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  1. On 5/1/2019 at 4:57 PM, jgilbs06 said:

    Unfortunately, weekends are tied up the next few weeks I I can’t make it to the nearest DZ.  I need a reserve packed in a new container before a trip Memorial Day weekend so I can jump it. Anyone near the NH/MA border I can grab and I&R from? 

    How far are you from Nashua? My buddy is a rigger up there, and he should be able to meet that time table. PM me your contact information and I will pass it on.

  2. My next one will be an Ares for the tougher and larger display. I would probably pay more over if they could have a metal machined housing too, but my Viso's have held up fine, and I only lost one optima screen to a riser slap but it dodged it for seasons of tandems before it got hit.

  3. I will jump on to support it if they refund me my tuition plus interest, and they demand accountability for performance and completion. I paid a hefty sum to get a degree at a state university that could actually give me a ROI. A large reason for the high cost of my tuition was the inflation created by the governments mucking around with college funding.


  4. On 4/21/2019 at 1:37 AM, sundevil777 said:

    The relative stretchiness of dacron lines I believe is fairly well known, and important.

    I think there is something about the friction between dacron lines and slider grommets that is "just right".
    Ever since I've had my Pilot relined with Dacron, it has been "just right"...

    My 140 pilot has also been just right since I had it relined with Dacron. Love the combination.

    It wasn't a fast canopy to begin with, so I don't mind the performance loss. The openings have become perfect.

  5. I was going to say no, but then I noticed that Trunk launched a new Hypeye.

    I don't see the CX410 in the list, but I would check. He has a facebook page under Hypoxic, could probably message him on there.

    I do know that something changed with the sony output back around 2011? I have a CX760 that I never got around to jumping much, and I don't recall the earlier Hypeye D pro working for it.

    Now I have two GoPro7's on my FTP in a custom mount where the porch used to be, and the A7ii up top. No room for the CX760, and no real reason either.

  6. You need a rigger or packs to sit down with you and show you exactly how the brake settings work on a canopy.

    The quick answer is that with the brakes set the control lines are pulled down to a setting lower than full flight. The tail is deflected.

    If one side releases from that setting before the other you have one side with the brakes pulled down, and the other with the canopy in full flight. Which results in a turn.

    It has nothing to do with weight of the toggles, and everything to do with how far down the tail is pulled by the brakes, or not.

  7. On 4/15/2019 at 1:51 PM, douwanto said:

    sigma 340 is the most stable tandem canopy out there. 

    I tend to agree with you.

    I grab the Strong with a SET366 first because the majority of my tandem jumps have been on that exact setup, but I really like the Sigma 340 and that would always be my second choice.

    I don't like the A2's, I think they fly lousy in turbulence and I don't like the way they are prone to go through very pronounced unintended flight cycles. Too flat for my liking, and I think that is what contributes to the flight characteristics that I don't like. 


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  8. You aren't going to find them for a one off camera unless you have someone make something custom.

    Search on Facebook for Triple D on facebook. The guys name is Joe and he does 3d scanning and 3d printing. I just got some custom GoPro mounts from him for my FTP and they are excellent. You can tell him DougH mentioned him to you.

  9. I just ponied up for two 7 blacks. TripleD on facebook out of NZ makes a great dual mount for the front of a FTP, and a dual hand cam mount that is pretty unique. The hand cam sits the first camera down in front of the hand in a stair step so the whole stack of cameras doesn't sit sky high on the hand and you can get to the record buttons on each camera. 

    Really happy with Joe's work, 3d printing is amazing, and the prices were great, especially with the exchange rate right now.

    I will let you know how they work out once the season really kicks off.

    Also, GoPro was offering a trade in discount as of two weeks ago. I traded in a old GoPro 2, not a bad dead.

  10. I am thinking that the forum search is really limited, especially the ability to search by topic title.

    Is this a known difficulty, or am I doing something wrong.

    The camera forum has died down a lot over the years, blame GoPros, less thought has to go into flying camera. But previously I could search to dig up old posts and look at pictures as setups.

    I am struggling with searching using the terms FTP, or Flat Top Pro, and other combinations. In the past using those same terms would bring up a lot of old posts.

    It almost seems like only new posts, post forum change, can be searched by topic title. Old posts only seem to come up when searching topic and body, and that brings up all types of garbage, especially since old signatures are now in the body of posts after the conversion.

  11. I think I posted a query about this in the past. Trying to think through all the options of mounting my Newton sight on this FTP without the stock post.

    I have the removable Schumacher sight bracket, it is articulated.

    The porch is gone but I have a big dual Gopro mount in its place.

    I'm almost wondering if the center of the front of helmet might work if it allows enough room to articulate up. Will have to break out some dowels to mock up before I start chopping and drilling.

    Side of helmet?0331191400.thumb.jpg.ca383292e9e8130d1584a88c4aa3ffb1.jpg

    Wondering how other people may have rigged theirs up.

