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  1. It fits perfectly my criteria. But as I understand it, it cannot by more precise than 100ft ?
  2. Hello, I'm looking for an electronic altimeter, that fits for freefall, and with the most simple display possible. Ideally, only 7-segments numeric displays, or another way to display only numbers. Visio or Skytronics GFX have many functionalities and can display text, number, etc. Is there any altimeter with just altitude display (ft or meter), but the same precision and measure frequency as the visio or skytronics ? (and that can still be bought, not something from the 80's and not sold anymore) Have you ever heard of that kind of product ?
  3. You had the best micron design ever ? Now you're second.
  4. First jumps with this one (real picture coming soon). Just received and made it packed last week. V308, OP126 + Sabre2 135 inside.
  5. It helps me so much, thank you. Oh, wait... What you mean "bog" ? Big ? I can't rely google translation of bog with people. English is not my mother tongue, by the way. I won't call, would cost a lot from Europe. Which email address should I use ? Customer service (Rosi Sigmon), or Sales (Mark Klingelhoefer) ?
  6. Yeah, that's why I think V308 is the good size. But I don't know enough on vectors to be sure it's the good one. How do you understand "full fitting" ? Hard to pack ?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to determine what would be the best fitting Vector container to put a Sabre² 135 main (brand new ) and a PD126R. How does it fit in Micron V308 ? Perfect, tight ? Is there a more adapted container for this sizes ? Thanks
  8. - Duck sound with each malfunction -No more flash moves
  9. I'm stuck with Icon/sabre² compatibility. Sabre² 135 has 335 in^3 volume. Icon I3 accepts 340/368 and I2 304/327... Whatever size I can choose, none fits well.
  10. Would it really be this tight for the D-bag ? The good point of I2, compared to I3, is that I don't need to buy a new rig if I decrease the size of my canopy. I3 means 135 ft² is the minimum size for main canopy.