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  1. DougH

    Skydive Danielson

    This is one of the friendliest drop zones on the east coast. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Everyone jumps with you. Bonfires and beers when the light is on. If you are a visitor don't have any hesitations, this place loves meeting new people.
  2. DougH

    182 tandem jump versus a turbine jump.

    They way I look at it, any rated Tandem instructors should have the common sense, and professionalism, to ask other experienced instructors for guidance in new situations. New airplane, ask others. Student with physical impairments, ask others. New drop-zone, ask others. You should have the skill set already, you just need to know the differences when approaching new situations.
  3. Does anyone know how to insert the images?
  4. DougH

    making a comeback

    Just my opinion, but the ZPX canopies don't seem to wear as well or flare as well over the life of the canopy. I am an Aerodyne fan, but I am not a ZPX fan.
  5. DougH

    UPT 2016 and 2017 passager harness

    Sure. They have to suck it up. They seem to get easier after more use. We have two of the new harnesses, and yes they require more umph to adjust, it isn't terrible. Tandem instructors should be burly men and women, they can't handle a little extra effort every 20-25 minutes? Second alternative, train someone on initial adjustments so the whiners have less adjustments to do.
  6. DougH

    AO(N²) Brilliant Pebbles audible

    At that price I will bite. Especially now that all L&B service is running through SSK. These are in stock now correct? Confirm and I will hit add to cart.
  7. DougH

    Herniated Disc. Which canopy??

    I have had spectra and dacron lined Aerodyne pilots. Neither has ever given me a hard opening. They have a nice gradual opening and a long snivel. I would say the the snatch force and opening shock remains consistent through out the opening. My second rig currently has a Dacron Pilot 140 in it.
  8. DougH

    4th of July boogie at Perris?

    Did you check their website? Did you call them? Are you able to take any steps to figure out the answer to a questions you have on your own without asking someone to give you the answer? I have answers to your other questions, but I won't reward bad behavior. Start doing some homework!
  9. DougH

    How long does altimeter battery last?

    My Altitrack battery lasts me a whole season or more. And guess what, that has no bearing on your completely different altimeter. If you are going to try to get us to spoon feed you information like a baby bird at least give us a more specific title to your thread, and maybe try adding some structure to your actual question.
  10. DougH

    Digital camera for pictures.

    I wouldn't want to mount a DSLR on a Fuel, but maybe that is just me. 3/4 frame mirrorless on the other hand, but still I think the Fuel isn't idea if you are running decent glass that tends to be bigger and heavier. I am redoing my setup this winter, ditching the ancient Rebel XSi for a Sony A7ii, which is a mirror-less full frame sensor body. I am going to be sticking it onto a Flat-top pro.
  11. I am hoping this comes out soon. I want to buy this! Going to Nepal end of November and I want to be bringing new camera gear, but I don't think it is going to ship in time unfortunately.
  12. DougH

    KA2 and Crossfire3

    Don't know about either, but unless it is a complete redesign I would think that the Crossfire 3 will continue to be a poor choice for learning high performance landings!
  13. DougH

    Bridge Day 2016 - October 15

    Who is running the event? If I recall it wasn't just finger prints and background checks that made many avoid the event recently.
  14. DougH

    Decreasing Tandem customers

    IMHO business that partner are the ones that are driving the race to the bottom. You have trained a good amount of your customers to sit around an wait for a deal. Why would you want to pay another business a large cut of your gross margin, for poaching customers that would have found your business if you hadn't used Groupon? Sure people use it to pay for that engine that needs a rebuild, or for cash flow, but they are still cutting huge into their margins. You would be better off getting a line of credit with the local bank, than salting the earth partnering with Groupon.
  15. This sounds super cool, but the price of plane tickets from CT is
  16. Iver, do some research in our Photo/Video sub-forum. You are in a much better spot than we were even a few years ago. For stills mirror-less should be perfect for you, and way less weight that we used to have to haul around.
  17. Your poll is a little screwed up. For example I have a strong rating/USPA rating, but I never cross trained and got my Sigma rating because until now my dropzone only owned strong rigs.
  18. DougH

    Interesting Handcam Setup

    Yeah I could see that getting in the way of handle checks, or more importantly getting in the way when you actually need to get to the handle! Maybe it would be easy to learn to deal with, but why? I am imagining the need to get to a Dual Hawk RSL which is on the left main riser with that thing on my hand! I can see a bunch of negatives: obviously a bigger snag point, bigger sharper object that could bash a student, bigger target for a student to grab, more likely to snag a reserve handle while flying the canopy. I fail to see a huge benefit of this setup? It isn't getting the gopro further from the student for a wider shot. Maybe it gets better landing shots when both hands need to be actively in the toggles flying the canopy?
  19. Highly variable. Sometimes they wad up and fall fast. Other times they stay partially inflated and mostly untangled and float off for what seems like days!
  20. DougH

    Wing suiting vs. Tandems

    This also happens with dropzones operating two smaller Cessna's, especially with AFF students mixed into the loads.
  21. What is the resume being used for?
  22. Your DZO would be in the wrong if they aren't issuing you a 1099 because you spend enough to zero out your account. Money earned by an independent contractor gets reported on a 1099. Money taken off account for jumps etc are expenses of said contractor and are reported as business expenses on the independent contractors Schedule C or business entity filing if not operating as a sole proprietor. You could deduct the items that you mentioned. That is where a decent accountant with small business tax experience comes in to play. If you don't make enough income from jumping to offset the expenses you mentioned, in other words you think you are going to lower your overall AGI from skydiving expenses, then think again. In that case you have a hobby, not a business, and there are hobby loss rules.
  23. Hold on, be right back, want to get some popcorn before Michael Jackson gets it all.
  24. Not my region, but can you expand on this: "I supported exciting changes as well as standing traditions"