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  1. The fact remains that SPLC did so and continues to act as an influencer in the public sphere for those people and organizations which SPLC has decided in their little star chamber are "hate groups". Hirsi,'s not alone. True (capital "L") Liberals should be outraged over this, but if there are protests about it, I have overlooked them.
  2. We differ about what "religion" is. It's easy to differentiate between a religion and a cult masquerading as one. Further, I don't see adherents of the Sub-Genius or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Scientologists hijacking airplanes and piloting them into skyscrapers. There's only one "religion" in the world which demands that its adherents wage war on everyone else. Or more recently, beheaded a schoolteacher in France. Anyone who demands "tolerance" for such mindless savages does so with my utter contempt.
  3. I understand that Ayan Ali Hirsi has been categorized as a hatemonger by the Southern Poverty Law Center because SHE dares to criticize islam. That's all the understanding I need.
  4. Whatever, Bill. Kindly note that I didn't use those words, others did.
  5. islam isn't a religion, it's a political death-cult masquerading as one. Doesn't count in my book. If it happens to reform (which seems to be slowly happening), perhaps we can revisit this one day.
  6. There's that pejorative again. If you're talking about McGowan, you'd be wrong. I put her in the same class as Bill Maher. He annoys me from time to time but although I can't always agree with his point of view, he's almost always on the side of true liberalism, which I fully respect.
  7. A couple of days ago I saw some traffic from talking heads on major outlets defending this pervert. Go look it up yourself - I'm busy. I have faith in McGowan. In all the Sh*t-shows in the past year, she's never wavered. That's speaking truth to power.
  8. If you're tracking my IP (and there is certainly nothing stopping you because I'm not running a VPN or TOR right now), you'll find that I am in Frankfurt, Germany (just saving you the trouble of looking it up). Unless of course you were referring to Intellectual Property. Oh and by the way, Hessen and Frankfurt are restricted because of the spike in 'rona cases (150-250 / day). Tell me how that's Trump's fault.
  9. It's likely to me that she's talking about Twitter. I've seen a couple of sites which make their bank from Twitter by forwarding some of that traffic. It isn't just this situation. McGowan has been consistent when it comes to pointing out the BS and hypocrisy on all sides. I respect her because she never wavers, no matter who is in her sights. True liberalism, not just leftist twaddle.
  10. cant (kănt) ► n. Tedious or hackneyed language, especially when used sanctimoniously. n. The special vocabulary peculiar to the members of an underworld group; argot. ..and you know who I respect? Rose McGowan.
  11. You may notice if you look carefully that I didn't actually say anything. Others decided that I did.
  12. I was going with what NPR put on Twitter. “Why haven’t you seen any stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story?” NPR: “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.” Just be honest and say you won’t report any stories that reflect poorly on Biden because you believe it’s so vital that Trump lose that anything is justified — including suppressing reporting — to ensure it happens. People know this is the reality of the national press. Why lie? — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 22, 2020 As for that POS Hirono, I can come up with other slurs if you like.
  13. WOW - Way to light it up, Winsor! I've missed you both here and at the WFFC.