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  1. Your canopy might be out of trim. How many jumps has it been since you had a reline ?
  2. pm me. I might be coming back to England soon. Bob.
  3. I think you are refering to an incident many years ago at a dropzone in England (Peterborough). The drogue bridle wrapped around his neck and he passed out. Ronnie O'Brian who was filming managed to pull his reserve after which the tandem Insructor came to and was able to land without further incident.
  4. I am considering contacting my credit card company and disputing the charges and maybe going through Better Business Bureau to see what they can do.
  5. Is there anybody out there that have had problems with their Zute Sute order. I ordered my suit at the beginning of November after seeing on their web site that they had a 6 week delivery time. It has now been over 13 weeks and I still don't have it. I have repeatidly tried calling and no one picks up. They also don't respond to any messages that I have left. Since the beginning of this week it is not even possible to leave a voicemail with them now. Talk about bad customer service ! Whats more they were very quick to bill my credit card the FULL amount and not just a deposit as soon as they had received the order at the beginning of November.
  6. When I used to do tandems out of a 206 I would sit on the edge of the door with the student pretty much completly out and hanging from you. I would then pull their legs back with mine, just before exiting. It used to work fairly well.
  7. hi riggerbob. I also have an hc40 that I use in a camera glove. I am finding it is turning itself off during opening. Any advice ? Bob.......
  8. can anyone give me advice on a good video to buy. I don't want to spend a fortune as I will just use it occasionally. I have heard Sony is the way to go but I am unsure on models and prices. Thanks........
  9. Hi Al, How are things for you down in Florida ? Bob Lewis....
  10. Hey Al. Fancy meeting you in here
  11. Apart from all the medical arguments there are many benefits to having a foreskin. Below are just a few. Please feel free to add more
  12. I agree with you sebazz1. There is no way I would give up my hat. I think the hygeine argument is a bunch of crap. It only takes a few seconds to give the old boy a good scrubbing under his hat. LONG LIVE THE SKIN...............
  13. thanks for the info. Maybe I will get a good American made suit. A liitle bit more expensive but better in the long run.
  14. Looking to buy a new jumpsuit. Anybody have any experience with Icarus airwair of South Africa ?