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  1. Tom - Thanks for petting my dog - he liked you too. - angel
  2. I'll likely make it. Driving from San MAteo if anyone needs a ride. - Angel the more abstract the truth you want to teach the more you must seduce the senses to it -- nietzsche
  3. I wont go into detail about the features and functionality - they are great - read about them elsewhere. I'll talk about design: This Altimeter gives you just what you NEED on the face - nothing more - and everything you WANT on the back (via LCD). I'm new to the sport but am not new to technology (20+ yrs) so can recognize and appreciate elegant engineering and intelligent design. I first saw the Altitrack on a lovely wrist at Bay Area Skydiving in Byron, CA. Right away I noticed how easy it was to read - high contrast, pointer flat/close to the face, and the dial rotated so that the zero is parallel to your line-of-sight when belly down. On 2nd look I noticed the numbers (in 1000s) were not linear; 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 - this means greater resolution at the more critical freefall altitudes and while under canopy (somebody was thinking). The whole device is also slightly tilted inward toward your face so you have to rotate your wrist less or not at all to read it. I dove with this altimeter and could read it while spinning and flipping and never missed a reading. Another thing I noticed about the design is that many itens are easily replaced: the finger loop can be replaced without sewing - it's held by a velcro loop. The wrist strap looks great and is also adjustable (not just the diameter) and can be replaced. My suggestion is to just try one on. Mine mounts on the back of the hand but you can buy different rubber mountings. I will mention one feature - Jump Replay. On the back of the Altitrack is an LCD display through which you can review your jumps. New to the sport, I appreciate the ability to replay my jump - to see how well I controlled my fall rate - how much I was able slow down and speed up in freefall, exit and pull altitudes, etc. If I could get them to change anything: 1. Thinner (but hey, there is a computer in there). 2. Price (it's worth it though) 3. Include the USB cable and software. But I have no regrets. I bought my Altitrack from Bonnie at - Angel