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  1. how much do you guys get paid for being a Regional Director?
  2. stayhigh

    instructor negligence

    A passenger fell out of tandem harness and died in the past, I don't think he went to jail tho, not sure.
  3. stayhigh

    Unairworthy gear in classified...

    Cost of brand new G3 in 2005 was way less than 2000 bucks. Get your 100 dollar back before you send it back to the seller.
  4. I have a Katana 120 for sale. It is on classifieds, check it out, it might be a perfect wing for ya. You don't wanna push it too hard and go x-brace right away, do 5-10 jumps on my wing over the weekend and just sell it after once you move on to velo next month.
  5. stayhigh

    Video for tandem

    everyone that i know uses dual gopros. save your neck, full still camera/vid setup isn't worth it. contour video quality sucks tho. do they still make them?
  6. stayhigh

    Review for DZ in South Korea please

    South Korea technically still at a war with North Korea, therefore general aviation is extremely limited to none existing level. Last time I heard that they were jumping out of helicopter taking you to 8000ft at the price of $100+ dollar per jump. There are no permanent dz structure any where. They all set up a tent for a day and put tarps on the ground as a packing area. I doubt that they have rental rigs. There are good rock climbing spots near Seoul. There are lots of buildings to jump with super easy access. Landing is difficult due to parking lot always being full of cars and hilly surface. They only schedule for jumps during late spring through early fall, per approval by military. They might get lucky if they send more than 5 loads out of cessena or out of those military choppers. About 10 years ago out of desperation they were jumping out of ultralights going up to 1500-2000 ft. The Koreans all go somewhere else, Austrailia, California to jump. They have to save money for a year or two and bust it out on a one trip. That's why they are kind of sketchy skydivers. Not current enough, and not enough exposure. There are about three Korean freeflyers that can fly headdown, and just about three Korean swoopers that can land on rear riser/doing bigger turn than 270. Not counting American-Koreans. That shows you the infancy of Korean skydiving.
  7. I think RSL should be mandatory, except the CRW dudes/girls. Having no RSL has contributed to many preventable deaths. Not having an AAD mean you are okay with death, and you've accepted the term. However, when you open up your main and decided to cutaway, you are actively engaging in an act of survival, so many have gone in trying to get stable, so many preventable deaths. Those who can't afford an AAD, they still want to jump. Think about it, if they can't afford 1200 dollar device, their life ain't worth so much. Or some can afford it, but they just don't want to. Like I said in earlier post, conscious effort of accidental suicide. They don't want to kill themselves but they don't mind getting killed. Or they secretly wishes they get killed at one point. I jump without it. I really do not care if someone crashes into me and knock me out in middle of the sky. No pets, No Kids. YOLO.
  8. stayhigh

    Anyone had this experience with a tunnel?

    ifly is a big corporation. They have rules. Progression by step by step is a must. For instructor's safety and for your money. How are you gonna sit fly if you can't back fly? Show them that you can back fly and they will let you sit fly. Example: If you cork out and go to your back and if it takes you LONG time to get back to the net to stand up, aren't you wasting your money? By the time you get down to the net your 2 min is up. As a tunnel instructor, I've seen many people who claim they have 1000's of freefly jumps and I know that they can fly in the sky but they suck inside the tunnel. I say, show me your backflying skill. If you want to fly headdown show me that you can fly on your back and sit fly well enough so that I don't have to risk breaking my back to spot you. If you break yourself inside the tunnel, it is a bad publicity for ifly and it is my job on the line. If you can demonstrate control on your back, turn both direction, go up and down, foward and backward, you are welcome to try sit fly all day long. with your 1000s of skydive you'll pick up quick. hopefully you don't have bad habits. backflying is essentially sit flying. if you can't backfly you aren't ready, simple as that, and if you can't belly fly, you are not ready to backfly. If you aren't old enough and if your parents aren't there, you are not ready to fly.
  9. stayhigh

    PD Prototype

    Round Nosed Katana!!!! Hopefully they release it before Crossfire 3, first so that Icarus fanboys can stop saying what and who came out first. It be so sick if they add tail re-enforcement.
  10. stayhigh

    USPA Update 4-16-2015

    So the dz is non USPA, and there is no video of tandem landing, continue business as usual?
  11. stayhigh

    PD optimum reserve for swoopers

    I doubt any wet reserve will open very well. I've only have two jumps on completely wet canopy(Icarus 330). One of those wet canopy opened normal, and the other one came out in one chunk and stayed that way for quite a bit and then it slammed open. Think about it, drogue collapsed, chunk of 330 over your head acting as a drogue, 175lbs person hanging underneath you.... I don't think I'll ever wanna experience wet reserve staying in a big wad and not catching air under 1500 ft.
  12. stayhigh

    Fake Student Ripcord?

    Good trolling. you've got all the terminology right.
  13. stayhigh

    How much Fuel to Altitude and back?

