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  1. I was a member of the 4 way team Alex shot video for. He was eager and willing to learn. He was a very happy go lucky guy with a smile for everyone and no malice towards anyone or anything. .He was courageous,lighthearted,cheerful and always looked for the good. He was totally a professional and knew his craft. His life will always remind me to emulate those traits as well as reminding me to be more patient, more compassionate and to do it as ALex would have done it, with a great big
  2. It was our pleasure to jump with you. You gave us a good 3 way drill dive which we repeated with our other teammate the next day and he loved the drill. We look forward to seeing you and jumping with you the next time we come up to the ranch which is a great DZ by the way!
  3. I did it with Andy Honigbaum last year. It was terrific. Andy is superb at showing you all you want and need to know and is ,like all these great flyers are, very easy to talk to and learn from. You are going to love it.Enjoy it!
  4. We will be at the Nashua tunnel Friday evening April 17th and Saturday April 18th. I can tell you that the North Carolina tunnel is much more amenable to 4 way. The Nashua tunnel is great for 2 ways but very limited in accomodating a 4 way especially for large guys like us. There is a place for both as Nashua is more convenient and we always need to improve our personal flying skills and doing 2 ways is a great way to do it. At this point though we need to do more 4 way more and the North Carolina tunnel is the only way to go for that type of training. Consequently we will be including that particular tunnel a lot more in our future training.
  5. We were planning to come up to the Ranch April 25th. We understand there is an open invitation at the Ranch on that date to all interested in joining a 4 way team. We want to see who might be interested. We are looking for a good fit and not anxious to just pick up anybody. We were planning on going to Nationals but having lost our fourth we either have to find our new fourth rather quickly to continue with our original plan or resort to our "plan B". We have trained at Skydive Long Island and we have also trained and competed a little at the Ranch last year. We were planning to spend more time at the Ranch and a little less time at Skydive L.I. this year for a variety of reasons.So ,sure ,if you are really interested we would certainly be interested in talking with you. Will you be there on the 25th?
  6. We would definitely consider anyone who could be dedicated enough and who shared our goals and level of motivation no matter what gender. The concern I would have is that we are large guys and the centers dictate fallrate.I am the OC. We fall 125-126 avg. In any case Rob and I plan to be at the Ranch April 25th. If you can be there we would certainly be interested in meeting and talking with you.