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  1. Wow. This is really sad. ----------------------------------
  2. bmcd308


    It has been a long time, but I had occasion to think about Holly today, and I thought I'd post here. ROWYCO. ----------------------------------
  3. >>Yes, they (and you) are completely out of line by saying that.
  4. bmcd308

    John Kelly, Jr - JP from Byron

    This is really sad. I hope you have found the peace you sought, JP. ----------------------------------
  5. bmcd308

    Vigil vs Cypres

    In all seriousness, having more people like Bill in the world would, on balance, make it a better place. ----------------------------------
  6. bmcd308

    Pulling High - A Discussion for Students

    One thing - the wind feels the same to you under canopy whether you are flying crosswind, downwind or upwind. You can generally tell which way the wind is blowing by watching your ground track. You will obviously drift downwind. Unless you are flying straight upwind or downwind, you will generally be able to see yourself crabbing over the ground, the result of the wind pushing you. If your groundtrack and the canopy's heading are the same, take mental note of your speed across the ground and then do a 180. If you are going faster once your canopy recovers than you were before, you are heading downwind. If you are going slower, you are flying into the wind. ----------------------------------
  7. bmcd308

    #110 (((

    I fell in the Nantahala River, which is barely even a rapid, while dorking around during a very early spring canoe trip. The guide later estimated the water temp at 40F. When I hit the water, my diaphragm almost immediately contracted such that I could barely breathe. My life vest kept my head out of the water. I was thrown a rope and pulled to a canoe, but within just the couple of minutes that took I was too weak to help the two people in that canoe pull me in. They had to tow me to shore, where they built a fire to dry me out and warm me up as I was showing signs of hypothermia. I was wearing a shorty wetsuit that was dry when I went in with a wool sweater and jeans over it. Really cold water does really bad things really fast. Brent ----------------------------------
  8. bmcd308

    Sky Diving Helmets and DOT

    Derek - Just to make things even more difficult, I suppose you are aware that there is what appears to be legitimate debate in the motorcycling community as to whether a helmet that meets the SNELL tests actually makes you less safe than one that only meets the DOT standard, because the SNELL test requires much harder interior padding to survive the two big hits in the test, while DOT helmets generally have softer padding that provides better protection from somewhat softer impacts - the kind some argue that motorcyclists face most often. The point of all this is that if you tell a helmet designer what kind of impact you will have, he'll probably be able to design a helmet to protect you from it. Whether it will also be suitable for some other type of impact or acceptable in terms of weight or appearance are other matters entirely. Brent ----------------------------------
  9. bmcd308

    Where Can I Get a Used Cypres

    I just sold one through the Classifieds. The guy considered buying it, so I know he buys them for resale. You might check to see if he has any. ----------------------------------
  10. On my Wings the cutter is beneath the whole packjob - it is not on a flap at all. ----------------------------------
  11. bmcd308

    Riser/Ring size

    I'll be the one everyone flames and make recommendations: For a first container, get Type 8 risers and large rings. You can get mini rings later if you decide to choose your gear based on fashion, but for now get the bigger, less fashionable option. The big three ring system just plain works better than the small system, and you won't be going so fast through the air that the parasitic drag of your risers will ruin your swoops, anyway. I started out with big risers, and I liked them a lot. However, everyone else had the smaller ones, so I got smaller ones, too. The smaller ones looked like everyone else's, which was cool, but I kept getting my thumbnails bent back by the slider as it came down the lines over my mini risers. Ouch. But I looked good, and the reduced drag made a quarter inch of difference in what I thought was a swoop. I could also pull my collapsed slider behind my head like the cool people. That was good for another quarter inch, at least. Riser length is more complicated. It determines how far away from the large ring the toggles and slider are when the parachute is open. However, too short risers have been implicated in some opening problems where lines from the main risers snag under the reserve container. So you want to make sure that whatever length of risers you choose make it to the bottom of the reserve container, which the mfg. should take care of for you. Note that within minutes, at least one person will reply to this post to tell you that no one has ever proved that short risers were the cause of any malfunction. To choose your riser length without considering compatibility with the container, base it on your sleeve length. Tall fokker with 37 inch sleeves like me? Get the longest ones. Normal height? The ones in the middle. Short? Get shorter ones. But the people who are selling you gear will be in a much better position to guide you through the process. Brent ----------------------------------
  12. bmcd308

    Would you trust this rigger?

    Amy - You forgot about the BOC pouch that hangs open like a hooker's ... well, it's loose. ----------------------------------
  13. bmcd308

    Info on Rigging Solutions or Rigs & Things

    I bought a complete rig from Roy at Rigs n Things. Transaction was smooth, and he gave wise advice about what to buy given my budget and needs. ----------------------------------
  14. bmcd308

    The passing of Chris Hadley

    My condolences to the family and everyone at Airtight. This is so sad. ----------------------------------
  15. bmcd308

    Michael Scott Nielsen - Condolences

    Terrible news. BSBD. ----------------------------------