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  1. ficus

    Argus Batteries....

    They are the same thing.
  2. ficus

    Argus Batteries Dying Quick

    Who installed the Argus in your rig? I have heard of a case of this happening when two mismatched batteries were put in the unit.
  3. ficus

    AFFI practice in wind tunnel

    I did 15-20 minutes of "AFFI practice" in the tunnel in preparation for my course: a mix of spin stops, rollovers, and general body position corrections. It was very useful for spin stops. Rollovers were okay but not as good as in the air due to the lack of a rig. Body position stuff was useful too, just to get your eyes in the mode of constantly scanning. Obviously you can't do any of the major separation work. I would not travel to a wind tunnel for AFFI training, but if you have one you can use locally (and an experienced instructor to play student for you) I think it is beneficial.
  4. ficus

    Unexplained bruising

    It's almost certainly happening on climbout. Either keep yourself tight to the door as you climb around to the outside, or far away from the door until you're out, then make your way to the back. I'm willing to bet you're hitting the relative wind outside the airplane a few inches away from the door and it's bumping you back against something bruisy made of metal. Even knowing this, I am an idiot and do it all the time. No Monday is complete without an enormous bruise on my left inner thigh.
  5. You can't really do a repack with the main still in the container and fully attached, since the main risers cover the reserve risers. I suppose you could disconnect the risers and leave the main packed in the container, but I don't know anyone who does that. I tell people not to bring me the main at all unless they want me to inspect and repack it.
  6. You can jump it (for the next 20 days). SEC. 105.49 FOREIGN PARACHUTISTS AND EQUIPMENT (a) No person may conduct a parachute operation, and no pilot in command of an aircraft may allow a parachute operation to be conducted from that aircraft with an unapproved foreign parachute system unless— (1) The parachute system is worn by a foreign para- chutist who is the owner of that system. (2) The parachute system is of a single-harness dual parachute type. (3) The parachute system meets the civil aviation authority requirements of the foreign parachutist’s country. (4) All foreign non-approved parachutes deployed by a foreign parachutist during a parachute opera- tion conducted under this section shall be packed as follows— (i) The main parachute must be packed by the for- eign parachutist making the next parachute jump with that parachute, a certificated para- chute rigger, or any other person acceptable to the Administrator. (ii) The reserve parachute must be packed in accor- dance with the foreign parachutist’s civil aviation authority requirements, by a certificated para- chute rigger, or any other person acceptable to the Administrator.