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  1. btucker

    Dealer Problem

    On Tuesday, an email was sent to a local mailing list: A report of [alleged] fraud has or will take place soon to the Police. I emailed the point man for this, and he is aware of this thread. Maybe he’ll provide future updates. Either way, I hope the information here can be usefull. I'm sorry that I don't have more details – I just wanted our international friends to know a small summary of what got posted earlier this week. I think it really, really sucks to pay for kit and not get it in a timely fashion especially for new jumpers. Blue Dreams Benno
  2. btucker

    First Velocity Jumps

    > Hope this helps if you are thinking of going down the X-braced path! Yes, it did very much – thanks :-) I just did a similar thing to you. I’m doing my 90's a touch higher. I had some [pilot error] issues with the openings, I’m told the openings are an acquired taste... Have you started on 270s? Blue Dreams Benno
  3. put some coffe grinds on it + mark it contraband and then police will hand deliver :-) I've got three canopies from the states, never had any problems with a sub $1000 'value for customs purposes only'. Don't try and be smart and put down loan or repair or some such or buyer could end up with a world of red-tape. Last time I checked, duty was equal to GST (10%) plus extra fee's and charges (circa 20%). The customs site has PDFs that explain it. In any case I reckon that's the buyers problem. Might I suggest using a delivery services with a tracking option. That way you can find it before the reading the fine print on the policy to find out there is a six month wait before you can make a claim. Blue Dreams Benno
  4. Interesting one... Reading the reviews for Eloy. I voted for one. After I read the first page, all the page navigation ( 2,3,4, > >> ) fails with: Oops, we had the following problem: You seem to have already voted for this review once before.
  5. btucker

    My first rig!!!

    Anyone that gives you crap for the pink canopy, don't give them a beer give them a pink drink! One of those girly drinks :-) Blue Dreams Benno
  6. btucker

    Show Us Your Canopy Deploying!!!!

    These are from Ready - who flew camera on our 8way team for abit... Blue Dreams Benno
  7. btucker

    Being told NOT to check the spot!

    A few years ago we had a pilot spot on the wrong GPS waypoint. Ballons, aircraft, gliders, ice etc... Blue Dreams Benno
  8. btucker

    Swooping by beeps

    tangent: What about bail by beeps? Could a ditter type gadget be invented that if you turn too low too fast gives a warning – maybe similar to a GWPS “pull up – terrain”. Similarly, another constant "friendly reminder" tone could sound when you are under a safe height to perform your turn. In the future I will swoop by a modified GPS navman - put all my setup points in, height of turn initiation, checkpoints, application of rear risers and toggles. It could measure temperature, humidity & airpresure and adjust the turn height accordingly. The next version will include some servos; So I wouldn’t even need to touch the controls. Phase three will have a 80Kg weight which will be autonomous – just SMS it the landing profile: GO BIG 270. Given a webcam there is no need to even visit the dropzone. Welcome to the scary future Blue Dreams Benno
  9. Worth remembering that each jump is a separate throw of the statistical die. The grim reaper doesn't know how many jumps you have done: If you have 99,999 jumps you won't die for sure on the next one. Your odds remain at 1/100,000 of dying on your 100,000th the same as dying on your first jump. Blue Dreams Benno
  10. Let me take a little liberty and cut n past from Brain Germain's web site - the context is canopy exercies... I like Greenlites' post, the poor chap was in trouble when he got into the aircraft - with that canopy and landing plan. A mal might have saved him - nice docile large 7cell to land straight in. Blue Dreams Benno
  11. btucker

    Block 12

    Ahh yes ye old Zipper Star Where you can score a centre point bust by careless walking to the plane :-) Blue Dreams Benno
  12. btucker

    "A" License Baby!!!

    congrats!!!! Love your work, now when you comming to Australia to buy us beer ;-) Blue Dreams Benno
  13. btucker

    Go- arounds

    One thing to consider is if you do go around is how high the people on the last pass will be opening. Some, but not all DZs have established goaround procedures to reduce this risk i.e. different run in. As Bob.Dino said if you want a go-around at our DZ – quite often this will mean going around manifest to get on the next [available] load ;-) Seeing how the other half live @ Perris, when just a toggle on the switch makes the a/c auto-magically go around. That switch saved me hours of walking... Blue Dreams Benno
  14. btucker

    "That Guy" at the DZ

    ow I thought you liked me. Was the story about the triple mal that bad... ;-)
  15. btucker

    my first reserve mal

    > you coulda tied this thing to the bumper of a truck and that pin wouldnt have come out.. lol hahahaha :-) Blue Dreams Benno