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  1. Brian, what are some of the mental exercises you'd recommend to low-number jumpers arriving at a new DZ? Perhaps a jumper with 50 jumps or so. What are some of the mental exercises that would be of benefit to marginally experienced jumpers as they begin to partake in aggressive canopy techniques (Perhaps a jumper of around 400-500 jumps) How do you feel canopy piloting education should become part of the D licensing process, if at all?
  2. DSE

    Flat Vrs PRO

    I'd say "speed" is the diff. I'm sure you'll get some great responses, but having been packing with flatpak (how I learned) Jack-Pack (sort of a combination Pro and Flat) and ProPacking, I don't notice anything different other than speed. I'd *guess* that the flatpack is probably the most conscious and "safest" pack job of the different methods, but for me anyway, it's by far the slowest. As far as pack volume, I've got a 190 that just simply packs large no matter what method I used, I've tried all three and can't seen any discernable difference between any of the pack styles. However, I'm still pretty new in the game too.
  3. Look into it, you'll learn it's about surface area, not number of chips. Surface area =better resolution and better light sensitivity which translates to saturation. A single 1/3 will outperform three 1/8 or three 1/6 even when you've got serious DSP. It's not a subjective question; it's basic math. Kinda like "will I be a safer flier putting a cam on at 200 jumps vs 100 jumps? As far as CMOS, the newest cameras at all ends of the market are turning to CMOS for a lot of reasons, addressable pixels being the least of them. The most highly anticipated camera in the current time is the new RED camera, and it uses a large format CMOS. Single, not three. Three chips aren't always better than one.
  4. Don't buy on 3CCD alone either. A single 1/3 CCD or a .5 CMOS will beat a 3 chip, 1/8 or 1/6 any day. Maybe you could pirate a Sony from a Best Buy or Good Guys. That would be "kinda neat." The reason that the boxes are all made for Sony cams is because by far, the majority of skydivers use Sony. The LANC control is somewhat necessary for start/stop and seeing if the cam is on/off, and they're rugged. There is a reason that most jumpers and the SIM recommend waiting to at least 200 jumps. It's hell to wait, but a lot safer for others and yourself.
  5. wow. Remind me to never let you know where to find my software. Piracy just ain't cool no matter who you steal from.
  6. The guy quoted in that article couldn't have possibly been more wrong. XBox doesn't have built in HD DVD, how many users are really gonna run out and by a *second* DVD player that plugs into their XBox? Playstation already has nearly a million installations with BD in it. That article also isn't directly from AVN, who on their website, still is supporting BD, but AVN show is this week, so that may be updated later. VIVID is also a BD supporter, but that too, could change this weekend. Not sure. I'd surely like to know the host force behind the sudden turn, because at CES, the AVN people were in the Sony booth, and still very much BD supporters as of Wednesday when I left. Odd that in 24 hours timeframe, it turned around. Would be great to hear Sony comment (not sure what they could say though)
  7. Comment from Sony guy on the phone this morning was "As far as I know, this is not true, but what is Sony supposed to say? 'Of course this isn't true, Sony supports the porn industry?'" Something seems really fishy in this. BD is hugely selling straight out of the gate; Best Buy said they immediately sold out of all their players on first order. The Samsungs do play CD's, even though CD's are going the way of the dinosaur. You're going to see more and more releases of music on DVD with and without vid, including lots of bonus add-ons. My label is planning on releasing some "complete" albums with all works of certain artists later this year, and Apple's announcement of 2 billion downloads and Apple now being the 5th largest distributor of music in the world...the death of the CD is certain at some reasonable point in the future. I still feel BD is going to succeed. We showed our year-end vid on BD at the local brew house, and people not at all involved with skydiving came up and wanted to know where they could get a copy, how come it looked so great, what was it filmed with. Half of it was shot with the lil' Sony HC3's and A1U's, but a lot of it was DV upscaled using HDAnywhere from MagicBullet/Red Giant. It did look great, but the interesting thing was that everyone could see how great it looked with an SXRD projector and bigscreen, plus simultaneously streamed to 720p plasmas around the brew house/restaurant. For us, this means eventually, that you'll be able to see every minor detail in the skydive, good and bad. Trust me, you haven't seen really ugly until you see a super flabby floppy face up close and personal on a big screen in HD. Think of Phyllis Diller in a skydive.
