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  1. Sad news about John. My first stop after hearing the news was the local watering hole for a drink of some of his favourite scotch... Rest In Peace John.
  2. I'm not really into the whole circle-jerking thing. However, people in my circle ARE informed about what's been going on in Quebec, Mosul, Kenya among many other places - some are Knee deep in the shit. Practically every Church that I've attended across this great country of ours has multiple missionary programs per year. Some people give all they have to help, some have even died. So please excuse me if I take exception with those that say that "americans are woefully ignorant" and that such comments are "fair." That's the thing with stereotypes - you're likely to offend someone. I thought liberals were aware of that. Let me get this straight. You've been to churches who are sending missionaries to Quebec City?? Are you sure about that??
  3. Carville said that about the Clinton Foundation, not the CGI. I don't think the Clinton Foundation is closing down. http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/23/politics/james-carville-defends-clinton-foundation/
  4. thank you Mr. Blutarsky http://youtu.be/V8lT1o0sDwI SFW
  5. Well, he did hereby give notice... so that pretty much makes it legal and such
  6. That sentence is a masterpiece. If only I could hear it spoken by Peter O'Toole. Maybe try Colin Firth. I think he could pull it off... Or maybe give John some fine scotch and he might be able to make a go of it....
  7. Can we put our orders in now? I'm picking Nevada...actually, maybe just Las Vegas. And if you can figure out how to move the weather along with it, that would be much appreciated. Regards, Canada
  8. PS. I will always remember you getting pied in Eden North at the Canadian Nationals in 97(?) when you swooped the landing area and knocked over the Canadian flag...
  9. Hawks will still be respectable. As long as they have Captain Serious, they'll be a playoff contender. Kings...not so sure. Don't think they make it deep in the playoffs...might not even make the playoffs. Maybe Domi with AZ makes a run... No. They won't light it up...because it's Phil Kessel (they just split up their line) Jets, maybe. But I think the west will be St. Louis, Nashville, or Minnesota Tampa won't get back to the finals... I think all this Stamkos trade talk will be a distraction. Rangers or Montreal in the East. Detroit won't be dominating...but they will be glad they got rid of Babcock...(see below) No. Babcock won't make a difference. What a disaster. Get a coach that may be good, but NO ONE can stand (see the tweets from Mike Commodore). Add to that a horrible defence and a GM in Lamoriello that most people are still trying to figure out why they made that deal - that's a recipe for more of the same in T.O. Dallas could make a decent run. Great offence. Benn and Sequin will light it up down there. Jagr has 10 pts already with 5 goals. The guy is insane. Love watching him play. I can see why him and Mario played so well together. No one saw the play and the ice like Mario...but Jagr's a close second. I like your correction to Montreal/anyone in the West...I think they have the best chance of winning the east. West? I'm going with Nashville in the West (a bit of a long shot...) Although it pains me to say this...I'm thinking Montreal wins the Cup this year. And you think Montreal fans are obnoxious now... :)
  10. Yeah, I can't let that one pass...that's not the way it happened...let me attempt to set the record straight... 1919 - Weimar government dictates that "all firearms are to be surrendered immediately". Primarily due to the fact that they have agreed to crushing financial term under the Treaty of Versailles that they know will cause another revolution. 1928 - Easing of restrictions from 1919 law - all firearms to be registered 1938 - Jews prohibited from owning weapons - most already were prevented from owning firearms from provisions of the 1928 law that said that people who were deemed "untrustworthy" could not own firearms 1939 - Nazi government further easing of restrictions - no restrictions long guns, permit validity extended from 1 to 3 years, minimum age lowered to 18 Under Nazi government, there was an easing of gun laws for the general population (79 million), not a restriction. The Jewish population that time was approximately 200,000. I've read many arguments that seem to indicate that if the Jewish population weren't 'disarmed' by these laws, there would not have been a Holocaust - which is of course complete rubbish.
  11. What are the odds of that actually happening in the first place? I mean you can build a boat in the desert so you don't drown in a flood..... Exactly. What are the odds. Why are we even debating gun control? Odds that any gun purchased legally with or without a background check, new tax, mandatory insurance, magazine capacity limits, and so forth will never be used in a mass shooting of innocent people. I watched a movie last night where only the police and military had guns. I think many of you would find that a model society. It was called "Schindler's List" Not quite. In 1938, the Nazi government eased the restrictions on firearms. Your comment regarding only the police and military had guns is incorrect. As long as you weren't Jewish (it became a crime in 1938 for Jews to have most weapons, let alone guns), it was easier to all other Germans to own and carry firearms.
  12. that prick Frank Underwood has his fingerprints all over this...I don't trust that guy...
