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  1. Send me that computer and I'll see if it is good or not. If your computer is found not usable, I'll dispose it myself and charge you the hazardous waste fee. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  2. Are you an Anarchist? Who would represent American skydiving to the FAI? Who would issue credentials? Who would train instructors? And most importantly, who would there be left to complain about? Who would represent skydivers to the FAA? Who would work diligently to protect small airport operations on public airfields? Who would keep the NAA in line? Who would lobby for us in DC? I once had an opinion that the USPA wasnt' all that. And then I became involved, informed, and of a different opinion. Having had the experience of working with a couple of NACs over the past couple of years....USPA may not be perfect, but it's much more close to perfect than many believe. Bear in mind too, there is a significant difference between the BOD and the admin of USPA. The Admin people are all professionals, working to do the bidding of the BOD, who are obligated to represent the membership who elected them. Generally, the board does what the membership asks for. Occasionally, they don't. Charlie is right; new blood will enrich the board. Some board members haven't jumped in years, and only serve their own DZ's. Other BOD members jump their tails off. FWIW, it was super to see two candidates for the BOD make the trek to USPA Wingsuit Nationals, and shake hands with the competitors, meeting them in person. is this when we start to blame Obama for everything? Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  3. Is there an immense benefit for the dz to be a member of USPA? Insurance? Loan? Why can't all dzs go the Lodi way? Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  4. WTF happened to these guys? Used to be stellar customer service. My buddy found a protrack sitting in mud in middle of the landing area after rain and returned it to L&B and got a new one back. I've lost my viso in freefall(prior to the sleeve) and they offered me a free new one. I've cracked both of my optima and they gave me a new ones with new battery. guess, the times change. Suunto Vectors are cheaper and you can actually wear the thing for other activity. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  5. again, coming up with new rules they can't enforce and won't enforce equally to everyone. WSI rating was another dumbass rule they were thinking of.... what's next??? follow BPA and have rules on how many jumps you need to have to wear a full face helmet? I love how Lodi operates. You give money to Bill and you get on his airplane, you follow his rules on his kingdom and you stay on the dz. Yes, there are more rules in his kingdom than anywhere else, but it is his airplane, his rule. USPA on the other hand, who the fuck are they? why are they even enforcing some bullshit rule? and how come some of the higher ups aren't even subjected to the same bullshit rule? Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  6. Is this where our 70 dollar annual tax went to? Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  7. Keeping the spine straight as possible would be a good idea. However if you have time to keep your neck and spine straight, then you are not having a hard opening right? Don't know why some still insist on jumping heavy ass shit. We all used to do that since we didn't have any other choice. I'm not putting any heavy ass shit over my head unless I'm getting a production rate. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  8. What do they do at BOD meetings besides come up with a rule that they will only apply for certain people? Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  9. If you give out names on, you'll get banned. Come on,,, you gotta know that guy who works for USPA, who calls USPA, fag old boys club by now. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  10. Don't get airlocked canopy, cause they will fly far, far away. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  11. Those are some pretty lofty accusations. Could you attach some names to the ambiguous references? Ha, and it is the same people over and over again. Ask around who is who, and people will give out names. For sure there is at least one that works for USPA but hates USPA. (WTF?) Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  12. I've been on and off for a couple years now. Props to you!!!! Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  13. The problem is that the peons who work at the bottom of the USPA hierarchy are subjected to punishment, yet all the higher ups get away from everything. I too have gotten suspension for doing big turns with tandems, yet this person who is in charge of safety of USPA gives me a suspension, but he proceeds to take over $50K from USPA pool for the injury that he created during his swoop accident. None of his ratings got revoked, warning after warning, proof after proof vidoes questioning his behavior as a tandem pilot, but the USPA or UPT doesn't do anything... Because he is part of USPA and the UPT. The problem is that USPA enforces rules on the peons and the higher up does exact same thing over and over again with proof and yet all of their rating in intact. I have personally gotten message from this person saying that although he wants to be elected and running for it, but this person doesn't give a fck about the good ol'boy gay club(whatever that means, I guess something happens at the meetings at Reno), or its safety policy, I can send you a PM if you wanna see it. After this election he will be a director again. No questions asked. Fck USPA and "good ole'gay club" Edit by cpoxon: if you want PMs, turn on your PMs Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  14. I can't wait for someone to fly through my lines. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  15. Dunk it in soapy water, scrub, and repeat. After 15 baths and scrubs the water will run clear. Hang it with coat hanger or something and dry them in shady windy area, takes about solid day and half to dry them in very dry hot (so-cal) weather. Don't wash it if the weather looks like it is about to rain. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  16. The best way is to spread the word through social media. Blast them on Facebook, Twitter, Whatever it takes to spread the word. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  17. Any little bitch can shoot a person from miles away with a gun, but it takes a real man to stare at someone's eye and stab one in the guts with the sashimi knife. That is the difference between guns and knife. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  18. People who takes anything serious from this forum are in serious non-sense. Aren't we all doing it for shit and gigs, and to throw out random ideas here and there to some random people that you don't even know. Reddit serves exactly that purpose, but I've got to know long before Reddit....... so there is my answer. Some even gets into super heated argument here as well.... I ask them for what? Or are they just trolling along and playing the same game as I do? Frankly, I don't even know why I'm stuck in this place all the time, giving out horrible advices and sometimes really sincere ones. At least I still have more jump number than the post number, which kinda makes me feel little better. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  19. or sometimes I'll only add a shot of Bailey but I'll add shot of Kalua. yum... Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  20. Is it wrong to use shot or two of Bailey's as a sweetener? Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  21. Someone you mentioned above directly told me that he doesn't care for the new BSR, although he is a examiner, who are in charge of creating new instructors. Also this person happens to be in charge of general safety, yet, he told me directly that he doesn't care for safety at all, he doesn't care how people get hurt or die. He basically thinks that the rule doesn't apply to anyone higher up within the organization, and the voters, (I assume only about 5% of USPA members actually vote), are dumb enough to vote for their skygod. The dumb sell out voters(fun jumpers), frankly doesn't give a flying fck. All the they want is a DZ that can go to on the weekends, and jump couple times and get drunk or high. I'll bet all those fun jumpers will protest when the jump ticket price goes up, and yet no one know what the membership due really does, how it is spent, and who gets the money. You gotta be an idiot to believe that all these people work for free, getting paid only for travel costs and lodging. Indeed, there are lots of questionable characters within the organization. When November comes, I'll find out if I'll start jumping again. I'm not paying a cent to USPA, if things stays the same. I could careless about making another jump, I have 6000+ of them. Voters need to wake the fck up. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  22. and chances are, your eyes are prone to dryness. use rewetting drops before you go up. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  23. If you're going to go back to the Nazis and Stalin you may as well go back to Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears. You guys were so effective you just ran out of people to exterminate. Americans had work ethics back in the days. Now they are lazy and stupid. Trump for President, Kanye West for 2020. Bernie Sanders for President 2016
  24. Seriously, I'm so sick of hearing those mass shooting that aren't even "mass" shooting. Give me a 20+ kill plus and I'll be interested. The guy from Norway. Now that is news. The Americans needs to try harder. The German Nazi, Stalin, Mao, The Norwegian dude, The Korean guy at VT. Proof that the foreigners do the job more efficiently and better. Bernie Sanders for President 2016