  12. On 3/23/2019 at 2:26 PM, Josef97 said:


    i hope this question  belong to this forum, im skydiving for 4 years with little less than 400 jumps and coach rating at the moment and planing on doing TI course after completing 500 jumps - and D license this summer so i could earn some money on the way.

    my question is to TI's around here if its highly recommended to gather up more jumps before the course or is 500 jumps good enough considering im very current.

    also would like to hear if there are some tips and other things i should know before going to the course.

    thanks, josef.

    It is really hard to say, especially over the internet. I personally think that the number should be closer to 1000.

    Currency is a factor too, 100 jumps in a year aren't a lot. You say you are really current, what exactly are you basing that on?

    That being said sometimes there is value in slow and steady, extra years in the sport come with additional experience if you are listening and learning.

    You may have a better head on your shoulders than the new candidate that pumped out 200 hops and pops to meet the minimums, and are using their tandem a year before they started AFF as the starting point for their three years in sport. :S I have seen that, and it is a fucking sham.

  13. The Optima II's work flawlessly with the KISS, and I believe that the helmet already comes with an adapter for it.

    I have a Aon2 Pebbles as well, and it is also plenty loud. I found the lack of buttons to be a bit cumbersome as mentioned, and also disliked the fact that it went off during the climb, but maybe they have updated the firmware from that point.

    My only gripe about the Optima's is the LCD screen is a little fragile. I had mine for years and years, 10+, and probably about 4 of those years were on my KISS. It finally got hit with a riser on a tandem jump and it broke the LCD screen. That would be one negative with it being externally mounted the way it is on the KISS, but the trade off is the ease of adjustment versus the headache of adjustment on the Pebbles.

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  14. 2 hours ago, BIGUN said:

    If a dropzone is on a federally subsidized airport, but in a state where THC is recreationally legal; can the DZO be arrested for allowing cannabis on the DZ location?

    How would the Feds know? A we talking fun jumpers at night, or are we talking about tandem students and observers during the day.

    If jumpers are the jumpers dealing on the property, storing quantities that would attract attention? Are they using it discretely, or are they being assholes and drawing negative attention?

    If it was my business I would make it clear that at minimum there is no substance consumption on the premises by any time during operating hours.


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  15. 14 hours ago, nachofly99 said:

    excuse me I personally would like to know how many T-I or T-M, make checks about reserve paccking card, I see many jumps where pre checks are optional on the ground as in plane and in free fall too, gear on and let's go .. 

    At my home DZ I don't every jump, but I know when all of the rigs get repacked, and we have a good handle on maintenance and rigging.

    If I go to a different DZ to lend a hand for the weekend, or over the winter, I take the time to check.

    As far as lack of gear checks on the ground, and handle checks... fuck that. It is their ass and their students ass on the line, don't follow their bad example. It is a really negligent and frankly stupid.

    I have caught things numerous times doing gear-checks, packers aren't infallible and there are even more ways you can mess up packing and closing a tandem rig. I have seen one come back from a major rigging loft with the 3-rigs all FUBAR. Check your gear, your life and your students life is depending on it. 

    Especially as a new TI, don't let anyone rush you. They aren't going to be the ones listed in the incident report.


  16. Fine by me. I sold in July and the timing was right, and don't plan to purchase again for the next year or two.

    Rates will probably suck at that time, and I will never see the 3% 15 year rate that I had before but at least I will hopefully be in a good cycle of buying low again.

    I doubt we will see the 1980's double digit mortgage rates again, but I could be sorrily mistaken. 

  17. On 1/25/2019 at 9:02 AM, gowlerk said:

    I see your point about owning failure. We would do that in the debrief. But in the age of YouTube I will decline to release for publication anything that might damage my business. Video is never guaranteed, many things can go wrong leading to a refund. Including editorial choice. The primary product is the jump. The video is secondary. I can live with your anger if you feel that way.

    I would also add that a cutaway alone would probably not cause me to not release the video.

    Not here either. I don't think it is bad press if you are doing your EP's properly. I don't have a ton of tandem cutaways (*knock on wood*) but my students have often ended up posing with the cutaway and reserve handle for ground shots, and they certainly got their video.

    As I said before I don't think withholding this specific video would have been dishonest if the DZO also took the corrective action with this TI and explained to the student what occurred. Step 1 is owning up to the fuck up.



  18. Is it just me, or is a line or some other break needed in the way that the forum displays signatures.

    I could just be that I am seeing old pre-change signatures that look odd because of the way they were retained. Either way they blend right into the actual post content.

  19. We had been discussing this in the TI Instructors forum.

    Yes it makes the tandem instructor look very bad. His stellar exit, arching, and drogue toss is only bested by his astute judgement in releasing the video out into the wild.

    What do you mean when you ask about what happened after? Are you asking about retraining or sanction for the TI?