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  1. Patrick Passe's Crosswind comes to mind - but it's more eye candy than documentary. Joe Jenning's Goodstuff includes his commentary and a couple of interviews. Along with alot of cars being trashed. Wasn't there a docco on Airspeed? Let see what others come up...
  2. sweet memories... Such a shame about Cessnock, that was an awsome place and great people. Blue dreams, Benno
  3. btucker

    Will a wind tunnel help me pass AFF Level 4?

    I spun up in AFF4 and ended up doing it three times. It will eventually click and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. I think relaxing is the key, but that is easy to type and hard to do. Aside from the fear of dying, you know have the fear of spinning up to contend with! Tunnel time will increase your confidence and free fall ablilites. I think some tunnel time with the right instructor would most definitely help, maybe you can get an instructor that you could do tunnel and real jumps with. No doubt either tunnel could tee you up with someone, or a local will post a recommendation. All things equal (ie where you live) I'd choose Perris because you can also jump onsite. I really admire your commitment, I think you'll make a great skydiver and be tunneling with the best of them in no time at all. Isn't stage5 & 6 turns, you already got 'em nailed! Blue Skies, Benno
  4. btucker

    drill dives for 4way

    Others will tell you to get a coach, so I'll leave that to them... It's impressive you've been doing no contact dives – they often turn into speed (freefall speed) races and everyone get's maxed out. Sounds like your more than ready for randoms, but you've got to build the pictures and communication with your opposites. I assume your getting video - 1.Simple randoms – four pointers. I'd draw them but reject the draw if it is too hard or too unfamiliar. Consider doing the same jump again that day – once everyone has seen the real picutres. 2.Drill dive randoms – choose small thing to big thing. Bipole to hammer* is an extreme case. 3.Pick the occasional block and do it for fun – get to know the dive pool and have fun with it. 4. Keep stats so you know whats going on and what you need to work on. 5. Work the team dynamic. Make sure you all have the SAME goals. Have Fun Rotate through all your exits Search for personal notes Build an atsomsphere where its okay to make a mistake – that's why we train – when I fuck up my team mates are thinking “hahahaha glad that's not me, he's screwed!” * randoms, but I'd also [slowy] introduce building top of block randoms. If you don't build the top of block exactly right the block will be shit. Blues Benno
  5. btucker

    2005 dive pool

    You mean an aussie one right? IIf you find out please post the link. The 2004 pool is here The fax league starts in 6days, so hopefully we'll get an update before then. I think the changes to inter are per the open pool: m {bundy} is now a star 12 {zipper-star} is now bundy-bundy (refer open pool).
  6. btucker


    I jump a 2000 Sabre 150 (@1.35), I've also owned a 1996 190. Sabre's are very, very popular canopys at my DZ in Australia - you can always easily buy or sell one. The 190 was for me a great beginners canopy, extremly forgiving - the flair would never stop. It would get you back from the longest spots, although your arms would ache! Always soft openings, 500ft. The 150 performs just dandy. You can have some real fun with nice landings. It is forgiving enough to have saved me from my pilot errors. 50% of openings are nice, 500ft. 40% are 'crisp', 400ft. 10% are utter crap, 150 up. Pack carefully, handle the wraped up slider as you would an atomic bomb - as thats what it is! Let the thing slip everywhere then shove in the bag; You will be sorry. Don't let the rep of hard openings deter you from a Sabre, but you must pack carefully and read the packing manual.