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  1. People will call your 2000s gear "old school" even though you cannot see the difference.
  2. I'd wait for some of the subject-matter experts like DZOs who post here to fill you in, yet I can speak to general things: specialty jumps like this are usually (but not always) restricted to more experienced jumpers because you'll likely be landing out somewhere (however, that should already have been planned in advance). As far as I know, a hot air balloon is just another aircraft which is subject to pretty much all of the same air traffic and safety rules as fixed wing (see Be advised that with anything moving slowly (like a helicopter) or not at all (like a balloon), the launch sensations are entirely different in that there is little or no relative wind to act against when exiting. It's a peculiar sensation and can be a bit unnerving if you're not expecting it. Other than that, have fun!
  3. The airfield in question (Bitburg) is not exactly remote. Spangdahlem AB is pretty close (~9km apart) and houses fast-movers so I'm sure there is positive ATC in the area. Thanks to all for comments.
  4. Because this took place at a DZ in Germany, I think it's safe to assume that a default MSL setting is present there as well (probably an ICAO standard or something - I dunno, I don't drive 'em, I just jump out of 'em). What I don't get is why the barometric offset was not put in the alti beforehand to get AGL (isn't the pilot supposed to adjust the barometric setting on the alti to get a zero AGL reference for local conditions, or is that optional? This is VFR below 14k after all; or is the pilot expected to take the local elevation into account when looking at the alti? That seems a confusing way to do things) - anyway, thanks for the responses.
  5. On the climb to altitude the (new to skydiving) pilot driving our 182 insisted that we were at 1500m (~4921ft) by pointing at the alti on his console and that I should get out for my hop & pop, but a quick look at everyone else's altimeters showed that we were at less than 762m (~2500ft). It took some convincing to get him to go to 1500m (~4922ft) AGL and he eventually settled on ~1219m (~4000ft) AGL. Maybe the pilot's altimeter was set to MSL (DZ elevation is 1223ft / 372m)? This was new to me despite nearly 25 years of jumping. Posting in the interest of safety and learning whether anyone else has experienced this kind of altitude dispute with a pilot. Thanks!
  6. Canadian man shot by police following mask dispute-- One could connect the dots and say that he was shot for not wearing a mask. I know that the usual cyberthugs in this forum will take the usual steaming dump on this. And besides, he was white, so who the f*** cares. Serves him right; the evil white patriarch had it coming.
  7. Yes, the Prince Rupert's Drop video was excellent.
  8. “Same old story: alleged intelligence ops IMPOSSIBLE to verify, leaked to the press which reports them quoting ANONYMOUS officials,” tweeted journalist Stefania Maurizi.
  9. NYT, CNN, FOX, George Will, the Lincoln Project and the former George W Bush administration all have one source - NYT.
  10. At least I can spell. This is yet another red herring where the NYT buys something totally bogus because it's too good to be true (like the phony Russia dossier) and publishes it without any kind of real investigation. It will be quietly disclaimed later after all the uproar has passed. You read it here first.
  11. That's because it came from the New York Times. They have zero journalistic integrity. They're the same ones who cried wolf about the Russian collusion conspiracy for three years. I'll believe it when I see it (this bounty stuff) corroborated by a reputable source, not the NYT. Are there any available? Not saying it would surprise me, given that the US has whacked Russian mercenaries in Syria. But so what? I'll believe the Russia Times before I believe the NYT:
  12. India's the same way. There was a huge scandal almost ten years ago. The big tip-off was when the (female) pilot brought a 737 in really hard, more than once. See also I don't understand why countries with generally smart people feel the need to fake it, especially when it harms the reputations of other professionals where lives are at stake, such as in medicine. Just seen where the UK and EU have banned Paki Air. Let's hope ICAO follows suit.
  13. Here's more. Yeah, sure. It's the guns. There are plenty of videos of beatings by the SOYviets in Capitol Hill, no guns involved (and no, I'm not going to post them here. Go to YouTube [which is rapidly de-platforming many conservatives. BitChute here I come]). This is what happens when liberalism goes wild and allows the inmates to run the asylum. The buzz is that the dipshit mayor didn't give a rat's ass about it until the soyboys came to HER neighborhood. I know that's a coincidence, but the irony is delicious nonetheless. Coddling these punks has resulted in DEATH. It's certainly no laughing matter.
  14. Here you's your fucking street fair.
  15. were saying...?
  16. Yup. Anarchy, blood in the streets. It's just the beginning. Here we are, indeed. Meanwhile in Antifastan: The rescue team couldn't reach the victims because the protesters stopped them.
  17. 50 years from now, this civilization which you trumpet will be dust.
  18. Incomplete - it always cycles. Please see quote by Robert E. Howard. v/r, mh
  19. That reads like Sun-Tzu. Smart guy, worthy of emulation. Thanks!
  20. Just as no amount of political correctness or social engineering will ever alter the path of human nature - it simply is what it is. I also know that I am on the right side of history. "Barbarism is the natural state of Mankind...Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph." -- Robert E. Howard, Beyond the Black River