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  1. Yeah there are a lot out there. I have over 15000 tandems and there are others that I work with with well over 10000. One of them being on the list already. I am sure in Australia there are quite a lot now as well. Jack Surawski Australia/Guam Vasili Mladinov Russia/Guam Yury Gryaznov Russia/ Guam Vitali Janusauskas Lithuania/Guam Justin Locke Guam,USA Bobby Nordstrom Guam USA Darin Quaile Saipan/ Guam USA Go big!
  2. I went ahead and got one and love the ease of use. I have about 10000 handcams and recommend your product highly. Can see how it would be a little time consuming taking the back cover off when a cam freezes but the benefits of having the cameras sealed and the buttons on the box eliminate the major problems that I have found using Gopros. Thanks for a great product. Go big!
  3. Wingsuit has been done in Australia Go big!
  4. Interested if anyone has or is using the Pivot Pad handicap glove? If so how is it to wear and use? Go big!
  5. Vectran does not change the flight charachteristics at all. The line just does not shrink as much so if you can imagine the canopy after a reline it stays closer to that through out life of the reline. No real change to it over the the life of the line set. Go big!
  6. apology for my blunt answer but my reply meant to get an answer and be funnny. if u really want my theory after 7000 tandems pm me. Quote Go big!
  7. Gee I am glad the cameraman edited out hitting that cloud. Would have hated to see the mess that would have made. Go big!
  8. I did not have an altimeter given to me on my first skydive. I was shown a picture on the wall of the body position that I had to try to make and shown at the mockup how I was going to exit. From when I arrived at the dropzone to when I left was just over an hour and I had a blast. I was back again a week later to start my student course. I did not want an altimeter and felt safe in the fact I had someone on my back who I trusted to be capable of looking after me through my first skydive. Without having that I would not have done a skydive or the almost 9000 since then...Just another thing to consider. Do they all really want to have to remember things they have to do or just get out there on their first experience and have nothing to do but enjoy it?? Go big!
  9. I just like flying. Is sitting in a boat swimming???? Go big!
  10. Aussie but living Overseas at the moment..... Go big!
  11. First thing I noticed was the head position. I agree with the comment above that you are looking up and out more. Awesome job. Keep it up.
  12. Australia isn't that cold. We jump 12 months a year. plenty of good spots to go. Enjoy... Go big!