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  1. I wonder what these two are up to right now.... Sandi
  2. This just does not seem real.... I love you Shannon!!!!
  3. Please be sure to put attention "Gravity Gear" on it....or it may sit in limbo for a while... :) Skybaby
  4. Well, My accident was just about a year ago...and since then, my total medical costs to date are...........$403,325.00....thank god I had insurance!!!!! You just never know what can go wrong.. Skybaby...
  5. Well, no...the damage my helmet had shows it did its job....
  6. Your so helmet saved me!!! At about 20 feet I was picked up by a dust devil and landed face first into the ground. I fractured my face in 57 places!! and spent many weeks in the hospital...without the helmet, I might not be here...and also to note....the damage to my face stopped at the point where the helmet did its job. It was an open face aviator helmet....and it did do its dreaming it...I went through it.
  7. Actually...Jeff was off by 5 bucks....main side only gets 30.00
  8. ---copied from the NCS Board---- SPREAD THE WORD!! This Saturday - March 29th - At Bay Area Skydiving As many of you know, Carrol Shaw was in a canopy wrap close to the ground here at BAS. He susstained major injuries as a result of that incident. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him. There has been an outpouring of concern from within our skydiving community, so we have organized a fundraiser in an effort to offset some of his expenses. So here is the deal: On Saturday, March 29th, Gravity Gear will donate 10% of all proceeds earned that day to the Carrol Shaw fund. So if you have been putting off buying gear, or have been on the fence, Saturday would be the day that can make a difference. Kissing Booth: Audacious Alana, Ms. Extreme Jen, Lovely Lisa, Super Sexy Sandy, Irresistable Ingrid and the Bodacious Bomb Squad ringleader will be working it! Buy anything from hugs, kisses, honey licks and after hour body shots, and feel good knowing that it is for a good cause. Bake Sale: There will be all sorts of goodies to purchase. If you are a good baker, feel free to bring out some treats to sell for the cause. Auction: After sunset, we'll be auctioning off some very interesting stuff. This list includes, but is not limited to: Dinner and a movie with Tall Guy!, A night on the town with Brian Gutow, a hot four way (RW) with Gareth, Dennis and Rick the Chick!, a super sexy hot four way (RW) with Bonnie, Connie and Sandy, a swarm of freefly chicks jump (Bonnie, Lisa, Anita, Darlene and more!), a coach jump with Sandy, a coach jump with DeBar, Wine from Mad John, Video and Stills from David Keith, an oil change by Pat, an autographed CD from Tosh, a reserve repack from Vic, a reserve repack from Keith Wyatt, 2 pack jobs from Joel, 2 pack jobs from Anita, a massage from Darlene CMT. So don't miss out on all of the fun. Who would have ever thought sharing could be so fun! Also, Carrol himself is going to be here. AND HE IS BRINGING SOME OF HIS WORLD FAMOUS SALSA! Please join me this Saturday for an explosion of BYRON LOVE Peace and Blue Skies! Bonnie/Gravity Gear
  9. . I've only jumped the Sabre2 so I can't answer the question. Note they don't make the Silhouette any smaller then 150 and they publish lighter loading numbers on it then the Sabre2. Ummmm....My Silhouette is a 135....Have over 200 jumps on it...Flys great...and packs even better....
  10. It sounds more like these people are not trained to jump in 4-way...In no way is a camera person responsible for a team. If you can't fly it and be safe...Don't do it. Why are such low number jumpers all on one team? This just does not sound safe.
  11. I think this might be the website, however, the english portion is still under construcion. Skybaby
  12. Well I've been jumping the Silhouette for over a year and have almost 200 jumps on my Silhouette 135. I'm about 150 lbs out the door. I've jumped many others including the Sabre, Spectre, ProSeries, and I love my Silhouette. It flies great, smooth in turbulance and great flare on landings. The openings are also incredible!! and to top it all off with the easy can you loose. As for resale, I had no problem selling my Silhouette 150 when I was ready to the best advise I can give you is try out as many as you can, and get what YOU like. I too had many people tell me that the Silhouette was a bad investment....but I went with what I wanted and loved to fly.......and I'm totally happy!!! :)
  13. I was just wondering, when the your risers came out, were you belly flying or freeflying???