  8. A thought just struck me, and I hope I'm just playing mental poker... The article contains a lot of links to support various statements, but nowhere does it link to a statement from Sony or the BD consortium. Who benefits from such a statement on the eve of the AVN Awards? Toshiba. Would they do such a thing? I dunno, I'd hope not. But it's a scary thought. I do have a BD burner already, and software to write with, and have done a coupla screw-around skydive vids with it. No client has asked for one yet, and I don't expect to get a request outside of a trade show vid for a while yet. This discussion probably should be moved to the Speakers Corner, since it's not directly related to the discipline.
  9. I was convinced based on quite a bit of insider and outsider knowledge that Blu-ray/BD would prevail in the HD on DVD format wars. However, now I'm not sure in spite of what I know is coming. I'd guess you want to be sure your player plays both formats. LG and Samsung just introduced two new players that are dual format at CES. I surely hope the i4u article is incorrect. Emailed a couple people on the BluPrint team earlier today, but both claimed no knowledge either way on this issue.
  10. Would surely be nice if Max refunded money rather than disputing refunds. Sorry to hear of his problems, sounds like he's got a lot going on. I'd be grateful for my money or my glass. If you're in touch with him, I'd surely appreciate it if you'd pass this message along, since he's not responding to phone calls nor emails, but is able to dispute credit card charges.
  11. Some semi-useful info
  12. If you'll be at Sundance Film Fest, there are some fun sessions on HD, and I'll be showing a fair amount of Xtreme sports footage including skydiving. The sessions cost 150.00, but with the attached card, you can attend for free. Hope to see some of you there.
  13. I also have a Cookie and a DiamondX, like em' both. We use them for motorcycle and ATV mounting. They're great. I wanted the Royal, because it has less refraction from close light sources, but it's not so significant that I'm willing to give up 300.00 to wait several months, if I ever receive the lenses at all. C'mon Max, at least respond to mail or phone calls.
  14. I have an HC7 in my hands now. I'd hoped to jump it at Skydive Mesquite, but they were only flying the 182, and I didn't have time to hang around for a slot; we were driving to beat snowy weather. I get to keep it for a week, so either I'll drive to Mesquite and jump it this weekend (not too excited to do that as it's their boogie weekend) or I'll figure something else out. It's solid, I'll definitely give it that. So far, I've only shot about 10 mins of vid with it on the drive. It manages jumping up/down and violent swings on the end of a monopod quite well.
  15. Great reply, but neither of us are gonna get anywhere by trying to convince each other that we're right or wrong. If you were at NAB 06 for any length of time, you likely would have seen me standing with Jim, Tim, Bryan from the Liquid team (Jim and Tim are no longer with Avid). As mentioned, I feel Liquid is a great tool. I included a demo of Avid Liquid in my book on HDV, and my book on general HD. Other than Vegas, no other NLE was included in the book. Liquid impressed me that much. Additionally, I've/my company has produced training for Liquid. I'm not here to beat on it. Which is why I answered in the objective vs subjective. Liquid cannot extract pulldown. JVC HD100U doesn't use pulldown, so that's a moot comparison. Try removing from the Sony V1U for example. As to the rest...well..., from a subjective point of view I'm not going to debate it. What do I enjoy most about Vegas vs any other NLE? I've successfully completed a lot of projects with it. No matter how you slice it, we'll be of different opinions. I'm more about the end results, not the tool, which is why I use virtually all the tools out there, depending on what tool best does the job. Proclaiming a tool is better for skydivers because skydiving films are on a shelf is somewhat meaningless. I once produced a nationally-broadcast Broadway show promotional/commercial spot ("My Way", the musical on the life of Frank Sinatra) using Sony Vegas Movie Studio, a $79.00 consumer application. I'd never advocate that anyone else do so, it was done on a goof to prove the point that the tools themselves aren't that important. It's the driver. I'm sure we both can agree on that point.
  16. The original new testament (when in Greek) was Hebraic Greek. Or here. Sometimes called "Jewish Greek. Not the Greek spoken of the time, nor of today. The The vernacular is different. But hey! It's all Greek to me.
  17. FWIW, at our DZ, if you're entering at final from a long spot, it's acceptable so long as you're not making turns against traffic.
