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  1. I am 5'6, and I make it work. I have seen smaller instructors.

    Would it be easier at 6 foot tall and lanky sure, but you can still handle most students.

    It is harder, you need to plan and fly your exits correctly, compared to the 6'2 bean pole who has much more room to get away with mediocre exits and poor student instruction. But so what, regardless of your height or experince you shouldn't just toss yourself  and the student out of the plane with no consideration given to the exit. Also as you get more experience you will have to work harder to shoot handicam footage.

    I think strength matters very much. If you are short and on the weaker side I would give pause and focus on getting strong.

    You should be able to fly and flare unassisted with the heaviest student your DZ allows after a long day of jumps. You should be able to deal with the uncoordinated student that is pushing against you as you make your way to the door. If your dz has a slide up door like a caravan or an otter you need to be able to operate the door with a student on the front unassisted. You should be able to get you and a student up off the foor from a seated position if you have a load where there isn't enough room on the seat/bench. Just a few strength criteria that I am making up in my mind.

    All of the things above can be made easier using smart techniques, but everything is easier when you are stronger.

    I can squat or deadlift my biggest possible student, that is far from winning any strengh records, but it makes getting through a day way easier.

  2. 23 hours ago, evh said:

    A black dot on your goggles or visor works perfectly well for anything from tandems to bigways.

    I really do not understand the reason for ringsights. All I hear is "if you are a professional, you should have one". I could be wrong, but so far I have not heard of any real benefits.


    You are able to compose shots better. They allow to you properly aim the helmet regardless of how the helmet might shift on your head, and how you are angled. That is compared to the orange plastic lolipops.

    Compared to a dot on a visor or goggles they do all of the above, plus it doesn't ever shift which can't be said about goggles.

    And I agree, you don't need it, especially in the age of people shooting with two super wide gopros, but I think if you give a good flier the option it will bring out the best in their product for tandem videos. 

    For outside still photos of formations it is night and day. It takes you from just pointing at the formation and holding down the tongue switch to being able to precisely compose the shots.

  3. It all depends on your use of the camera helmet. Is it going to be used only for outside video? Leave the ring sight on the ground for inside video.

    Is it going to be used to film fun jumpers, or are there paying customers? You are a pro if you are getting paid, and my thought processes is professional jumps deserve a professional setup.

    Video and still? What are you using for video? What size lense on the still camera?

  4. Not if I win the powerball or mega millions. xD


    Both freighter and passenger variants of the Cessna SkyCourier will offer single-point pressure refueling to enable faster turnarounds.

    Does this mean I will also need to buy a new fuel truck?:ph34r:

  5. I don't think so, but I also think that many newer jumpers don't bother to get much knowledge beyond what is needed to get them their license, so if you should stfu, they should too!

    When I started jumping 15 years ago I viewed it as centered around the persuit of knowledge, and maybe I am getting crusty, but I don't see that same approach as frequently.

  6. I originally asked how tall you were, but I see that it is in the title.

    Even being very tall that weight is going to make it very tough for you to get into the sport.

    You are going to much safer and have more longevity in the sport at 250.

    Give fasting a try, and combined it with heavy resistance training to give your body the signal to spare muscle and burn body fat.

    Search for Jason Fung on youtube. Interesting guy and while his medical practice is directed at helping those whose weight is causing health problem the overall concepts are the same.



    On 12/11/2019 at 11:36 PM, 20kN said:

    So what, you're a legal adult. Make your own life choices.


    On 12/12/2019 at 12:23 AM, David Wang said:

    I always think the same! lol !

    He may be a legal adult, but it sounds like actual adulthood deferred. You are obviously living under your parents roof, and the discussion about not having access to the funds makes me wonder whose money it actually is. Maybe I am off base, but that is how I interpret your comments.

    Skydiving is an adult sport for adults that sometimes like to act like children, but for the most part we are all living under our own roofs, or on friends couches, and we get to make the choice to waste sums of money on a awesome yet needless expensive and dangerous activity.

    it isn't going anywhere, when you are actually living like an adult you will be free to follow your skydiving dreams.

