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  1. Post your CX100 settings and works best for you.
  2. Yes, there are 5001 post about the CX100. That is the problem. Can someone please post the link to the most current recommended settings for the CX100?
  3. What is the strap that is attached to your toggles then going behind your back?
  4. Does anyone know where I can get the 2008 CPC & PST unedited videos? I have some of the previous years but I have no idea where to get the current vid's from. Also are there any active Canopy piloting/swoop forums? I really enjoy Jim Slaton’s forum but no one seems to post there anymore.
  5. Do I need to get a bigger canopy? I have about 170 total jumps and I am currently jumping a safire2 159 loaded @ 1.29 I got this canopy around jump number 75, so I have put about a hundred jumps on it. Up until now I just flew it to the ground and the strait in approach was fast and fun. Now I am getting serious about the whole canopy piloting thing and I'm wondering if my wing load is too high for my experience level. I am doing a lot of research and have scheduled myself for a canopy control class. Is this canopy too small to safely learn all the aspects canopy piloting or do I just have room for growth?
  6. thanks, Yea after you replied about eloy I noticed it's been a while since I have updated my profile. Yea I have a talked to a few people and I think I trust Rigger Robs advice over most. It's hard trying to find a person to trust or a good mentor/coach. Even the pro's are not always the best mentors/coaches.
  7. well do recorvery arc's get any shorter than a Stiletto or longer than a Katana or VX?
  8. 1. Which is better for someone trying to learn high performance landings? A long or short recovery arc. 2. Is it possible to get long recovery arc out of a canopy loaded between 1.0 and 1.5?