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  1. I blew my ankle up on a tandem work jump. Weird winds that day and I got some lift and then sink off a thermal on final, we landed hard despite a flare to my toes. I let my legs take as much of the impact as possible, and my left ankle "stuck" as we continued forward.

    The result was an unharmed student, and a dislocated left ankle with a bimalleolar fracture. It looked like my fibula was hit with a sledge hammer, and I had several surgeries to include external fixation, then internal fixation with one plate w/ 6 screws, and another 2 screws on the opposite side.

    It was 3 months before I was weight bearing, and almost 9 months before I was jumping.

    Do as much as you can to maintain mobility in the ankle, and do as much PT as you can get coverage for. Don't rush back to jumping, and also work on your balance and proprioception.

    I am probably 95% 5 years later. I do have less mobility in that ankle, and it does get cranky sometimes, but most days I barely noticed that it happened.

    Best advise I can give would be to get a knee crutch if you have any extended period of time before getting weight bearing. Google iWalk 2.0. It will make your mobility 10000x better and it will help will help you fend off some atrophy in the upper leg. Worth every single penny.

  2. I struggle with this subject, and I have a lot of conflicting viewpoints.

    I think that the government and higher education institutions are largely to blame for the huge increase in the cost of a college degree relative to inflation.

    Where is the pound of flesh from these universities and colleges that enriched themselves and their staff offering degrees with low return on investment that came with ever increasing tuition bills. What about the lending industry that was protected by the fact that student loans aren't dischargeable.

    I also think that the US society at large has responsibility for this blind promotion of college. There are a lot of dumbass boomer and gen x parents out there that pushed their kids to go on a college path with zero plan, backed up by their kids high school guidance counselors. These kids were following the plan laid out for them, and were stuck paying grossly inflated tuition that others used to make a tidy profit from.

    From a personal responsibility stand-point it does chap my ass. I have paid off all of my college debt, almost 50k, that I incurred earning my BS in accounting. Do I get a rebate? 

    I think any forgiveness plan needs to be paired with a complete overhaul of the system in general because right now it is nothing short of another tax payer funded ponzi scheme.


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  3. 12 hours ago, headoverheels said:

    And what did we get for it?  At least we got a lot of restaurants and nail salons from our Vietnam engagement.

    Nothing. Our country is worse off, our veterans are worse off, the region is much worse off. The defense contractors are rich, fat, and happy though. We still can't manage to get a well run VA for our soldiers that we maimed in the process. 

  4. 14 hours ago, GeorgiaDon said:

    Better than being a Republican.  They always go low.

    Libertarians don't ever make it out of the "safety" meeting.

  5. 40 minutes ago, wmw999 said:

    When I have a cold, I keep away from people, and might even tell the people where I volunteer so they can either change what I do that day or tell me not to come in.

    Seems polite

    You must be a communist! How dare you set us all on the slippery slope of considering our impact on others. You are both giving up privacy by volunteering your sacred health data and are on board with the invasion of your person by wearing a minorly inconveniencing item on your face. 

    Freedom must be unfettered by any personal responsibility.

    Never forget, my body my choice, unless it is some 15 year old rape victim in a conservative state, then it is gods life gods choice > my body my choice.


  6. On 10/24/2020 at 2:03 PM, Westerly said:

    I wouldent say they are a fool, more like they are just being disrespectful and uncaring. A mask doesent do much to protect YOU from COVID, unless it's an N-95 that has been properly fitted and seal tested, and even then it only offers some protection as the virus is smaller than the the minimum size particle the mask is rated to stop. The point of a mask is to stop you from infecting others, which is why not wearing one implies you dont care about other people. 

    I need to get my winter boots because my feet are getting cold! I wonder if the residents of hell got a frost warning before I almost typed the exact same response and saw yours instead. 

    Not wearing a mask isn't about taking a chance with your health, it is about taking a chance with everyone else health by putting those around you at a higher risk of infection.

    Keep it up you super patriots!

  7. I had responded to a post earlier on FB today when a similar article popped on a local community group. Some asshat had a response, something to the tune that their missing parents must not be looking very hard to reconnect. Literally one of the most callous things I have heard.

    I don't care about your political leanings, your feelings about immigration, your assertions of their parents culpability. I honestly think you are the lowest level of human shit if you aren't horrified that children were separated from their parents, and some will never be reunited. 

  8. 51 minutes ago, wolfriverjoe said:

    How do you not see how truly incompetent he is?

    Probably the same reason why people have thought that there was a spaceship hiding behind a comet, or why genocidal strongmen are allowed to rise to power.

    Lack of critical thinking, cognitive dissonance, and blind dedication to charisma.

  9. 13 hours ago, SkyDekker said:

    In this case the FBI. Do you think the FBI hold on to them so Trump can have a gotcha moment?

    But, feel free to supply different data. Or just blindly believe Trump, he certainly has shown how honest and scientific he is over the last 4 years.

    "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

    Trump just goes straight to the damned lies. That is it the genius of his greatest mind, the same efficiency that he has used to run his highly successful business empire.

  10. 5 minutes ago, skybytch said:

    I have not. I will be researching that today though.  Thank you for the info (seriously). 

    As far as legal expenses, it may come in handy to have a couple lawyers that the hubby taught to skydive in the contacts list. xD


    That might help some, but honestly I don't think most people understand the true potential cost of having to defend themselves after a self defense shooting, even if it occurred in their own home and they did everything right.

    I have this bookmarked on my youtube account, it was one of a few informative discussions on the topic. 


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  11. 1 minute ago, skybytch said:

    I'd call the sheriff's department and tell them what happened. Same as I would if I had to shoot a rabid skunk.  If I have to go to jail, well, I'm a white middle aged female, I'm sure I would be out in no time and be treated well until the courts decide it was justified. Since we live with a 15 to 30 minute potential LE response time and I was in fear for my life, no worries about it not being justified.  

