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  1. I bet someone we know was the last guest of that room... ----------------------------------
  2. Must have - for no reason whatsoever - a floor jack in his car and be nearby when your trailer loses a wheel on the freeway. Must be willing to bring a pickup truck load of ice and beer when your power has been off for two weeks. Must be willing to help you replace the ceiling in your bathroom when the storm wrecks your roof. Tough one to replace. Brent ----------------------------------
  3. Wow. This is really sad. ----------------------------------
  4. It has been a long time, but I had occasion to think about Holly today, and I thought I'd post here. ROWYCO. ----------------------------------
  5. Explosions are fun to watch. ----------------------------------
  6. Wow, Beezy. It was cool to know you. BSBD. ----------------------------------
  7. > WTF? What in the hell does 9/11 have to do with this? People are stupid. ----------------------------------
  8. I quit after 20 years on Feb 12, 2006. I still have days when I really want one. Just hang in there, and take it a day at a time. Just don't smoke today. Repeat tomorrow. ----------------------------------
  9. That clip is very realistic. It is a two way with video. Here is how the bottom end goes: 1. She points at her altimeter, letting Steve Austin know they are low. 2. They fly together for one more point rather than tracking off. 3. They pull without tracking and hose the camera guy. ----------------------------------
  10. Hang in there, Beezy! Get well soon. ----------------------------------
  11. >>Yes, they (and you) are completely out of line by saying that.
  12. This is really sad. I hope you have found the peace you sought, JP. ----------------------------------
  13. What a weak invasion. ----------------------------------
  14. In the Help area, there is a repair profile button. I have lost all my friends before, but that brought them back. ----------------------------------