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  1. If a criminal obtains a firearm deceitfully, or builds a firearm for criminal purposes then, I don’t see how this is accurate
  2. If a criminal decides to fabricate or build a firearm from pieces and parts then obviously the firearm did not start out as a legally manufactured firearm, is math your first language?
  3. Actually Spanish and Italian are John I actually learned English last
  4. I believe you accused me prior to that post, and I mistakenly said bill posted the statistics you are asking me to explain. I don’t feel the need to dispute those numbers John.
  5. There’s an example John, how’s that 100% looking?
  6. Why are you avoiding mine? You accused me of making claims, what have I accused you of?
  7. John you care to enlighten me on “claims” you accuse me of that bills statistics destroy? Or do you just want to baselessly attack me and move on to the next thing?
  8. As I stated bill there is a difference when you are fighting for your life or performing a rescue or clearing a building.
  9. I wouldn’t say every criminally owned gun started out that way, so that absolute number of 100% is incorrect
  10. What claims would those be Kallend?? What have I claimed that those statists “destroy”? Please advise
  11. Not necessarily Justin, there is a difference when you are fighting for your life and you are responding to an incident. There is a golden rule in rescue operations “me before you before everybody” you cannot effect a rescue if you just blindly go in to a situation where you will be taking fire from a rifle. Running into a bullet renders you ineffective at an rescue attempt.
  12. Stumpy nobody did, as far as I recall I am the one who posted that. Was a response to the millions upon millions of firearms that are already in circulation. Truth be told if Billy’s girls and flo could all live, then I would shut it down and turn in all of my firearms.
  13. Who’s going to go door to door and collect them all?
  14. It was a hot mess certainly Justin, in order for first responders to be able to get into the scene and render aid the scene has to be cleared. A bunch of more people rushing in there would have just added to the chaos surely you understand that.
  15. They certainly are Bill, I believe they are somewhat skewed though when it comes down to legal and responsible ownership compared to illegally possessed/stolen and used to commit crime.
  16. I understand not having any personal use for any firearm no matter the platform, many people feel that way. Personally I engage and guide all types of hunts and shooting sports using anything from a 32gr rifle round to upwards of 500gr rounds and anything from 9’s to 000 buck in a spread shot across many different platforms and many different conditions. As i stated earlier what may be useful to some may not be useful to others. I have no issue with that, to each their own. The number of guns in circulation already is one of the main reasons in my opinion why people fear restrictions, mainly from the defensive carry contingent. The argument from that standpoint that everyone is familiar with, is that the bad guys don't play by the rules. In either of the 2 recent incidents being discussed the bad guys weren’t bad guys until they were, and that is the dilema.
  17. Kallend, I don’t care to discuss those statistics.
  18. If you suspect that you or someone you know has a mental health issue please reach out and attempt to help.
  19. The semantics wether an AR platform or any other for that matter is a suitable choice for taking game and what gear is to be used is a moot point. In an effort to just end that argument, I say please, use whatever gear is appropriate and legal for taking game that results in a clean and humane kill for the game you are targeting and enjoy yourself.
  20. Proper tools for the task at hand Phil, I couldn’t agree with you more. I hunt game with rifle projectiles that are considerably smaller than 50-60 grain. you make an argument in your statement then generalize hunting to a +-180gr projectile. Think about it would you shoot a squirrel or rabbit with a .30cal round. A .223 in certain instances dependent on the game and type of hunt could be an ideal round.
  21. “You sure do make a lot of assumptions Phil.” This checks out for complete sentence “I don’t personally own .223 ammo despite multiple rifles in that platform” yeah this checks out as complete sentence as well “only thing I shoot with 5.56 is paper to use the cases” another complete sentence
  22. Phil you’re the one going on and on about a .223 as if that’s the only caliber an AR is capable of firing. Is that a complete enough sentence for you to comprehend?