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  1. This is a sad accident. When they first came out, we flew on at my DZ and ti was grossly under powered. They came to my DZ from RAM in Waco where they had looked at a turbo charger or super charger to put on it. Our pilot, a hefty guy flew with their pilot and their tool box and it was a strain to get it off a 3200' grass runway..., we were not impressed or interested unless they put a turbine on it. The a/c has great potential, BUT it is under powered.
  2. LOVE the paint scheme! They should mount some phony guns on the wing...
  3. SkydiveTemple


    while I've slowed down in my jumping, I still look at Parachutist and always wonder why I don't see even a few Racers in RW formations, never in free flying and almost never in Advertising! I feel maybe the last is very important in their lack of use in the US along with us riggers badmouthing the packing miseries we have, real or not. It's the only rig I can wear in comfort and as an X-DZO, I bought and got rid of several of many of the modern rigs. They were either too stiff, too heavy, miserably uncomfortable or a combination of all! The Racer I have has never been any of these! Comfortable to wear on the ground, in the air and especially under canopy! SO why are they not as popular as others, even scorned at some DZ's! I've heard free flyers say, "They're not ff friendly"! I look at the Racer, then other rigs they're using and I don't ..., is a see it, my Racer's risers are covered as good and better than most, the BOC, well, is a BOC, althought I use a ROL that Nancy put on at my request. I've even been told it'll kill me..., yeah right, I've used a BOC since 1977 and I'm still alive. MAINTAIN your gear and practice your procedures and you'll find a Racer is a great rig. "Nuff said!"?