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  1. Hm maybe cuz all guys are assholes? Sorry guys, its true. Even the "nice guys" have asshole tendencies. I'm sure the same goes for women.
  2. Have you tried extra strength Melatonin supplements? It seems to be the only thing that makes me fall asleep at night.
  3. Welcome to the world of skydiving, it only gets better from here! If you are serious about getting your license my advice would be to jump as often as possible so everything you learn is fresh. Hope to hear more about your jumps! Blue Skies!
  4. I love logging! I look forward to it when I get down from a jump. But I'm weird
  5. A Blow Job? Ha I should have known that was coming!
  6. We get paid to do coach jumps at my dz but that's not the reason I decided to be a coach. I like working with students and the feeling that someone trusts and looks up to you. I had an awesome coach who has been jumping for over 50 years and I wanted to spread the knowledge I learned from him to future skydivers....Plus, what can beat the feeling of excitment a student has when they pass a level they had been struggling with?
  7. I don't think they're stressed enough! My first static line (4th jump, previous 3 were tandems) I neglected to PLF and ended up spraining my wrist and ankle. I practiced my PLFs in class but freaked out on landing so I probably could have used more practice. If you ever have taken Luigi Cani's canopy course one of the first thing he does is demonstrate a proper PLF and make the whole class do them....if an expert canopy pilot is teaching PLFs to experienced jumpers, it just seems like PLFs aren't something to just skim over. My opinion.
  8. Hmm I'm going to have to go with blue....Anyone else think a black pen shouldn't be allowed when a wet signature is required? It makes it hard to decipher between originals and copies!
  9. I was nervous but not as much as I thought I'd be. I was the last student to jump that day so by then my nerves had pretty much settled. I was actually more nervous my 2nd and 3rd jump than my first!...and my first 3 jumps were all tandems!
  10. wishnstar611


    I love Skype! A good way to keep in touch with your friends who live all over the country.
  11. She's giving us Ohioans a bad name! I promise not all of us are that stupid, just some :-)
  12. Congrats! I hope to take my first lesson soon....just trying to save up some money first
  13. You should try sleeping pills...they've been my best friend lately. I've taken Vicodin, Tylenol pm, Unisom, and melatonin supplements to try to fall asleep and actually what seems to work best for me is the melatonin. But what works for you might be different. Good luck!...i know not being able to fall asleep sucks
  14. Definitely! Valentine's day is stupid....you shouldn't feel pressured to do something nice and loving on a certain day. If the relationship is good it should happen regardless of the holiday or not. I've never had anyone to celebrate Valentine's day with so maybe my opinion will change once i do...many years from now...but I say celebrate both occasions together. The way I see it is its less stressing on how to celebrate/what to give if you combine the 2!!
  15. Can't wait to get there!! Question...does zhills have a license requirement for the high altitude jumps?
  16. November 19, 2005. Skydive Wayne County in Richmond, IN....out of 95Ghetto :-)
  17. Sorry dude. I know it sucks. Someone more awesome will come along and she'll be history. Flock south for a weekend to jump..thats what i'm doing.
  18. Go to Zhills for their Christmas-New Years boogie!! I've been the past 2 years and their New Years eve party is always a blast!...well what i can remember of it ;)
  19. just a kid waiting to be considered a grown up
  20. I love the tots!! I like to snack on them frozen too :-)
  21. August 29-September 1 Skydive Chicago Super Otter, Mike Mullins Super King Air, free world class RW and Freefly organizers! Live bands Friday & Saturday night, free adult beverages, big fun toys for everyone to play with! First 200 registrants on the field get commemorative Richmond Boogie pub glass! Contests each day with prizes like free jumps, free t-shirts, etc! Registration includes; camping, electric hook-up (first come first served), wi-fi, bands, showers, tents, parties, beverages, toilets... in a nutshell you pay no additional fees but you have to feed yourself! Register now online at www.skydiverichmond.ecrater.com! Come join us for one of the oldest boogies in the world! Richmond... it's a boogie, not just a dropzone with big planes... come see the difference. FMI: 765-965-0435 or email [email protected]
  22. $450 will be plenty, depending on how much you want to jump. This will be my 3rd year at the Boogie and I promise you there won't be a dull moment! Camping, beer, and entertainment is free so all you have to pay for is registration and jumps. Register now at skydiverichmond.com to get a discount. Can't wait to see you there...you're gonna have a blast!