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  1. Seems like it was the helicopter that got tranked by the moose. Zing Lurks
  2. I've been bitten on the ass by a couple of parachute harnesses. Zing Lurks
  3. We called em' mucklucks when I grew up in the frozen North. They're strictly indoors wear. These are actually Acorn shoes. Same thing the astronauts wear on the Space Shuttle. All I know is that the floors are cold in my house during the winter and these things keep my toes toasty warm. Zing Lurks
  4. Mucklucks work good, too. I like my feet warm and cozy in the winter. Zing Lurks
  5. Eleven years ago I bought a new pickup truck. Driving back home after having a campershell mounted on it, I had a few dollars left over and saw a sign at a major oil change shop that said, Lifetime oil and filter change $59.00. The vehicle now has almost 200,000, and has had its oil and filter change religiously every 3000 to 3500 miles. When they chnage the oil, they also air up the tires, fill up the windshield wiper fluid, wash all the windows and check out all the belts, hoses and fluid levels, etc. while its up on the rack. A few years ago they added a $1 fee for oil recycling. I figure I've spent less than $100 on oil and filters for this truck since I've owned it. I just giggle every time I stop in the shop. Zing Lurks
  6. That's good to hear. Hope he's doing well. Zing Lurks
  7. The lack of info as to what is causing the damage to the cables is a bit odd. Zing Lurks
  8. Ahhh ... the good ole days! Zing Lurks
  9. And I always thought Rocket J. Squrrel was the one that flew on the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. Zing Lurks
  10. Zing

    Five years ago

    I was getting a Porter out of the hanger at Elroy that morning and stopped to watch for the shuttle pass over Arizona. I saw the fireball and the breakup and wondered what that was all about. It didn't look the way previous shuttles had, but I didn't know what I'd just seen until hours later when I shut down the airplane. Walking toward the hangar, I heard one of the Airspeed team tell another one that no one had survived ... then I knew. Zing Lurks
  11. Then you just holler out a generic, "Hey everybody, watch this!" Zing Lurks
  12. Why, its almost, well kinda, sorta ... well, you know ... almost just like it is in the real world. Zing Lurks
  13. And folks wonder why some people refuse to believe in the theory of evolution! Zing Lurks
  14. Zing

    Salvia Divinorum

    They don't call it loco weed for no reason. Zing Lurks
  15. It missed Mars by about 3.5 planetary widths. Close, but close only counts in horseshoes and nuclear weapons explosions. Zing Lurks