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  1. My video is just for fun, and not for the DZ. My tv is older than my camera so I have no problem watching my videos. I know, I'm still way behind the times, but I'm not one who has to have the latest and greatest toy out there. Thanks for your help, and I'm looking forward to the review of your next batch of cameras. Kentucky
  2. Thanks DSE. I had no idea, even using the online manual. Does this mean I'll still be better off using a 60 minute tape vs a 2gb stick? ps I have Laci at the DZ if need be You're mixing a few "metaphors" here. Let's start with the premise that tape is dead. Period. Over. Gone. You're currently shooting DV which is not only dead, it's rotted and decomposed in its grave of about 8 years ago. Kudos for keeping it breathing this long. Next...modern cameras shoot a variety of "bitrates." This is how much data is written to the card every second. Frankly, you needn't worry too much about bitrate, but the way you phrased your original question, I answered with a technical answer. So... Own an 8GB stick. That'll give you slightly over an hour of storage space with any of the standard modern cameras. Just be sure to dump your video to the Laci at the end of the day, and be sure to reformat your card in the camera at the beginning of each day. Or be like most people and have multiple cards, and forget which card you used on which day and confuse yourself from time to time. Tape is dead? That can't be............I still have 10 or more that have never been used. And the last time I used the camera was in 2007. But I figured I would use the camera until the 2016 season comes around here in the Northeast. And I still get to use my Hypeye. The Laci I mentioned is aka Lasloimage. I think I'll do the multiple card thing, as I'm liable to lose just one, if that's all I have. A little confusion goes a long way with me.
  3. Thanks DSE. I had no idea, even using the online manual. Does this mean I'll still be better off using a 60 minute tape vs a 2gb stick? ps I have Laci at the DZ if need be
  4. Unless I'm mistaken, those numbers you posted don't correlate to my HC-36. It's probably 10 years old, and the word "bitrate" was probably nowhere near as common as it is today.
  5. You are so right. A 1 gig card will give me 2hrs 50mins in SP. In LP it gives 11hrs 22mins. Lucky for me I have a 2 GB card. That's rated at 5hrs 41 mins. I apologize for asking this question as I should've RTFM. Problem is, I can't find it. I found it on the web, where I got my answer.
  6. I've got an older Sony HC-36 and I'm wondering what size card I'd need to get, to get the same amount of footage from a 60 minute tape vs a SD Card?
  7. Has anyone tried cable cutters for steel bicycle brake/shifter cables? Take a piece of old line and stop at a bike shop. See what they use. Better yet, heavy duty toenail clippers. We know toenails can be a bitch to cut sometimes.
  8. Looking at these pictures, couldn't you just use a pair of diagonal cutting pliers and cutting just below the line tab? The larkshead would be easier to pick out if it doesn't come out on it's own.
  9. ...or is there something better for the price, or is there something coming down the line that will blow everything away? This is for fun RW only.
  10. John, are you sure you put my name on the tickets? I'm wondering if you were distracted by "not shipping a bicycle to Poughkeepsie".
  11. Ah, that's alright. Didn't really want the bike anyway.
  12. Now you're getting personal. That town name kinda sticks in my head. In reference to another least I don't live in Blue Balls country. But if I win the bicycle, make sure you don't think the trip is over in Poughkeepsie, Arkansas. You have to bring it to New York............State! But "The Ranch" is nearby.