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  1. I cant believe its been nearly a year and I just found this. Caleb was my AFF instructor when I did my first jump. I couldnt say enough about him and how he welcomed me in there. BlUE SKIES!!!
  2. I am looking to go to Mexico for a month. I am a AFF-level 7 student and dont want to quit while Iam gone. Where is a good safe place to visit to jump and continue my level strainings if I can. Thanks for all you help
  3. I went to your website but it isnt translated in english. I want to jump there. Please email me at
  4. Yeah tha was the main idea was for me to get unstable and quickly recover, which I felt good doing. One I saw the video on the tracking i realized I should have eased and went slower. The GIRL doing the video said it was a tough one to do. My instructor had nothing bad to say, but when i watched it I realized it takes a lot of pracrice and starting with my leg position. I respect that regarding opinions and what some should say. Thanks
  5. I have to videos I posted of my AFF-6 jump. It was by far the funnest jump I have done so far. Still trying to figure out why I was bouncing when I was tracking bit obviously wasnt moving horizontal. All and all it felt batter than it looks..:-)
  6. I have made 6 jumps now and to be honest I havent been nervous really that much, but I can say one way I havent I see myself in the dive over and over going thru the steps and picture it very smooth and slow which helps me. Go over and over what you are supposed to do and remember the basics. I alway know that i can always just stop and have a good arch and feel safe. Now I will say this I have been jumping every weeeknd sat and sun so I have little time between which I think helps as well.
  7. Thanks. That was my idea was to expand my horizons about the music out there that I may have missed. I never implied there were a few good ones I just like hearing others perspectives that all. The links are greatly appreaciated!
  8. I was curious to get some ideas of some of your favorite songs you may like when editing? Which ones have stood out to you? I just started jumping and have had 2 made. My first video of my AFF1 was the ride up was learning to fly and when I exited it started running down a dream by tom petty, which turned out great.