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  1. Yeah, me and my friend are going back pretty soon. I can't wait! It's all I think about. I guess I'm hooked
  2. I finally got my pictures back from my first jump. I thought I'd post my close-up
  3. Well, my friend said he's ready to go again. I guess it takes more than that to shake him up! We're talking about going back during thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully we'll have more going to :)
  4. What can I say, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! It felt like a dream, it didn't feel real. When I get my pictures developed, I'll post one up on here. I got the video and pictures done. Cost an extra $85, but it's worth every penny I'm sure. A kinda bad thing happened with my friend though. The main shute got tangled up and they went into a bad spiral and they had to cut it away. The reserve tried to do the same thing, but the instructor got it straightened out. Out of 2000+ jumps, that was the first time he had to use the reserve. It scared my friend pretty bad for a little bit he said. He's debating going again. I told him if he decides to go again, I'll be right there with him. I really want to do it again, but seeing his main falling to the ground got me a little scared too :o My olny trouble was I had a hard time breathing in freefall. I tried turning my head sideways to get a breath, but it was hard. The only way I could get a good breath was to touch my chin to my chest and breathe through my nose. I only looked straight ahead at the camera guy about twice. I kept trying to look straight down, probably why I couldn't breathe good. I was dreading the parachute ride, but that was best part for me. I got to steer the chute toward the dropzone. I got to do a spiral, but I didn't like that. Got my stomach a little queezy. The plane ride up was very cool. When we started going up, I was thinking " man we're real high". I thought we were probably half way up. Then the instructor asked me if I was doing ok. I said "yeah", then he told me we were only at 1000 feet. That kinda got me for a little bit :) All in all we both had a very memerable time!!!
  5. Well, I'm fixing to leave to meet up with my friend. They told me to call them before we head out to see if the weather is going to be ok. Right now it's very cloudy. Wish me luck :)
  6. At this time tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Skydive Smoky Mountains for my first tandem jump. I'm nervous as hell. I hope I do ok.
  7. Yeah, the lady I talked to on the phone was real nice. She answered all the questions I had. I'm sure I'll have more when I get there though :) I hope I don't annoy them too much :o
  8. So you've jumped there before huh? Do you know if we will get to go up at the same time or will it be separate flights?
  9. I reserved my first skydive for next saturday (sept. 2nd). I'm SO PUMPED!!! Me and my friend are going to Skydive Smoky Mountains. It's about 45 minutes east of Knoxville. I'm scared and excited at the same time, I can't wait!!
  10. Can you wear prescription glasses during freefall? When I go, I want to be able to enjoy the view. Would they let me wear a helmet or something?
  11. Naw, no problems with roller coasters. I also ride a sport bike. The excelleratrion and fast cornering speeds never bother me either. So you think I'm good to go? HaHa, no way!!! I've been ready to go for a while now. I don't want to back out :)