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  1. As with packing really fast, what's the need? and what do you get out of it? better openings NO possibly more mals harder off heading spinning things, I have found that if you pack good and neat the same way every time, you do get faster within time and the method becomes easier, I believe that with good even line tension, good line stacking and clean bagging of the canopy generally gives a good clean opening with an on heading deployment. By the way you didn't say how you were packing?, either on the floor, over your shoulder, or on a hook, Personally I like to use a hook and standup pack every thing. My avareage pack job is around 8 to 10 mins for a tandem and 5 to 7 min's for a solo.
  2. While I respect the amount of experience you have, I have to say... Handcam doesn't look nearly as nice as outside video. While I respect your point of view! Quote "Handcam doesn't look nearly as nice" My answer to this is I suppose It all depends upon, through who's eye one look's!
  3. Quote" and as slow as the drogue on my Racer is I can't afford to jump anything floppier for fear of totally hosing the vidiots. A) Strap a camera on ya left hand and just wear what ya like! cose It just don't matter how big or small or fast or slow ya are:-), that way your vidiot will "Never go low!, Never miss an exit!, Never get left behind, Cost nothing in the plane!, Never land out! Never late for a load! Never smell like a drunk! Never complain about the cold! If ya go drogueless for a few thousand ft! No worries, still smiling. :-} Ah lifes full of little surprises
  4. This guy looks Cool, relaxed and totally in control TOP SHOT :-)
  5. My two cents worth on Payments made for video editing equipment use etc Well I suppose It all depends on the way the DZ operates, In either a purly commercial operation or in a club structure, At present I work for a commercial tandem operation who market the public for customers, who charge the customer for the service and we as staff get paid for doing the job, the company supplies an office, packing area (aircon) editing room with a TV/VCR/DVD recorder & a computer, for each video staff member to use free of charge and also supply us the DVD/CD/Video cassette/Video covers/film/music for dubbing etc, we only have to supply our own servicable skydiving equipment and camera gear, which we get paid for using. The company charge the customer the full amount for the Vid/dvd/cd/film etc and as staff we get paid a commission from the company. The office is located in town away from the airport and we travel a short distance to get on the aircraft, and then land at another area before heading back to the office to finish the job. In the club that I jump at, which is located on the airport/DZ (outside of work jumps) as a club member the club supply a place for my editing gear and a power outlet, so if I do a video jump, I get no payment from the club and I get charged for my slot, I supply all equipment and I also get full payment from the customer, if I wish to charge cash in hand. In the work enviroment I get paid a minimum fee per jump but I do many jumps and make a great commission,(6 days a week) in the Club I get paid very well per video jump, but do every few video jumps. (weekends only) and yes the quality of footage on both are the same standard and both customers walk out the door, with a smile :-}
  6. My "Obi Wan" is VERY professional when it comes to teaching whether it be AFF or Tandems.
  7. in reply to "DZ where tandems open at 3000 feet Regular low openings by TM's below 4000' can reflect several things. *Often low tandem openings mean low exit altitude. this may be without the passengers full awareness. ie part of a systematic customer rip-off. (the general punter knows so little with regards to skydiving, I would have to say that if DZ's are exiting lower than what the customer pay's for then that's a total rip off, and they will get found out about, so they only shoot themselves in the foot.) * it can show irresponsibility and unprofessional behaviour on the TM's behalf. (If a professional TM was consistantly dumping low on my DZ then they would be out of a job, and possibly run the risk of loosing there rating for good.) * highly experienced TM's may think general safety rules no longer apply to them, (If this was the case then remove there rating) * the TM may be trying to give themselves a bit of a rush due to boredom. (If this was the case then remove them from that work, I wouldn't want a bored TM on my back) * making $$$$ may be being placed over safety. (If this was the case then shut that DZ down, because it reflicks on the whole Tandem market) If such behaviour is officially sanctioned by CI or DZSO's then the question arises about who is keeping check on such irresponsible and perhaps illegal behaviour. (Inform the authorities) If such behaviour results in injury or death then it may be simple criminal negligence. (very bad for the sport overall) So what does a TM think about when dumping low consistantly? (ie. pulling the ripcord below 4000'ft on a regular basis), possibly the things that have been outlined above. or they are just a total Idiot and should be removed from that responsiblity, until either they are retrained or have there rating removed for good. this behaviour is not only totally stupid, but totally un-professional and reflects very bad ethics within the world of tandem skydiving. If people want longer freefall then charge the correct price and go to the correct height, and for F--k sake TM"s pull the ripcord at the correct height above the ground, ie, 5000ft agl for an opening of no lower than 4000ft agl, why compromise your own safety, let alone the safety of the poor unknowing punter, it isn't professional, it isn't smart, so don't do it, cause the only person who will loose in the end is the idiot who keeps on dumping low.
