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  1. I'm jumping Volt 150 from Parachute Systems - 30+ jumps with my Swift 2 - happy customer so far. I've purchased it mainly because of the price of the total rig package, and it was not easy desicion to purchase unknown canopy. However, after I saw this video - it was much easier WL - 1.2
  2. State-of-the-art wingsuits were available for demo :)
  3. Mel, I'm the guy who stands behind the second line set that was ordered by Luis. I agree with vid666 and if I was US citizen I would file the criminal charges as well. Now I'm pretty far away and all I could do it spread the word - "do not do any business with Mel". There is nothing in this earth that would persuade me, that it was not possible to warn all those people that paid money and expect their gear. Was it hard to put a note in And now you dear to threaten people with criminal charges? I just don't get it. P.S. Frankly, I do not believe that you have shipped those linesets. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is all about trust, right?
  4. I don't believe that the passenger would feel any difference. So why bother?
  5. I've got back to jumping 4 months after the ACL surgery.
  6. Because a poll trully showing all currently available (and past) wingsuits would run into 50+ names... And you'd still only get a rough cross-section on what the 50 or so people in here fly...all thinking we have superb knowledge of what is best and what everyone out there should be flying.. And that one is always just a matter of taste and personal preference then a true 100% honest comparison between suits based on data..... So dont loose too much sleep on this one and just post a silly oneliner about a pony.. The question was not why Firebird in not in the poll. The question was why Firebird is not considered as best all round wingsuit in the post that I was quoting. I'm in progress of ordering my first one, and I've chosen the Firebird. So I'm sensitive to this kind of info.
  7. S-Fly Expert, Acro, Phantom, in no particular order. Why not Firebird?
  8. Had the same question :) I chose Mirage. Reasons: recomendation, vendor reputation. Still waiting to be shipped :)
  9. Would it be very hard to get the pictures? I'm in the process of choosing colors and would like to know how grey and pink look together :) Thanks anyway
  10. I've contacted them, and it seems to be fixed now.
  11. Thanks, Kelly. Another plus for Infinity in my choosing process :)
  12. Hi, I did not find that you can order a free fly handle with Infinity. Infinity owners, is this true?
  13. In our DZ in Lithuania, it's is ~10$
  14. Personally I do jump spectre 150 and I'm very happy with it But the the new canopy is not for me, it's for my girlfriend. She has 25 jumps and is still jumping with a student gear. We have started to look for the right gear for her and now we have two options - Safire 169 or Spectre 170. So the main aspect would be safety and fun