasers will need a permit to buy a firearm. Before issuance, the permit applicant must successfully complete a background check (regardless of how long it takes), as well as pass both a firearm safety training class and a live-fire training session, as those terms are defined in IP 17. The permit is valid for 5 years. Whether the seller is a licensed dealer or unlicensed seller at a gun show, at the time of purchase, a current, valid, permit must be presented and a background check must be successfully completed before any firearm is turned over to or received by the purchaser. Restrictions are also imposed upon purchase of the certain ammunition. No magazines over 10 rounds can be purchased or sold after the effective date of the Act and those already owned on that date are restricted to the owner’s sole use on personal property, at shooting ranges, competition and lawful recreational activities such as hunting, provided they are transported to such locations in a locked container separate from any firearm. Sale or transfer of large-capacity magazines to others is prohibited, except, within 180 days of the effective date of the Act they may be sold or transferred to a licensed dealer or permanently altered to only hold 10 rounds or, at any time, turned in to law enforcement for destruction. Manufacturing of large-capacity magazines or sale by a dealer is also prohibited, except for military and law enforcement purposes. The penalty for violation of this law is a Class A misdemeanor or, in some instances, if the violator has one or more prior convictions at the time of the charge, the penalty is a Class C felony.” how would any of this done absolutely anything in Billy’s situation?
  2. Right… isn’t it awesome? We really figured this thing out now didn’t we?
  3. Wendy, I do not have an ideas currently what could have prevented either incident. In reference to the Texas incident it’s easy to say that I personally would never have sold a firearm to some kid with that many issues. Guy walks into the shop looks presentable 4473 clears and you proceed with the sale. I’m not sure that a battery of questions right then may bring up anything else that could stop the sale.
  4. Yeah I know you weren’t because you think you know something but you don’t
  5. More assumptions and speculation… yeah this will certainly lead to some answers
  6. You sure do make a lot of assumptions and speculations Phil. Personally I don’t own any .223 amo despite having over 30 AR rifles. Only thing I short with 5.56 is paper and that’s because I use the cases to load 30cal but go right ahead and keep making assumptions thinking you know something you don’t know nothing about
  7. I’m the last person you need to worry about brother, I would never hurt you. I’m not sure what I have ever done to you or this country that you would not want me to exist.
  8. I have one it’s not practical for hunting and it’s expensive to shoot
  9. Thank you I was kind of tired of hearing you crying
  10. I sleep with one under my pillow even makes me feel good
  11. Billy had a rifle when he was around 21-22 or some shit some garland knock off a mini 30 or something he used to target shoot with. billy was also extremely famous for parroting anything just to get a rise out of people I don’t think he knew what the hell he was even saying half the time
  12. Billy wasn’t a gun guy he didn’t grow up hunting and around firearms.
  13. Crack head mom, no man around, living with your grandma issues at school… maybe they should have screened him for that
  14. Not insane at all in my opinion I had guns well before I was 18
  15. I could hunt with a bow and I do sometimes works just fine too… if I’m going to smoke some hogs then I’m bringing an automatic with a can and sending some airmail because that’s how I do it. Could be there 58 different ways to skin a cat… don’t mean nothing I’m going to do it how I do it.
  16. The main thing that’s getting lost here is mental health is what I think. I’m 100% solid good to go. If you’re scared say you’re scared.
  17. If I’m in a gunfight and I think it’s prudent for safety and success to stop a threat then I want as many rounds as possible to stop that threat. May be multiple shooters, may be shooters behind cover, may be shooters wearing armor, may be any combination of things. I love me, I want to win the gunfight. 15-17 rounds may not be enough. Carry big and carry high capacity I say and a few magazines too the life you save may be your own
  18. If I’m engaged in legal activities with a group of people and I think a 60rd drum is prudent for safety and success then that’s what I’m going to use
  19. And again I don’t give a shit what they do in other countries I live in the United States of America the land of the free
  20. Phil I’m not making any fallacious anything. I know what works and what doesn’t I do it. You have to remove a hand from your rifle to cycle the action, when you’re wearing gear that limits your peripheral vision and you’re engaging multiple moving targets in a fast pace hunt with other shooters in proximity a bolt gun ain’t going to get it sorry. Whatever you’re pretending you know ain’t it
  21. On the same note I’m not carrying an automatic on a deer hunt wether it’s a still hunt, running dogs, or stalking. May be a bolt gun may be a lever gun may be a shotgun all depends on the hunt the distance and if dogs are turned out or not or if I’m driving the dogs
  22. Phil, I engage in all types of hunts sometimes at night in attempt to take a sounder of feral hogs. Bolt gun or a lever gun are not suited when firing a string of shots out on multiple moving targets it’s far safer from an automatic platform not having to make any unnecessary motions to cycle the action especially when multiple shooters are involved
  23. Never had to draw a firearm on anybody in this country Jerry 47yrs strong