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  1. DougH

    Cypres vs Vigil: Pluses and Deltas

    My M2 was around 900 dollars. It hasn't operated when it shouldn't have yet since installing it this year, and I haven't given it an opportunity to try to save me either. Plus for me was lower cost, and no scheduled mtx. I ended up jumping without my cypress 2 installed for a while when it was out for service, or when it was returned from service mid repack. Not having to take it out and send it in means that I am more likely that jump with it, and avoid having periods of time with no AAD. Yes I know you can rent them during mtx, I am just too busy to deal with arranging all of that.
  2. DougH

    Go Pro Mount for Kiss Helmet

    How do you plan on adding a cutaway? I love my kiss but that just strikes me as a bad idea.
  3. DougH

    Lifespan on Digital Altimeters?

    Mine have been working since I started jumping, so 9+ years and counting.
  4. I open mine 95% of the time and read through it. My guess is that most people don't open it for the same reason they don't open many emails, communication overload. It isn't that the USPA email unimportant, it is that it is sitting in an inbox that gets 300 emails a day!
  5. DougH

    Fitting XF2 139 into Icon I5?

    I have a pilot 140 in my Icon I5. Not the ideal sizing, but the design of the closing loop anchor allows you to keep proper pin tension on pretty small sized canopies. I had down to a 117 non xb in there, that was getting a little squishy!
  6. DougH

    NJ drop zone missing.

    If that is the case that sucks, I jumped there a few years back it was a cool little place near where I grew up.
  7. DougH

    dropzone requiring LLC?

    Not uncommon. Just trying to build a case for us being "contractors". What sucks is many states have expensive minimum taxes for LLC's, and frustrating secretary of state registrations and fees. Would they settle for you getting an EIN?
  8. Does this improve the camera's performance for skydiving use? Just unwrapped my two new GoPro3+ Black editions and my sick new handcam glove, pivot pad!
  9. DougH

    Checking License Number Before you buy

    Yes you should call the DZ and inquire about him. You should also ask for the contact information of the rigger that does his repacks. If he is legit he should have no problem providing references.
  10. DougH


    Price is a flag. A new SMART isn't cheap, and one with no rides should hold value well. The container looks a little ragged out, and I don't know jack shit about the main, but again too cheap for something with under 100 jumps, unless it is an old design. Doesn't really pass the the sniff test.
  11. DougH

    tandem gloves. while gearing up etc

    Depends, I have under armor cold gear receiver gloves, and I also have neoprene white water kayak gloves. I am jumping a 182 so I have a little bit of time on my side. Usually I keep them stuffed in my jump suit neck, and gear up, and then put them on. My altimeter is on a wrist band, and the camera glove I am using is just a pad with one strap to tighten. I can gear all up, throw on the gloves, and then slip the camera mount back on. I just like hooking up without gloves if at all possible.
  12. Is there an option for "it gives me an erection".
  13. DougH

    Todays lessons learned

    Another key lesson is that you should avoid getting a case of "gotta get home itis". It does you no good to just make it back to the drop zone if you get there by the skin of your teeth, and not enough altitude to do a proper landing pattern. Many times selecting a quality out is the better and safer choice for a long spot. It is better than: -Just making it back to land against the pattern and risk a canopy collision -Just making it back but having to pick your feet up to avoid obstacles that you are barely clearing -Just making it back but finding yourself pointed at obstacles that you have precious little altitude to spending -Crossing the runway too low -Just making back to the airport but not the field, you know someplace fun, like that parking lot, or the taxi way, or the runway Or my favorite -Just making it back... oooops, didn't get back after all, can some one get me out of this tree / sticker bush.
  14. DougH

    Indicator light?

    wait for it.......
  15. If it has an actual hard drive won't it have a short life due to thinner air at altitude?
  16. DougH

    Landing on butt

    It depends on... the weather. the student. the gear. the instructor. the jump. the field. Most of my tandem landings are "on our butt" but we land on my feet first. My feet are out, but not up, so I slide on my feet and absorb any force, if there was any to begin with. On days that there isn't turbulence and sink my experience is that you can give tandems gentle sliding landings jump after jump. There isn't any impact with a nicely timed full flare. On other days depending on weather conditions you sometimes experience minor turbulence and sink, and you can have a landing that is a little harder. I personally think a sliding landing is safer in low wind conditions. We have a gentle sliding landing, versus trying to coordinate two sets of legs and running the risk of tripping and falling. In comparison I have witnessed a rather large TI, who was 6 foot plus 200 pounds plus who didn't like to slide out landings. He would yell at students to stand up and run. He mowed down a number of pretty little 100 pound nothing girls on stand up landings gone awry! Your instructor try the best that he or she can to give you the best landing possible.
  17. Damn. Would love to hear what caused the low reserve pull. Was the jumper waiting for stability? I also really don't understand fighting the spinning line twists for that long, to the point of un-stowing the toggles and giving them a whirl! On all three of my chops from diving line twists I had a pretty good idea that it wasn't going to be a great idea to fight it for more than a few moments. I jump in the freaking woods, and yes it sucks having to search for your gear, but it sucks more being dead. By comparison the outs in this video looked fantastic. I doubt it would be hard to find the main and the free bag there. Chop it, pull reserve, chase it (but don't catch it). Stop wasting time fucking around!
  18. DougH

    So who did this?

    You are a little late to the party, I am positive this was in a few posts; and no, no one fessed up.
  19. DougH

    The Only Thing I Want...

    Are you here only for September, or are you back for an extended period of time? SkydiveAZ in Eloy does balloon jumps throughout the december/january holiday boogie. Every sunrise and sunset for the whole event. They might do it other times as well, I would give them a ring.
  20. DougH

    Innapropriate behaviour from a TI?

    As a low time jumper you shouldn't have to say something, his fellow TI's should be stepping up when this instructor crosses the line. They are peers, and in a better position to say something, and I would go as far as to say obligated. I would express your concern with the DZO, or the chief instructor. This guy is making students uncomfortable, and putting the reputation, and business of the DZO at risk. We joke with tandems, this isn't an accounting firm, but there is line that shouldn't be crossed. You shouldn't be making students feel uncomfortable in any way, safety wise, or sexually. As a TM your behavior shouldn't be the highlight of the show. A skydive is larger than life, and a instructor should be exciting and funny, but should never be bigger than the student and their jump.
  21. Thinking out loud here. It looks like I need to have the removable mount on the side of the flat top. I found some pictures of other setups like this.;postatt_id=34071; I wonder if I could mount the bracket on the inside of the helmet so that I don't loose the smooth snag free sides of the helmet.
  22. DougH

    Pole instead of wrist mount

    Where is my popcorn!
  23. DougH

    Connecticut Parachutists..??

    I think they are closed today, opening tomorrow at 2pm.
  24. Damn! 63 views and no one remembers what the hell I am talking about. I must have been hallucinating!
  25. DougH

    First tandem and cut away

    I don't know why your instructor used that explanation, and I wasn't there. Line twists happen for a larger number of reasons, one being, shit happens. Main canopies malfunction a percentage of the time. It isn't a regular event, but it happens, which is the reason for the cutaway system, and the reserve. There is no fault to assign, and no reason to assign fault even if there was any. I wouldn't pick it apart any further than that.