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  1. How did he manage to fit into the cockpit with those enormous brass ones in the way?!
  2. I've had that fucking white guilt jammed down my throat my entire fucking life, and I'm fucking sick of it. If that's "white privilege", THEN SO BE IT.
  3. I wish I was in a position to do so, honest. I would if I could. However, in truth I'm nothing but a retired douchebag who spews his pointless bile in an obscure political forum. Yet beholden to none, I speak my mind at last. Just wait til you see what I'm doing on SC next June
  4. So many of my childhood heroes are gone now. Same here, and soon, so will we be. There will be others, though, who will one day soon make ours look like infants in comparison. There is still a glorious horizon out there, just waiting for the bold. "Him, him...." Go easy, General. You more than earned your rest.
  5. Punishing innocents for the sins of others is both wrong and evil.
  6. Strange conclusion for you to have as it is based upon a blank slate. I have, and have had that epiphany. It doesn't change my bias, however - it reinforces it.
  7. I was attacked by blacks for the unpardonable sin of being white. Where I lived in FL, white kids didn't go out alone after dark. After a couple of episodes like that, I learned to play it safe. If that makes me biased, it's because I have good reasons. Your comparison will now be to blame the victim, as women are blamed for being raped. Go ahead - I'm waiting.
  8. I would if I tried talking to a black girl or looked at one the "wrong way". It was my experience. This was in Florida in the late 60s/early 70s - I doubt much has changed since then. Go ahead, call me a liar. I don't care. I like to put it this way: I never owned any slaves (neither did any of my ancestors, which I can prove), and they didn't pick any cotton. I wasn't born biased, but I certainly learned to be as a matter of self-preservation.
  9. From time to time; cultural tells are always there. We white punks also attended the same public schools that the black punks did, and got the same substandard education (when there weren't race riots, of course).
  10. When I served, THERE WAS NO G.I. BILL - I don't see how I can make it any clearer.
  11. Agree. I just don't think those goals will be achieved by saddling others with the debt in the meantime. Anecdote: I served in the military during the Carter/Reagan years and thus had no GI Bill (we mid-to-late late Cold War vets like to say we got two benefits: jack and sh**, but that's okay; fair is fair); I had a colleague while I was in Italy a few years ago who was on post-9/11 GI Bill and got a full college ride and a BsCs, and was working on a Master's when I left. However, he did three tours in Afghan in the Airborne (plus had service-related partial disability). I don't begrudge him for having earned it the hard way. However, it often seems to me as though everyone wants a handout, and the Dems are happy to give them, with other people's money. For the record I also object to corporate bailouts unless they are temporary and are immediately repaid. Obama said the same thing about the bailouts when he was running back in 2008
  12. I lived in trailer parks growing up. Kindly tell me again about my white privilege.
  13. One is violent, the other isn't. One is trying to protect his livelihood, the other is trying to destroy it. Not hard to distinguish. You failed to read the entirety of my remark (causes versus actions). BTW You win. I bow to your magnificence. Kindly stop calling me a liar. The alleged saboteurs are radical leftists. I don't really care what they call themselves and see no need to distinguish one bunch of communist whackos from another.