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  1. bmcd308

    Canon 10-22 best price???

    Only idiots buy from Genius Camera. But I bet they have the lowest price. However, the lens cap is an extra $200 and you have to buy it. Get it from, adorama, keh, dell, dbuys, amazon (not marketaplace) or another reputable vendor.
  2. bmcd308

    Do everything right ... still die?

    John Appleton The tandem students
  3. bmcd308

    Beginner in need of help!

    >>my right leg hangs lower than my left
  4. >>or any number of other reasons
  5. bmcd308

    Canon EOS Rebel question

    No. Wireless remote only on date model only. See Also
  6. bmcd308

    Night Video

    Know anyone who hunts coyotes? They have big IR illuminators.
  7. bmcd308

    1 - 2 pin cypres

    Ask one of these people: Airtec GmbH - airteckai - Kai Koerner Airtec USA/SSK - ssk - Cliff Schmucker
  8. bmcd308

    rough guide to film cameras needed

    Canon EOS Rebel 2000 w/ cheapie 28mm lens.
  9. bmcd308

    Filter for Sodium lighting?

    Sodium lights are tough. This is from Ken Rockwell's article on WB: >>Orange street lights are always going to look orange because they are orange. White Balance can make what looks white to us look white in photos, but it won't make orange white. More technically it's because these lights use sodium gas instead of dog poop and the sodium molecules create just one exact color (wavelength) of light at 589 nm which is that orange color. These low pressure sodium lights are deep golden orange and everything in them likewise looks a shade of that same color. They have no red, green or blue light to balance. High pressure sodium lights are the ones that look more whitish orange and things seen in them may have a teeny bit of color to them, but they still won't white balance.
  10. bmcd308

    Good lenses

    Good telephotos cost big bucks. You want a Canon. You probably want IS. You need a fast lens so that AF works. You'll probably need a 400mm, 600 mm or even longer lens to get the field of view you want. You better be prepared to pay. Macro is a little less expensive - the Tamron 90mm macro typically rates very high. For wide angle - depends on how wide you want to go. For general use, the 17-40 f4L. Not really all that wide on a 20D, but nothing is. For a specialty wide angle, search for Kiev Camera on e-bay. Brent