  8. And nobody has yet answered my question, "What is the safety advantage of leaving them unhooked?" deadwood while under a good canopy there is no safety advantage in unhooked, as there really is no advantage in havng them hook up either, it comes down to personal preference, for me tight in freefall and loose/unclipped while under canopy works great.
  9. The side clips shouldn't be that tight that you need the student to stand on your feet to undo the clips. if you do need them to stand on your feet the side clips are to tight. It's is much more comfortable for the student having done a lot of tandems on the front aswell, and it is much easier to land. Remember it is all about the student so you have to make it as comfortable for them as possible. Swoopgaz I don't know where you got your TI rating but you better have a rethink about what you said above, it is not about the student being loose on the front so to being comfortable, man don't you realize that untight side adjusters can and does lead to un-controllable sidespins/passengers falling out of there harness etc, fit the Passenger harness correctly and fit the passenger firm and snug to the TI and do yourself a favour, remember that the person on the front is trying as hard as they can to kill you, and you want to help them. best of luck.
  10. You are getting rid of the risk of a camera man running into you or sliding over you in freefall. I think it's way more dangerous to have a camera guy. I do no jump with any that I have any doubts about. You are correct about that risk, thay can't get you if they aren't there. But-"way more dangerous"- I do not agree. And they can't get the footage, if they aren't there either! The real fact is that Hand cam is here to stay, as customers love it, DZO's love it, TI's love it, outside camera people, well what can I say, and the truth is that it also makes money that is funnelled back into skydiving in many ways, it helps build bigger and better DZ's, buy bigger faster aeroplanes and helps to bring many people a better living standard, helps maintain equipment and improves the world of skydiving in general. Don't knock it cause it aren't going away
  11. Is there a situation (other than PC in tow) where there would not be enough drag to have the RSL work. Yes: 1/ A total malfuction with nothing out, 2/ If the RSL was not connected, and I'm sure there is more because as in Murphy's law anything will and dose happen so therefore anything can happen, as in any situation that requires a cutaway! then will also require "YOU" pulling the reserve handle, in the correct sequence, and don't ever wait for the RSL to do the job for you. In any situation that requires you to pull the reserve handle, "YOU" pull the handle!
  12. wow, sounds like you invented something new there. Handy cams area rip off IMHO. I personally think that if they are used, they should be used in addition to , not instead of, the outside video. Eye eye eye captain put out another line I think there's fish biting
  13. there all frame grabs regardless of the camera or where it is positioned!
  14. The interest for me was in another way to take pictures/video and being diverse to overcoming a problem, it only shows that when people think that the only way to get great outside shots is to have a camera/video attached to a helmet as there are more places to put a camera than just on on ones head to shot great outside pictures, ie on the hand, belly, foot etc so don't just get stuck with your head in the box, and try to think outside of the square! Cheers Brent
  15. There is no comparision in pictures within the business world when one opens there mind to giving total customer satisfaction and then offers the total package with a 100% success rate. and also now totally removes personal neck injury from the equation.