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  1. I was just wondering what other people have done in this situation. I have a job interview coming up and invariably there is a questions about what you do on your spare time. Above that there is also a questions asking you to prove you can think in high stress situations. My question to all of you is... would you ever bring up skydiving in a job interview if any of the above questions were asked. I am concerned that the opinion of a whuffo interviewer would be, " he is a manic risk taker, we cant hire him". Any input?
  2. I know this is a long shot, but I have just graduated, am looking to enter the pharmaceutical and/or biotech industry and I am looking for a few people who are in these industries so I can ask them a few questions. I just figured its best to learn from other peoples experiences before I run in headlong and this way I can find out where I would fit best. If you are willing to let me ask you a couple of questions, please just PM me or respond here. Thanks
  3. As a new jumper I cant even begin to say how much Tonto's insightful post have helped me. I never met him in person but it is a testament to the man that he has touched the lives of and helped so many people throughout the world (many of which he didn't even know existed). From reading all the other posts in this thread it is obvious that the world has not only lost a amazing teacher and skydiver, but a great person to. I am originally from Johannesburg and I was looking forward to meeting him when I come down to visit my folks. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and all his loved ones.
  4. I can relate to this. Not that I am remotely highly experienced here, but when I first started jumping I read absolutely everything on this site, including all the warnings about late turns. Well when it came to my first jump without a radio I was terrified of putting in any toggle inputs below 300ft, no matter how small. Luckily I got down without any major problems and went and had a talk with my instructor. He was very helpfull and let me know (based on his assessment of me) what I could and couldn't do on the way down. I went from being deathly afraid of doing anything to doing what my instructor told me. People, you have heard this before and will hear it again, ask your instructor before you take any advice given here. They know you and what you are (or aren't) capable of.
  5. Thanks for the info. I guess I was more wondering whether I could jump with other people who have their A when I go down there. I think I will hold off on the big ways for a while until I have more experience in the air with other people around.
  6. Just a quick question regarding the difference between an A CoP in Canada and the States. Up here in the great white North we are only allowed to do 2 ways with an A, and then its only with someone who has (minimum) and B CoP and at least 100 jumps. From what I gather from reading on this forum about people with their A doing 4 ways with other people of similar experience (they are usually based in the US) I take it the USPA doesnt have the same requirements as the CSPA. So I guess my questions is, if I go to jump in the US with my Canadian A CoP do I follow the Canadian or American rules? Was just curious as I plan on visiting other DZ's now that I have my A and I live pretty close to the border.
  7. It would be more than worth it. The problem is the price of my ticket to the UK If I am ever on that side of the pond I will definitely look you up.
  8. Absolutely amazing picture. I would love one of those of myself for my wall. Great job!!!
  9. Sounds like you want to do pack like I do - a modified psycho pack. Pro pack as normal - lay it on the ground and cocoon like a normal propack, but instead of doing the first s-fold, put your hand on the label and bring the entire cocoon over and back towards the container. You should have one fold and be looking at the tail roll. You can neaten this up, and then roll the canopy down to fit in the bag. Just make sure to pull the bridle attachment point out - should be easy to do. A lot of people pack this way and when I show new packers that have been struggling this method, they can easily get it in the bag and start getting much better openings. If you have questions or need pics let me know. Steven Hey Steven, If you do have pics of that would you mind posting them? I usually psyco pack, but this sounds like a nice alternative. Thanks
  10. I placed a somewhat international order (just up to Canada), but I was very impressed by the speed of the delivery and of the up to date communication. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them.
  11. Good point. Hitler thought of the jews as a race, and I don't think that jews would want to alaign themselves with that guy. Listen, racial slur or not, it is offensive and there is no place for it in a modern civilized world. I would be quite happy if the whole thing was just dropped right now and everyone could go back to discussing the topic at hand.
  12. Just be grateful that you are alive and not dead. I bet if you started to bitch in the manifest office about how you feel that you were jewed out of altitude due to an A/C emergency the DZ may give you your money back. ________________________________________________ Not to get off topic here, but I would appreciate it if you refrained from using racist terms like that. As for the topic, I think people are just overthinking this, really how often does it realisticly happen?
  13. I did my AFF at Grand Bend also and I would highly recommend it. Bob and Mary really take the time to help you along with every step. To be fair I have only ever jumped there and I will be going to a few others in Ontario next year, but Grand Bend will always be my home DZ. Good luck with the move.
