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  1. Damn! 63 views and no one remembers what the hell I am talking about. I must have been hallucinating!
  2. DougH

    First tandem and cut away

    I don't know why your instructor used that explanation, and I wasn't there. Line twists happen for a larger number of reasons, one being, shit happens. Main canopies malfunction a percentage of the time. It isn't a regular event, but it happens, which is the reason for the cutaway system, and the reserve. There is no fault to assign, and no reason to assign fault even if there was any. I wouldn't pick it apart any further than that.
  3. That might be just what I need to balance out the size issue I am having with my CX760! This is unrelated, but have we discussed the EOS M that they are comparing it to size wise on some of their distribution materials? I think that was the mirror less model that took the same lenses as the Rebel series?
  4. DougH

    182 floor mat

    Sounds heavy.
  5. DougH

    CPI 2013

    Chris, Check out the website and get on the mailing list. They will be open every day weather permitting.
  6. DougH

    Baddog services

    Never heard from them, are they a local gear dealer, or an internet operation. Hopefully it is just a delay in communication. That being said I really have to ask, how did consider a post from 2003 positive evidence to order from these guys. That is 10 years ago!!! 10 years is a long time, even for a publicly traded fortune 500 company! For a skydiving company it is a lifetime!
  7. Done. We have a stupid TSA security fence here at my DZ. Luckily we only take off from the runway that is fenced in with keycard access, but our landing area (although in the fenced area, is open through our "own" gate that we leave open during the day). It really is a lousy waste of money. Short of hundreds of rolls of razor wire, a regular security fence isn't going to do anything! The only time I have seen ours keep someone out it was some poor guy that was looking at a plane he was supposed to by. However many 100K's spent to keep out one poor private pilot. If the city can't be stopped consider lobbying for your own really large opening and gate that you can leave open during business hours.
  8. DougH

    Upgrading to a C-206

    What do you mean by a poised exit? Your not talking about the 1990's retro shit where you and your student jungle gym it to the outside of the plane on the step are you? Tandem pairs can do a perfectly fine diving exit from a 182 without the instructor ever getting out the plane and poised on the step. I am open to correction but I think that the old school exit is dangerous, stresses the student out, and is unnecessary. I think all of the manufacturers have now advised against this style of exit from a 182. As far as SL students, why couldn't you either switch to IAD, or do them out of the cargo door on the U206? The sit in the door with their left ass cheek spliting the door frame, left leg forward, right leg trailing. That is how I have seen lower level AFF jumped launched.
  9. DougH

    New Tandem Skydiving Forum

    HH, are the drogue chuckers' supposed to stay out of the other kids playhouse now that we have our own?
  10. Bueller? Either no Seb. locals came across this, or everyone thinks I am as much of an asshole in person, as I come across online. "Shshhhhhhhh, be quiet and maybe he will think no one is home"
  11. I am starting to get some questions together as I do some surfing: Processor -AMD or Intel? -How many cores? (The dell was a quad core i7, looks like big jump in price to 6 cores for intel) -Form factor, 22nm versus ???nm, does this matter? Case power supply & motherboard -Any performance factor here? Hard drives -It looks like solid state for the operating system and software... what about drives for footage, storage, etc? Memory -Fastest and most possible? -Memory channels? Dual or Quad? Video card I don't think there is a benefit to a gaming card for editing, but maybe I will start playing computer games again.
  12. Seems like Jay is really sticking our necks out, for us, on that one, but for what? Who cares if some chief of police in Bumfuck Alaska wrote some poorly worded sentence about risk taking that happened to contain a reference to skydiving. The chief of police may be a dumb ass, but what does he owe to skydiving. And more importantly, what could his comment possibly have done to skydiving??!! I would have just ignored it, Jay "doth protest too much, methinks."
  13. DougH

    ~Now THAT's a Dust Devil!

    God DAMN. Talk about the abuse just getting piled on! No cutaway on the round? I guess it could have been a number of factors that made the guy ride it out. Operator malfunction. Unconscious operator. Equipment malfunction. He got dragged like crazy, but it looked like he avoided some more body breaking impacts on some of those oscillations!
  14. Has there really been 11 aircraft collisions between jump planes and skydivers wearing wing-suits last year? That sounds absolutely absurd.
  15. DougH

    Pro Rating Course

    A dedicated structured course format might actually pull more into the fold.
  16. DougH

    sweat and gear

    Male or female? No I wouldn't, I don't want them sweating on the harness and on me and my jumpsuit. As it is I started wearing under armor type shirts so that I can dry out a quickly on the climb to altitude, and there isn't a sweaty cotton t-shirt of mine against the back of their harness on hookup.
  17. We opened for tandems this April in CT, but the weather was a crap shoot until May.
  18. DougH

    Hitlers Swoop Comp

    "This video contains content from Nextmedia Interactive Limited, R.T.I., geotv and Constantin Film, one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds."
  19. DougH

    rigging companies

    This is a question for your lawyer and accountant. There will be legal outcomes, and tax outcomes for different business structures.
  20. DougH

    Strong TNT

    I can't afford one, and my DZO isn't going to spring for new rings anytime soon, but it looks real nice. I am trying to figure out what this means: "Another enhancement of the TNT is the H-style drogue attachment. This design keeps the drogue centered allowing a natural belly to earth position (instead of a head-down position like some systems) without the split sometimes seen with the Dual hawk." Split, what?
  21. DougH

    Strong Dual Hawk bag velcro

    That setup is extra awesome when the Velcro is near the end of its life span, and the canopy is brand new.
  22. DougH

    Please help my home DZ... it's easy

    What tandem equipment do they jump?
  23. DougH

    Recently out of the Navy

    Use your GI Bill for a college degree, use the better job from said degree to pay for your licenses and certs.
  24. It varies from jumper and jumper, DZ to DZ, country to country. Not much different from the overall labor market. Some DZO's are course directors so they groom jumpers to be instructors. Similar to an internship in a sense. Other DZO's put up classified adds. Some DZ's have a mix of part time instructors who have been associated with place for a long time, and hired guns who are full time jumpers. Not unlike the overall job market it really helps to know people at different dz's so that you can network and find openings.