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  1. I am about to get back into skydiving after a 10-year hiatus and I need to replace my lost helmet. My past discipline was mainly belly-to-earth skydives. What is the best helmet available, regardless of cost. I would like for it to have, or at least easily add, 2-way communications and of course an audible altimeter. Appreciate any suggestions. - richard
  2. I have updated information about the college fund set up by Steve Kramer for his and Mariann's son, Garrett. In lieu of flowers, you can send donations to: Legacy Bank of Texas ATTN: Garrett Kramer memorial fund 8910 Preston Rd Frisco, TX 75035 Thank you, I know Mariann would appreciate anything you can do for Garrett. p.s. Don't forget to send any video/picture you can of Mariann to [email protected] or via snail mail to: Richard Andro 2044 Needham Dr Allen TX 75013 Everything will go to Steve Kramer for their son Garrett.
  3. I have a couple of requests from Steve Kramer who is Mariann's ex-husband and of course the father of Mariann's wonderful 6 yr old boy, Garrett: 1. In lieu of flowers you are welcome to donate to a fund setup for Garrett's college. You can send your donations to 2044 Needham Dr. Allen TX 75013. 2. If you have any video showing Mariann (not just turning points, but something showing her personality) for Garrett, please send a copy to the above address or e-mail it to [email protected] (not .com). Mariann was a free spirit with a strong will. I am glad I was able to enjoy another skydive with her just a couple of weeks ago. She will be missed by us, her friends, but most of all, by Garrett. - Blue Skies - Richard