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    Doesn't look like it now does it John
  2. And now we know, based on documents, that Obama was in on the b*******.
  3. Their willingness to ignore the facts that are coming out are hard to understand
  4. Actually, if you're looking at facts, they are.
  5. NBC has admitted the crap and has "updated" it article. Oh, and Trump and bar winning everyday much to your disappointment
  6. Fox did not admit to the deceptive editing. One of your favorite places did
  7. FOX exposes what the b******* media does to keep many of you blind as to what is really going on
  8. Thousands of pages just released from the Schift show prove the Democrats never ever had any Russia collusion evidence of any kind.
  9. Then put some ice on your nads! They'll feel better soon
  10. He broke no law. Those in the know stated that during the interviews during the Schift show investigation. There was no law being broken until strzok rewrote the 302 and put in their things. Flynn never said. It's also been stated that his call to the Russian was completely legal as he was part of the transition team for Trump. So your little example doesn't fit.
  11. Read about Evelyn Farkas, an Obama admin person,who lied on fake news but said something very different under oath.
  12. you don't see this in your new sites because the places you go are not really new sites. They are rattletrap deep voices for the DNC in the Democrats
  13. Every interview that was released the people stated they had no evidence of anything going on between Trump and Russia. Every damn one of them
  14. This is all been debunked in the transcripts from Schifts own investigation.
  15. The biggest thing we have learned in the last few days with the release of the documents is, there was no reason to investigate Flynn or anybody else. This was a political hit job! Nothing less nothing more
  16. You'll have to show me where I've claimed that
  17. You forget, I've come to understand years ago why you guys don't stay on topic
  18. The Russia investigation was a goddamn hoax and everybody now knows it
  19. Danger Will Robinson we have a goal post change
  20. Nope we do not! But you got the talking points down pat.
  21. We now know the LIE Flynn supposedly perpetrated was based off of a modified, no, heavily modified 302 interview FBI doc. That modification was done by Strok. They originally didn't think he lied but they kept it open to go after him. So then he finally after being broke by defending himself said he would plead guilty so they wouldn't go after his son for the same type of b*******. What a great country we have. What a great bunch of people we have that support that crap
  23. the only thing you're really disappointed in is you have been pointed out to be so goddamn wrong it's incredible
  25. You all realize don't you, that's what being decided is based on documents that had nothing to do with Trump. These were Obama era sycophants that had a goal to take down somebody. No documents were created to change the narrative. Only you are trying to change the narrative if you don't believe what's what's going on