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  1. I remember when the moderators on these forums came around these hot topics and encouraged users to stay “on topic” it’s amazing how polarized we have become and apologetic and sorry as a country that even people from other countries are off topic and in here trashing my country. And some of the moderators are the ones encouraging it.
  2. Very touching Jerry, with all due respect that Oregon proposal is pure trash
  3. You voted democrat you got it brother, congratulations
  4. Anyone else wants to know what I really think about all of this, you can join me on an unmoderated forum where I can really tell y’all what I think. Hiding within these forums where free speech can be censored doesn’t do anyone any good.
  5. Justin you ain’t American, which country exactly did you mean they think this way in Canada? You guys need to calm down with that brother
  6. Anyway folks, I respectfully bow out of this debate. Billy tried for years to get me in here in when he was alive and never could. Took him perpetrating a despicable act of horror on his family for him to get me in here. I’m sorry I couldn’t provide any further answers. Billy used to reference a scene from a movie all the time about someone getting a pineapple shoved up their ass. Was an Adam Sandler movie. I was just corrected a few minutes ago I thought it was Monty python, I’ve never watched either. He used to quote that scene anytime someone did something despicable. Well I hope Billy got his pineapple. the classic and very infamous “fuck you billy” greeting has certainly taken on a new meeting. It was great to hear from y’all, y’all be good and spread the love.
  7. Come on Justin you already know she didn’t mean elementary kids that young don’t drive.
  8. That is what I meant as a product of Katrina Wendy, because such a large number of people were displaced in such a short amount of time to neighboring cities here in the south.
  9. Neither is more firearm restrictions apparently at some point we have to admit that’s not working either.
  10. Without looking into the link Wendy Houston did have a significant murder rate before Katrina I think the Katrina boost was just a temporary thing as you suggest.
  11. Also John, more than twice as many murders to date in Chicago than New Orleans. I guess my mind defaulted to quantity in that instance. I could have easily said Mew Orleans as well as any other metropolitan area really.
  12. I did list Chicago by name without any reference per capita. “The worst” I think is a relative term when it comes to the whole “drill rap opp shopping get them before they get me” phenomenon. New Orleans East has been a no man’s land since after Katrina that’s a rough part of the world, they just want to be known as killers they will shoot women and children indiscriminately. BR was also a product of Katrina as well as Houston. I wasn’t “trying” anything John, just so you know.
  13. Winsor billy spoke of you often
  14. Keep your terminology straight rob… LOL I hope you are well I’m starting to recognize all of the old names from years ago on here although I always stayed clear of SC
  15. Surely rob you know I know the difference without me listing my qualifications with firearms. By automatic I surely meant SA and not FA and I own NFA weapons. thanks for clearing that up. and to help you out a bit it’s not so much the background process as filling out form 3 or form 4 depending if you’re building or purchasing as far as FA anything manufactured after 86 is restricted to military/Leo anything FA that was registered pre-86 was grandfathered and is transferable
  16. Freedom is freedom brother, I’m all about “for all legal purposes”. Billy’s kids and flo did not pay for any freedom in my opinion they were murdered by the one person in the world that they should have been able to trust with their lives. If he used a candlestick, then it would be down to the kid in Texas. I condemn both.
  17. Same could be said here in the states Justin as far as majority being criminal on criminal what’s going on in Chicago and a lot of metropolitan areas with the gang kids is obscene and so senseless they really just kill each other over nothing. I contribute that mostly to a fundamental lack of education.
  18. I think he would have failed all of them. Fact that his mother was a crack head he lived with the grandmother and there is no mention of a father that I am aware of.
  19. As far as maintenance he was definitely lacking there for sure, he could do basic things but again billy wasn’t a gun guy by any definition he was late to firearms
  20. I certainly would be good to go with any of those. Billy on the other hand I cannot say with any degree of certainty for several of those things although i do believe him and flo both took a basic firearms course
  21. You may all proceed with your baseless attack on me…
  22. I didn’t find any Jerry, just me. My apologies sir, and apologies to the OP as well
  23. Jerry I am sure you’ve said the same to others when they levied báseles claims against me? Let me go back and check
  24. Justin how’s the gun violence in Canada I believe last 3 times I was there this year there was a shooting?
  25. I agree bill, I never made any claims to suggest arming children or teachers for that matter.