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  1. ellocokiwi


    Haha, I always think of getting back into the sky! Well, I always think of what I could sell to make more jumps, lol. Rig-wise, talk to your instructors about what they would reccommend! Good luck with your jumps and blue skies!
  2. ellocokiwi

    AFF level 3 video

    Hey! By no means am I experienced or an AFF-I, but I'm trying to get better at figuring out flying problems. So, here's what I noticed in the vid... ...On exit, arch a little bit more! And bent your knees a little bit. When you exit, make sure to present your chest to the relative wind and keep your chin up (which helps you to arch also). Try to watch the plane as you leave! As far as the turning, I'm not sure. What it seems to me is you are a little "stiff." I was the same way! Haha, a flying piece of plywood. Lol. Relaxing a bit more and arching would help with it I think... But like I said, I only have a few jumps, so I may not be the best at this whole thing yet, lol. And I hear ya with the broke AFF student! I was there just a few months ago, but it gets better...well, kinda...
  3. ellocokiwi

    AFF Level 1 today - woohoo!

    Hey! Congrats on passing! Yea, I was up at Mile High today too...weather was AMAZING. Not too hot, not too cold (well, a little brisk). Good luck on lvl 2! Hope to jump with you someday!
  4. ellocokiwi

    Questions a/b getting certified and AFF

    Sign up for your First Jump Course and you'll be on the right road for getting certified! Also, smile lots and relax, and you'll do fine on AFF!
  5. ellocokiwi

    new jumper

    Hey! Welcome to dz.com!.... Drag racing? Nice! Yea, I was going to get into cars (all my friends had the good 'ol turbo'ed japanese cars, racing on the streets and the drag strips) and I was just about to get a first-gen RX7--and the I made my tandem and never looked back. Now I'm driving a car that costs a third of my rig! Haha. Good luck on your AFF!
  6. ellocokiwi

    Yahoo! First jump!

    Yea, this wind tunnel is pricey! Or you could save $$$ for AFF! Ooooo....do both! I like getting nervous. It makes stuff much more fun! And the initial jumping out the door is always a highlight of my jumps.
  7. ellocokiwi

    New Skydiver - Tandem Skydiving Next Month

    Ain't that the truth! On my tandem jump we were lucky to have a group. But after that, noooobody wanted to jump. Well, they would be all for it on Monday, but by wednesday, "oh, I think I have to mow the lawn. Yea, the lawn."
  8. ellocokiwi

    DARPA UAV powered parachute

    Wow! I was thinking about designing a similar UAV for my senior project.... Those look pretty sweet. Are the control systems for navigation easier to design then the "standard" type of UAV?
  9. ellocokiwi

    Finally took the plunge

    aye! there are no stupid questions....there's just a search function, lol...
  10. ellocokiwi

    first jump tomorow new to forum

    Nice!! Yea, I'm sure the tandem will be MUCH easier!! Takes loads of stress out of your first jump. Most TI's I know will let you pull and control the chute. One thing, if it's possible, is you may think of questions during your canopy ride (or even in the plane), is ask them right then and there. I'm sure you'll do fine! With a TI right behind you, it's a lot easier to get out the door! There may be a slight moment of "AHHHHHH" right when you exit the plane, but it'll quickly vanish by how much full you'll be having !!
  11. ellocokiwi

    First Post - Beer!

    Hello! So you're just starting out too over at Mile High. Cool! Me too! Wow, Airborne and Spec Ops? That's cool! Im in the AFROTC program and hopefully will either get in their Spec Ops or Pilot...who knows. I know I'll go to Airborne training. Ugh, that'll be tough. Cheers!