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  8. I love my gopro 7 setup. The glove is a pivot pad base that I already had from my GoPro 3+ setup, with a 3d printed camera mount that got it from Juan RS. The camera mount is flawless, it uses the stock skeleton housing for the top camera and the bottom camera just fits in with a tight fit and a bungee. Easy to get cameras in and out, no snags, just clean.

    I love and hate my GoPro 7. The image is great and the stabilization makes all of the footage amazing.

    It is also a buggy piece of shit and I hope that the engineers at GoPro eat a batch of bad street tacos and get endless diarrhea. I have lost probably 3 or 4 videos this season because the camera locks up when the video is recording, and there is no way to get it to reset short of pulling the battery which isn't going to happen once you leave the plane.


  9. Self packing parachute, bad voodoo.

    I have only been in the sport 14 years, but I ran into one or two messed up jumpers with nicknames like Nova Jeff, who had their Nova's wad up too low to do anything about it, but two high to get away without some serious injury.

  10. I don't know how I missed this gem! xD

    I totally think you should kick out those fake weekend instructors like myself.

    Then you will have to hire more full time instructors to handle the weekend capacity, and you will have to share more of your weekday jumps. The math will totally work out in your favor, trust me I am certified public accountant who pretends to be a skydiving instructor on the weekends.

    I will get to fun jump more, so screw it, and I don't really care if you have to switch from Dinty Moore stew to Alpo because you suck at math.

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  11. It will be just fine. It isn't best practice to leave a rig in a hot trunk or car, but if I had to pull a number out of my ass I would have to say that close to 100% of rigs get exposed to similar conditions multiple times during their service life.

    3 days of it is hardly a concern.

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  12. It seems like we are missing information to give you reasonable advice.

    How many jumps over how many years did you have when you stopped jumping?

    My thoughts would be different for someone who had a fresh A license, or 130 jumps over 3 years, compared to someone who had a D license and 800 jumps under their belt and 4 years in the sport.

  13. Grow a beard, you can't get ingrown facial hair if it is long and sitting above your skin. xD The worse my helmet does after a sweaty day of tandems is smoosh my beard down.

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  14. Big difference between ideal, and manageable, and in my opinion ideal depends on where you are in your skydiving progression.

    Shorter stocky people will often have a much easier time with their student jumps. They have less rudder to deal with at a time where it could be described as uncontrolled or minimally controlled rudder. For example my easiest tandem students are short guys with a beer belly. They have a built in arch, I could sleep on the way down.

    Your tall lanky student has more control surface, less built in arch, and problems with body position with their legs and arms have a bigger impact on their stability.

    As you get your license and move on to group skydiving the lanky ones have more tools in the toolbox in terms of fall rate and body flight, but the right jump suit choices for can narrow the gap for stocky people.

    All that being said your body type won't be a problem at all.

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  15. I am thinking about getting a slower jacket to go with a pair of bootie pants that I already have. On my belly I am slightly on the faster side of the fall rate spectrum, being 5'6 175 without gear, and more torso than limbs. The crowd at the DZ is on the skinnier taller side, so my original suit RW suit, a snugger pitts special, is a little too fast when people aren't focusing on arching in the formation.

    The pants are Tony Suits so I started playing around with their configuration tool for their Bigway jacket. Unfortunately it looks like they are up to four months out for delivery times with regular jumpsuits, unless you drop an additional 200 hundred on the double top secret rush.

    I have access to a talented seamstress, but she is new to making jumpsuits so I would need to come armed with ideas to make the suit slower.

    One of the options on the tony suit design was double layered fabric on the arms with a zp lining. 

    I am thinking a baggier cut with swoop cords too.

    Mostly all 4-ply or suplex with no real spandex to streamline except for a cuff at the waste and cuffs at the wrists.

    I am looking for ideas on construction and pictures if anyone could please share.

    Thank you!


  16. Lets move this to the photography forum, I posted a response there. Bad cross poster, bad. ;)

    There are gloves out there. I moved over to using 7's because my 3+ blacks were getting long in the tooth, and I had bought two hero black 7's for outside video. I didn't want to have to maintain two sets of multiple batteries, two battery chargers.

    Either way, lets move to the photo forum for replies. That place has been sad and lonely, and it could use the traffic!