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  1. i would just like to thank the few people that replied with helpful sorry i didnt speel check all my typing but i was ina rush at the time. thank you those who helped me out
  2. hi everyone. i am a senior in high school and for my senior project i am doing a portfolio on BASE jumping..i was wondering if anyone would be willing to send me back some questions for an interview? if you wish to include a good picture of yourself feel free to submit it and i will include it in my presentation. thank you, nick Gender: Age: Location: Family Status (married, single, children, etc): Did you skydive before you started to BASE jump? How did you first get started in BASE jumping? Did you attend a jump school? How long have you been jumping? Did you plan on BASE jumping from the start? How much does it cost to BASE jump (jump, gear etc)? What do you think of when you see others jump? What do you think before you jump? What do you think while falling? What do you think once you land? Have you ever gotten hurt BASE jumping? Do you illegally jump? Why do you BASE jump?