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  1. Hello friends I am looking for the user manual of GQ360 SLLL is there something like that in the drawer or on the hard drive?
  2. hey guys, maybe someone can help pleas email me: [email protected] blue skies
  3. HI I bought used set of T11 and T11r until a few days ago I could watch it .... his condition is useless ..... probably spent a lot of time in the water or moisture ... and you cut the reserve risers ... I want to ask you for help in improving it to AIRWORTHY CONDITION I want to ask you, there is a possibility to get a few parts of this system ? For improving T11 and T11R I need: Part Number / Official Item Name (Common Item Name) 11-1-7719-1 / T-11 Main Riser Set (Main Riser Assembly) 11-1-7061-1 / Deployment Sleeve Assembly (Deployment Sleeve) 11-1-7062-1 / T-11 Main Bridle Assembly with Connector Link (Bridle Assembly with Connector Link) 11-1-7726-1 / T-11R Reserve Pack Tray Assembly (Reserve Pack Tray) 11-1-7729-1 / T-11R Riser Set (Reserve Risers) (I wrote to Airborne System but they refused to help me) Also I want to complete three full sets of main, harness and reserve, newest as is possible or NEW 3x T-10R 2x MC1-1 / C (or MC1-1 / D) 1x MC6 (SF10) IN AIRWORTHY CONDITION if some of you can help me to get this staff pleas Pm Blue skies Przemek
  4. I am this victim ;-{ I didnt know who is it, ;-( I trusted guy which wrote to me very profesionally and nicely. my good luck, and his bad luck, is that I have in US many friends and... I'm COP in Poland (homicids department) and also I have friends in American Police .... they promised help ;-) so guy can be heavily punished !! thieves to cell!!!! blue skies Przemek