    If the shit has truly hit the fan and LE can't help, we have shovels and 5 acres to dig holes in.  Where we live, no one would see us doing so, and if they did they'd likely come help. 

    Guns aren't always there because the owner expects to kill a person with them. I have them to be sure I can eliminate dangerous wildlife that could appear on the property at any time, and because they are a blast to shoot.  The ability to defend myself and our property from dangerous humans is only a side benefit.  

    I hope you have considered being a member of one of the firearms legal defense organizations like USCCA.

    I came to a realization that if I ever used my firearms to defend myself and my family I would likely find myself embroiled in a costly legal defense that could deprive us of my freedom and finances. 

    Alive but in jail and draining our savings isn't a position I want to find myself in.

  12. 6 minutes ago, skybytch said:

    Your post has opened my eyes to what I didnt know. Where can I find the lists of items we are allowed to purchase more than one package of every few months without being a ridiculous clown?  Am I a bad person for buying two cases of tomato sauce at the same time?  We have a case and a half of bottled water and plan to buy another real soon;  is that hurting anyone else's chances of buying some?   I'm pretty hopeful that the extra two cans of coconut milk I bought last month is okay, but now I'm just not sure. 

    Your best bet would be to run it by the clown department, we are lucky to have a resident advisor right here in this thread!

  13. 8 hours ago, Westerly said:

    You realize you're the exact person who you're talking about? The type of people who buy 60 rolls of TP because they think the world is going to end. yea, that's you as you self admitted. You literately couldent have possibly outed yourself any more as one of those ridiculous clowns who buy everything off the shelf because they think zombies are going to take over. It's like when the Trump followers speak about how everyone is so dumb and their stupid actions are going to get everyone infected with Covid, but fail to realize that the group of people they are talking about includes themselves. Yea, that's what is going on here.

    You have zero basis to make that claim. Buying an extra pack over a long period of time bears no relation to the actions of the people that caused the TP shortages earlier this year because they decided to buy their 60 rolls all at once.

    I buy an extra bag of rice and other non-perishables from time to time. That must mean I am one step away from a manifesto!

    I am going to go inventory my stockpile while I chuckle to myself about the irony of your claim that other people's posts are outing them as ridiculous clowns.


  14. 1 hour ago, jacketsdb23 said:

    Hi Doug.

    We had our child in February of 2019 and I purchased term insurance that specifically covers skydiving. Our insurance provider is Principal. The cost was 2 dollars per thousand of coverage, which was by far the cheapest I found. I actually have two policies due to the expense. 500K that covers skydiving and 500K that excludes skydiving. One policy that excludes skydiving is about 400. The other that covers skydiving is about 1400. I have super preferred rating based on physical.

    I found through the process that some insurance providers would downgrade your health status if Skydiving was included. That never made sense to me. I found Principal to be up front with everything and very easy to deal with.

    The policy that does not cover skydiving has an aerial exclusion...due to my answers to the questions on skydiving. The policy that covers skydiving doesn't have the exclusion. I only mention this since I had been expecting a 'rider' to cover skydiving but its not set up that way.

    Good luck and congrats! Let me know if you have any questions.


    Thanks Marcel! Congrats to you and your family as well.

    This is great information, I will take a look at Principal.

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  15. I am surprised. 

    5 minutes ago, chuckakers said:

    Not true. Check out the video link clearly showing a Jack knife slicing through the bridle like hot butter.

    As for trouble reaching the bridle, I think adrenaline would solve that problem.

    That is awesome, thanks for sharing that. I have a Jack-the-ripper on every one of my jumpsuits including the pants I wear for tandems and camera suit, but I had always thought it would have a hard time in this circumstance.

  16. On 9/22/2020 at 2:56 AM, Binary93 said:

    Should the cameraman cut the bridle while still in tow with tandem or should they wait for the tandem cutaway?

    Updating this reply after seeing the videos that Chuck shared below. I have always assumed that in this scenario the drogue would be hard to physically cut, but maybe I underestimated the hook knives function here.

    I think your best outcome is still relies on the tandem instructor following the procedures to a t, so you can free yourself once the tandem pair is free from you. 

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  17. 10 hours ago, Westerly said:

    who cares. ifly is an absolute garbage company for more reason than one.

    More sour grapes? Shocker!

    I found Bill's post infinitely more interesting than your response but that is par for the course.

    Is there anything even remotely involved with skydiving that you haven't become upset and bitter about? Have you stopped to consider why you may be feeling this way, and how you may be contributing to all of your poor experiences?

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  18. On 8/27/2020 at 10:08 PM, wmw999 said:

    There’s that whole statute of limitations thing. Also the benefit-worth-the-cost thing. 
    It’s kind of like saying you’ll spend whatever it takes to catch every lady welfare cheat. Program cost: 5 billion. Enforcement cost: 10 billion. But at least we punish people. 
    Kanye is a musical and business genius, who is mentally ill and a political joke. 
    Wendy P. 

    There is no concept of benefit versus cost. Just look to all the individual freedom loving, pro small government "conservatives" that would love to enforce mandatory drug testing for state aid recipients.

    They would gleefully spend millions to take a few 100k of benefits away from people. 


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  19. My Prius has been a great purchase as a commuter car, and I don't mind driving it at all, despite having owned large lifted trucks and sport cars along the way.

    I bought it as a commuter car with 30k on the ticker to drive a 100 mile round trip commute. 200k miles later it is still going strong, and all I have ever done for service was to replace the non-hybrid battery, and change the oil.

    We are slowly moving in to our new house and I am amazed at the amount of stuff I can stuff in it with the seats down because it is a hatch back.