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  1. Aviatrr

    Hey guys

    Ummm....yea....I remember that night.....you kept showing your ass to a couple people in the bar.... I remember one of those people was some crazy cat lady.. Mike
  2. Congrats dude! It's definitely a milestone! I still remember my first solo....every minute of it. It was in a 1946 Piper J3 Cub with a 65hp Continental and no electrical system. This was in 1995. From a 1200' grass runway. Oh, the good 'ole days. Now I just drive the damn bus from point A to point B with a bunch of whiny ass bastards in the back. I prefer flying helicopters over airplanes these days...airplane jobs generally just suck. Mike
  3. My last letter of resignation was straight and to the point. It was addressed to my boss, and said: I hate working for you. You suck. FUCK YOU! I quit. No shit. That company sucked...and the boss was even worse. Mike
  4. Aviatrr

    Hey guys

    For those of you that have no clue who I am.....move on to the next thread!
  5. Nice job, dude. I'll be looking for the full story next time I fly into BJC and run into you there. Mike
  6. Holy shit....I have been out of the sport for a while now due to an injury, and was recently trying to get in touch with Chris....when I found this post. I have read through all the replies, but I still can't believe it. Chris was the one that hooked me up with my first x-braced canopy, and helped me learn to fly it effectively. He volunteered his time, jumps, and even HIS CANOPY to help me. Chris and I made a few wingsuit jumps together, too... I'm sure this is quite a blast from the past for all of you, and I'm sorry if it brings up bad memories....but this is the first I knew of this. RIP Chris...BSBD, dude. Mike
  7. Aviatrr

    "new" wheels

    Stacy-Palooza, eh? Hmmmm.....I'm stuck working on the 22nd....but off on the 23rd....maybe I'll have to come over that weekend....and bring the "blender"... This time I'll have an RV to put it in! What's going on that weekend? I may not get a chance to read the forums for several days...so PM it to me or I'll probably miss it.. Mike
  8. I have not been "allowed" to donate blood for many years due to some of my past and present travel locations....I even tried at the DZ about 6 months ago(ZHills had the Red Cross bus come out), but they told me the same thing. Supposedly I have to wait 6 to 18 months(depending on the country in question) before donating. Mike
  9. Hey, I remember that guy from Mardi Gras....he said he was gonna be spending some time at Lake Wales, but I haven't seen him around.....was looking forward to somebody to freefly with during the week... I don't remember his name, though... In my defense, I was pretty drunk each night when I saw him around the campfire... Mike
  10. I've always had problems with my Linksys and Bellsouth DSL.......I have an HP laptop....but Renee didn't have any problem with using my router with her laptop/wireless card.. If you have an HP or Compaq(same company basically), that's probably the problem. Mike
  11. You need to talk to a mechanic that is familiar with the electrical system in that specific aircraft. Don't fuck with it until you have. Mike
  12. A Pirate Looks at 40....it's the first song I ever saw him perform in person...and it's been the first song he's performed a couple of times since then that I've seen him perform. Occasionally he shows up at Orlando Citywalk and plays at Margaritaville unannounced....fortunately, I have a bit of insight as to when that could be... Mike
  13. I could never call YOU a dork.......well, not to your face, anyways... I can't stand that show. I've seen it a couple times, and am just amazed that people can stomach watching it any more than that. Oh well, to each his(her) own! Then again, I spent the past few days in Canada.....so my opinions have been severely fucked up and it doesn't matter what I think... Nice avatar! What were ya dressed up for? And what's the new toy Clay mentions you buying for Chuck? Mike
  14. Tell Greg I said congrats! Maybe he can give me some pointers to help me improve my distance! Mike