  14. I am not some unaware person who drives around with thier head in the clouds. I have actually avoided being hijacked on two other occasions, one of which ended with them chasing me in the car. When I did get nailed I had a car screach to a halt when I pulled into a driveway and cut off any route of escape for me. I dont carry a weapon so when one is pointed at me there is not much I can do but lift my arms. Being hijacked is just a case of wrong place, wrong time. I do however agree with you that you can reduce your chances of getting nailed by being more aware of your surroundings. Guns in Speakers corner please. Fkin amatures. Any pro will tell you that the head is a fleeting and hard target regardless of range. 1st shot to the body. What happens after that depends on the situation. Seriously, I don't understand how so many people here just "get hijacked." How do these criminals get right up to your car, or into your house without you noticing? Are you messing with your cell phone, adjusting the radio, staring into your lap? What? I've only been in one gunfight here. I won 2 nil. Maybe I'll be hijacked on the way home from work today. If it happens and I have that big surprised "WTF?" expresion on my face, and live, I'll let you know. Predators pick on the old, the sick, the weak and the unaware. We are all predators. Even the vegitarians among us can kill without effort. We are the most dangerous species this planet has ever known. Hunting each other is dangerous work for both sides, but not as dangerous as being the prey in the middle. t
  15. Hey, was just wondering if you ever bought and jumped these goggles? If so, how were they?
  16. I can tell you the crime in SA is nothing to sniff at. I have 6 people in my family and every single one of us has had a gun held to our heads at some point in the past few years. These all occured during car hijackings, home invasions, muggings etc... Its a beautiful country that I love and would probably be a perfect place if they just cleaned up the crime. (I say this having moved to Canada for Uni, but my whole family is still there and I visit at least once a year)
  17. I am in the final year of my PhD studies and I struggle with that question everyday. Ultimatly you know the answer as well as I do. We have put this much time in and it would be stupid to back out now. Man I cant wait till I am out of this shit and in the real world earning REAL money. Good luck
  18. The landings what will hurt you.
  19. I like to have fun with the situation. Say things like, "I do have a death wish, but I never get what I wish for.", "Skydiving is like playing rock, paper scissors. I jump out and choose scissors, look down and see rock, quickly switch to paper, and I win. I hope I never forget to switch.", or "Two out of three voices in my head agree with you. It might be unanimous but I don't speak Spanish.". Thanks, that gave me a good laugh during a particulary shitty day at work. I will make sure to remember these and use them as often as possible.
  20. SO the pressure in your guts DOESNT go up, it goes DOWN - BUT your guts expand. At ground level, when (e.g. due to a WHOPPING fart that wants to come out), you will FEEL the need to let one go. Float an air biscuit. Squeeze cheese. Parp. Chunt. "Do a rudey". This feeling is set by the sensitivity of your nerves in your intestines and 'ring' ----------------------------------------------------------- Your guts expand, but only to a point. Remember there is still smooth muscle tone in your intestine and it will resist to much stretch. In fact if you stretch it wide enough it will spontanoesly contract and you would.... well fart.
  21. I know the feeling. I am a very new jumper (only 21 jumps) and I purchased a used spectre 150 which puts me at a loading of around 1.1. I was very nervous about flying this as the smallest canopy I had flown previosly was a navigator 200. Anyway, my fears were unfounded as it all three jumps so far have had nice soft openings (even without doing anything to the nose) and beautiful soft landings. The first opening did make me feel kind of strange as I wasnt used to 700-800ft openings, but it seems to be normal on my chute.
  22. Well, only have just passed you stage I dont know if I am in the best position to give advice, but maybe it will help none the less. When I started soloing I found that a few times I wasnt super stable, all I did (and this has already been stated in this thread) is relax. It kind of sounds like you are over thinking things. You have had the arch before so you know what it feels like and just take a deep breath, relax those muscles and I would be willing to bet it will come back. Once again, only 18 jumps here so take this advice with a grain of salt.
  23. {thats why they make swoop ponds out of concrete then Doos... } Doos?!? Granted I have not lived in South Africa for a few years, but thats not the nicest word in the world is it . Anyway, swooping is somewhat different than hitting water at 120mph. Angles and speeds are very different.
  24. Anyone every belly flopped into water from a diving board? It hurts ALOT! The worst thing you can aim for it water as it does not compress well apon impact (if its still water). Its actually better to aim for concrete as it compresses better than water. Your best shot at survival is to aim for a freshly tilled field as the dirt will compress more than anything else. Regardless, if you did end out out of a plane without a chute you would just have to kiss your ass goodbye.