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  1. Good point. I was drunk last night and wasn't thinking straight.
  2. Ok, I am willing to cede the point that "cunt" doesn't have the same meaning for everyone. Thanks, Billy, for clarifying for me.
  3. Do you guys realize how offensive the word "cunt" is? To me, you might as well be shouting out the "n" word. Billy, you are intelligent enough to come up with more appropriate verbage. Of course, that's just my opinion, and lord knows, no one gives a fuck about my opinion on dizzy.
  4. I know a couple of assholes I'd be willing to share.
  5. You have an experimental flying object in the back yard. It gets away. You believe your 6 year old is on board. Why wouldn't your first call be 911? Ok, add to that that you've been shopping around a reality tv series based on your family and its quest for scientific information....and it's been turned down. Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm....."..
  6. What the hell is ant oatmeal? perhaps I'm missing out on something really good? Finished the oatmeal, still really buzzed, off to make some turkey bacon.
  7. Cream of Wheat made with whole milk and a whole lotta butter and suger.....YUm
  8. Ok, so I guess it's time for breakfast helps alleviate the hangover tomorrow....
  9. Holy shit you start early!! Happy Friday!!!!
  10. Oh that's awesome! What language is it? I wonder why I couldn't come up with anything when Isearched google!?! Thanks for the info! Edited to add: Ah, I see, I don't know how to make the umlaut (or even how to spell umlaut) but when I copied your spelling onto my search engine, I got the same web site. It's German! Perfect for International Day at work.
  11. I've searched the web, came up empty, so I figured, what the heck? Dropzone is multinational....does anyone know what this means: a boda narrschas wib the a in narrschas has two little dots over it This is printed on a tshirt I picked up at goodwill, and I want to make sure it is SFW. Thanks!
  12. Wow! Perfect for that midday bank robbery! And whoeer thought to add the owl in as background decor in the one pic....genious!!