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    Jumping at Casa Grande

    I think you mean the Willsey Brothers ... Tommy, Jerry and John Boy, aka The Whiskey Brothers. I think it was Tommy who had a toe transplanted to replace a thumb. I remember seeing photos of the operation around Ghoulidge after the Gulch was shut down. Somewhere, I've got a copy of the Enquirer photos of Cartwright going in. The last photo is a cloud of dust at impact, not far from the palm tree in the next to last shot.
  2. Zing

    What is this Plane (Look Closley)

    The XB-38 was an engine test-bed for Allison V-1710 liquid-cooled engines, should the Wright engines normally used on the B-17 become unavailable.
  3. Zing

    What is this plane #23

    An experimental design for the first generation of tilt-rotor aircraft.
  4. Zing

    Otter operators manual

    What would you consider as "reasonably priced?"
  5. Zing

    What is this plane? #14

    I know ... I know ... I know ... but I ain't saying nothin this time.
  6. Zing

    What is this plane? #13

    Built by DeHavilland.
  7. Zing


    Wait until you find out how many experienced divers won't get into that front tandem harness ... because it IS scary!
  8. Zing

    Operation Jumpfest

    I've still got one of the cloissone pins from Grampa's Jumpfest. It's a bearded old fart jumper under a rainbow square drinking a 7-Up. I don't recall what year it was, but I was flying one of two DC-3s that came for the event, along with a Twin Beech and a Helio-Stallion. I even got a ride in a P-51. Must have been 1988 or 1989.
  9. Zing


    Here's the date and a synopsis of contents of the issue of Parachutist reporting his death. Issue #17: 03/03/1981 Raible Heads South; Riggers Insurance; Rigger Training; Careless Tacking; Riggers Convention; Details of WSCR Award Given; Skydivers Jump California Bridge; Royal Gorge Jumps Continue; Parachutist Joins Balloon Record; Canopy Soaring; Club Sells Bonds to Finance Improvements; Skyvan Bust Becomes Helicopter Heyday; Upside Down Skydiving Made Easy; Gear Ad Stirs Controversy; Jumpers Welcome on Phillipine Islands; Para-Gear Needs Photos; Mr Douglas DC-3 Sold; Decontrol Ups Avgas Prices; Pioneer Unveils 20 Foot Reserve; Manufacturers Invited to Riggers Convention; Georgia Council Makes Plans for 1981; Another Turboprop DC-3 Built; Ripcord Switch Raises Questions; Advanced Air Sports Now Owned Solely by Handbury; USPA Changes Nationals Rules; Janousek Makes 3000th; M Anderson Jenkins Drowns; New DZ Opens in Florida; Para-Flite Rounds Some Safety Flyers; Colorado Gets Beech; Boenish Announces BASE Award for Fixed Object Jumps
  10. Zing

    The Jesus Toggle

    AKA as the last hope rope, or the Jesus Cord, and Top Secrets weren't the first, or only, rig to use them.
  11. Zing

    What is this canopy? #7

    Ah ... the Rogallo parawing minus the OSI. I'd guess that one is vintage late 60s/early 70s.
  12. Zing

    What is this plane? #11

    I'm guessing wildly, but that airplane looks like something like an Aeronca, later Bellanca, Scout. A second guess would be that its a jump for the tv show Ripcord. Seems I recall reading somewhere about an airplane modified for camera work used around Hollywierd ... might have belonged to TallMantz Aviation. Frank Tallman and Paul Mantz had a hand in a lot of film/television stuff utilizing a number of airplanes. Mantz was killed flying the homebuilt that appears in the end of the original "Flight of the Phoenix" starring Jimmy Stewart. Tallman was in his 80s when his airplane flew into the side of a mountain in California some years ago.
  13. Zing

    "Back in the day..."

    Its merely a polite way of saying, "no shit, there I was ... !"
  14. Zing

    Where & When? #2

    Delta II and a 23-foot tri-conical.
  15. Zing

    What is this plane?

    Off the top of my head, I can't recall the make and model, but I seem to recall that airplane as one used at a World Meet, possibly held in France, sometime in the mid-70s. I'm sure somebody here will recognize the aircraft type.
  16. Being asked to make a donation of $100 for participation kind of takes the "Free" out of it, don't you think?
  17. Safe journey Skratch ... keep those nuerons plastic!
  18. Zing

    Raymond "Pelon" Gerrero

    There goes another piece of jumping's history. You never knew what was going to happen when the Latins came to the dz ... but there was always fun to be had.
  19. Zing


    If you want to know what spending a weekend at a skydiving boogie feels like you need merely take all your money out of the bank and burn it. Then snort the ashes into your nose and mouth, throw yourself down the stairs a couple times and then drink until you pass out in the yard in a pile of dirty clothes. You'll feel just like you spent the weekend boogieing, without all the hassle of traveling to a dropzone and doing that skydivin' and partying stuff.
  20. Zing

    Fielding passes

    The original Rocketman has gone ...
  21. Zing

    First Collegiate Nationals

    It's darned hard to find this stuff anywhere else, Howard. Keep it coming, please.
  22. Zing

    Peter Pan in Perris

    Peter Pan don't need no stinking airplanes!
  23. From experience tossing a few of those out of a twin beech, the parachute need a lot of rerigging to work.
  24. Zing

    B or A?

    Looks one of each.