    I remember the days of 10 dollar hop and pop and 16 dollar full altitude. That was only 10 years ago. Get over it, the price are not coming back down.
  14. I'd say get the rig first. Which can be used for all discipline. keep looking thru classified, sometimes you can find ridiculously good deal. Buy used main/reserve for sure. I've sold my AAD after 100 jumps and never looked back. Really up to you. I don't have kids or pets to look after so, I never felt the need for an AAD. Skyhook is nice but not a necessity. I have normal RSL and I have 4 cutaway with it, 2 with camera helmet on, 3 of them fast spinning linetwist that I couldn't kick out on JVX and Velo. Also I have one cutaway with the Skyhook and the skyhook did not engage and it turned into normal RSL opening. GoPro is mandatory, how else are you gonna capture all the cool shit that is gonna happen?.
  15. stayhigh

    Choosing the right drop Zone

    You can't just go anywhere and expect a great dz like Skydive Dubai. I have no idea what is like in Thailand, but I'm sure it is not, Dubai, Empruria, Perris, or Eloy. You want solid instruction, along with safe gear. Hell, some people will never pass their first un-assisted free fall without help of a wind tunnel. Best bet is to learn how to skydive at Dubai, or go to one of those well known places with multiple airplanes along with good weather.
  16. Skydive Taft just acquired a turbine A/C. Beech 99, cousin of King Air. I've heard SDSB is a super tandem orientated DZ.
  17. stayhigh

    Coccyx Protector

    I've seen one design where the guy sewed bicycle gel seat into his swoop pants. He had cushy seat everywhere he went.
  18. stayhigh

    Icarus new 9 cell canopy question ?

    Crossfire 3? The new NZ non-xbraced Shoeman stuff should out perform the current Katana. If the trend continues, PD will come up with similar wing 2-3 years down the road, something that opens little shittier but flies little nicer.
  19. stayhigh

    iFly coming to San Diego (3 tunnels planned)

    Hopefully abundance of these tunnel will drive the cost down. If all things are similar, power/size, everyone will go to the cheaper tunnel for sure.
  20. for sure velo 84, maybe will be able to squeeze in velo 90. Xaos 21 packs smidge bigger than similar sized velo. Jfx packs almost the same as velo. Alot depends on the d-bag sizing and shape.
  21. You should work on bigger turns if your turn becomes boring to you. I firmly believe that you'll never master certain turns. Some might say that you should "master" 90 before you move on. I call bullshit. You can never master any type of turn, and be dialed in 100%. You move on to bigger turn once you feel ready. Asking is like worst thing to do, since no one has seen your landing. If you are asking questions, you kinda aren't ready yet. I moved to 270 once I felt like I was ready, and I moved on the 450 once I got bored with doing 270's. However I feel like there is certain canopy/wingloading requirement to do certain turns. With non-xbraced/low wing loading(less than 1.5), I feel safer to keep the rotation less than 180, and I feel like it is necessary to load your canopy above 1.5 to start doing 270's. With x-braced/high wing loading(more than 2.2), I feel safer to do bigger rotation like 450's. And to move on to 630's, I feel like I need to downsize and up the wingloading beyond 2.5. All those are my bullshit theory. I started to do 270 with my Katana 150 loaded at 1.4-1.5 at around 500-600 jumps. I really thought that skydivers have to be riding x-brace at 1000 jumps so I was working towards that goal.
  22. stayhigh

    Phantom fogging problem

    MotoSolutions's Fogtech works great. Couple drops and wipe em out.
  23. stayhigh

    2-way sit and head down exit

    Doesn't matter where the sit flyer goes, Head up flyer just has to fly really strong out the door. Head up flyer has the hardest job in this case. Makes it easier when both flyers are presented towards the wind already even before exiting. Meaning, Head up flyer has to position at the door in a way so that the spine is almost parallel to the floor of the airplane, and ass towards the relative wind. Give good count make that hop and present and start flying. 98% of the time when someone fucks up, it be the head up flyer. Head down flyer has relatively easy job. I don't know where the fuck did you come up with the term RW. Anyways in this case, unless head up flyer has 500+ head up jumps or have tunnel time, head up flyer will fuck it up. That's being said if the other head down flyer is solid flyer, meaning head down flyer can take consistent dock and fly with groups of 4 or more. If both of the flyers suck, then I guess you can go suck each others dick or vagina, which ever fits your scenario. The best freelying video of all time. None of that tunnel flying shit here. I'll bet these guys somewhat resent the wind tunnels. Because if the tunnel wasn't here, they will still be skygod, one of the best, while most of us will only dream about flying like these guys.
  24. stayhigh

    Reasons to fire your packer

    Breaks, Slider, and Cocking your PC is the jumpers responsibility. and stretch em out if possible or stack it on top of wherever your packing slave wants them to be. All of those can be ignored with the fat tip. I've packed for a guy who refused to do anything, and comes back with constant step or flip thru. But the 10 dollar pack job plus the 25% tip at the end of the day made it worth while to pack. He was the first to go home after sunset load every single time.
  25. stayhigh

    mac; is it worth the trouble?

    You'll desperately search for the right mouse clicker for the first week or two. It is same shit. Different book cover. I only bought MAC since it looks and feels better. Now that I'm used to the system, I'll probably buy another mac next time. As far as the computer malfunctioning goes. I never had trouble with my PC, until I started to download stuff off from limewire. With my new MAC, I never even attempted to download anything illegal. I use my old PC for downloading purposes only. Once it crashes, I'll throw in rebooting disk and start over again. In fact, bad thing about MAC is that if this ever crashes, I'll have to bring it to the MAC center.