  13. As I recall, the Sandy Hook had exactly such a system in place. Adam Lanza simply shot out the glass door and walked in. But no doubt some will respond that the school is at fault, for not having 12 inch thick steel doors at all entrances, and actually having vulnerable windows an attacker could shoot out and enter. Much safer to build our schools out of solid concrete without windows. Also we should have metal detectors at every entrance, armed guards, windowless steel doors for every classroom that lock automatically when an alarm is sounded, and a 15-foot high solid wall topped with hurricane wire around the entire property. That should be the face of freedom in America. A gun on every hip, and a barricade at every door. Don Yeah I guess your right. Maybe it was stupid for Canada to start locking the doors while class was in session. Actually, Canada didn't start locking its doors. Some schools in Ontario did. It's not a required practice. The government made funds available to schools who wanted to increase security after the Sandy Hook shootings. Completely voluntary. And aside from 2 school shootings in Ontario 40 years ago, I'm not aware of any that have occurred recently or even any that were prevented by this voluntary policy. In my opinion, the simple fact that firearms are much harder to get (the process for acquiring firearms is significantly more complex) is the largest contribution as to why there haven't been more shootings.
  14. I'm not sure that the copyright owners need to be specifically consulted in this case. Isn't that why they join ASCAP and BMI? To let those organizations deal with licensing requests and authorizations (and their royalty payments)... Unless the music is"synchronized" as part of a "dramatic work", I think the generic ASCAP license would cover the use. Maybe billvon or one of the other mods could ping Spot (DSE) to see what his take on this would be. I'm sure he would have a more definitive answer...
  15. But none of those things would have taken place after the press release was made. The last FTX finished on Saturday and the peer reviews and completed on Sunday. The press release was Monday. There was nothing that could have been failed at this point. Unless they somehow failed the Bn board after having passed Peer Review and CO board. Sorry, I'm not trying to be argumentative. I'm just trying to point out that nothing about this seems untoward. Based on every interview, every article I've read (staff, other candidates, even the retired CSM from Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade), there is absolutely nothing about what they did that was not Ranger standard. Maybe an argument can be made that they were given the chance to make a third attempt at Benning phase, but I'm not sure that is all that uncommon.
  16. I guess I was able to answer my own question. I see a training plan that indicates the last FTX finishes on Saturday with Sunday to the following Friday being things like CO Boards, peer ratings and move to Ft Benning. By Monday, they would know who has to repeat the last phase. So by the sounds of it, its entirely realistic that by the Monday of the graduation week, they would have a clear indication of who passed and who didn't. http://www.ranger.org/Resources/Documents/ranger%20website%20brief.pdf Edited to all link with course details
  17. So would it be unusual for anyone to fail in the last week of the course? They made the announcement on Aug 17 and they graduated on Aug 21. I'm not familiar with what takes place on the last week of this course, but is there really anything that would jeopardize their successful completion??
  18. This is most definitely not limited to the US, or a 2 party system. Canada is gearing up for an election next year and this shit is already in full swing. Here's my concern. We seem to be buying into that fallacy you talk about. So much so that the politicians seems to gearing their rhetoric and policy towards that. "Oh, you know all the stuff that other party did, well, if you elect us, we'll undo it....or if they didn't do it, elect us and we'll do it."
  19. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you. This flyer had been in the air since he was born (well, almost) and decided after a short flight with a GoPro, he was better off without it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RArofHji8CU&feature=player_embedded
  20. And the team expected to be bottom 4 in the league makes the playoffs. Way to go Sens. Bryan Murray (GM) is a genius for hiring Paul Maclean as head coach. He had pressure from ownership to choose otherwise, but Maclean has been brilliant this year. Surely has to be top consideration for the Jack Adams Trophy. To me its obvious who was the real architect of the Ducks Stanley Cup victory a few years ago (hint...it wasn't Brian Burke...) It'll be tough against the Bruins in Round 1, but with their goaltending a bit shakely lately and Ottawa's being very solid, I'm hoping for a good outcome. GO SENS GO!
  21. Keeping the vice in Vice-President? Politics makes for strange bedfellows...Charles Dudley Warner - 1850 Politics makes for naughty bedfellows...Paul Wing - 2011
  22. Palin/Bachmann mmm.... I need serious help
  23. I'm loving that series!! I had written off the Bolts on Wednesday night, but they proved me wrong. I thought they'd lost confidence in their goaltending, but their offense took care of business. Martin St. Louis has really moved up in my books. He has really impressed me - especially this series. I have to think that no matter who gets through to the final round, Vancouver looks like the team to beat. Everything is clicking right now. Top lines, power plays, goaltending... Yahoo! Bring on the Finals :) (God, I love this game...)