  18. Vegas and Premiere Production Studio both offer these features. Auto keyframing was taken directly from Vegas, it was the first NLE to offer this feature 8 years ago. Liquid was built on MPEG, but as mentioned before, it can't remove pulldown from GOP formats (yet). It *was* the king of MPEG editing when it was FAST/601/Purple. Dunno about the user never "feeling it." If you've got a monster machine, yes. If you have an above average machine, an average machine, it hiccups during autosave. Spend a little time in the Avid fora, and you'll see lots of complaints. Vegas, FCP, Premiere Pro2, AvidXpress all offer this feature. Vegas goes one further, you can have as many templates open at once, rendering, capturing, and editing at once as your CPU will allow. My Quad allows me to run more than 15 instances at one shot. So do Vegas, Premiere, and FCP. Liquid is a great tool, but there is a reason it's not the most popular. We're now getting to the point where the third party support, stability, and cost are the most important factors, as the tools available just about all offer the same features or very similar features. Learning curve is a biggie, and Liquid has a very small learning curve. it's one of the sexiest apps out there, but heck, it's Avoid. They've always had a sexy interface. Fortunately, I can make Vegas mimic Avid, and can somewhat make Premiere Pro2 mimic Avid, if I need that smokey, dark, cool-dude look.
  19. Cohen hasn't responded to my phone calls, emails. I'm waiting to get a reversal on my card as well. My feeling is he's been given enough time to make good.
  20. I dunno if I'd agree with that. Liquid is a good tool, but: 1. Requires a super-behemoth of a system to run _well_. 2. It's still a bastard child of Avid now, and doesn't get much internal support. We produced an Avid Liquid training product, and I do use the software on occasion to be sure my chops are up on it, but there are definitely better editing systems. Vegas imports and exports more formats, framerates, and resolutions. Vegas has full 24p support, Liquid does not offer proper pulldown removal of formats that embed 24p in a 60i stream. The storyboarding feature in Liquid is very well done. The surround is so-so. HDV support isn't all that great, even though Pinnacle used to totally own the MPEG editing world. Canopus Edius has an easy learning curve, Vegas has a very fast curve, Premiere is easy to learn at the basic level, but the advanced and more valuable features are slower to grasp. Premiere has kinda become a dongle for AE. AIST sucks, IMO. Ulead is finally done with MSP, but they're continuing Videostudio (owned by Intervideo now). Avid Xpress is important to know if you're a full time editor, but takes time to learn, and isn't terribly flexible. You can buy the full version of Vegas for $99.00 at B&H, but it's an old version. you can then upgrade to the full new version for $249.00, so it's still cheaper than buying Version 7 off the shelf. Premiere, you can get free with a lot of bundles. Edius, you gotta buy. I might have a version 3 I could sell you cheap. MediaStudio, I know I have a few copies if you want to torture yourself.
  21. cough, cough bullshit. Anyone got a Riccola?
  22. It's kinda messed up that Pajarito was able to post the same post in multiple threads/cross threads. It seems to have a confusing effect. Y'know... this thread has been a lot of fun, and after driving for several hours and doing some reflecting on what I've read, God revealed this to me. 1. If you believe in the bible, that's wonderful for you. How about keeping it to yourself? In return, I won't share my dirty little secrets with you privately or publically. I'll even try to keep other non-Christians from publically displaying what we probably both agree is inappropriate for children. 2. Faith without empirical evidence of actuality, is not a religion, it's a cult. If you "feel" you've got proof, evidence, just remember that what you require for evidence may or may not meet my need for beyond a reasonable doubt. Either way, if I don't hear about your religion or cult attacking my beliefs, I won't attack yours. I promise. 3. Whether the bible is true or not really doesn't matter, all that matters is what you believe. Where it gets really screwed, is not what god or jesus said or didn't say. Argue that all you want. But at the end of the day, what seems to matter most is "what did god/jesus _mean_ when they spoke? What was the context? " Some folks (like Steveorino) seem to have a pretty good grip on it. Some people are seriously in need of reality counseling like XXXX and XXXXX. Gotta give props to Pajarito for believing and standing up for it in his own name, instead of hiding in cowardly anonymity, even if I do think his view of the world is incredibly fallacious. I'll never believe in the bible; I know for sure, and divinity has confirmed in my heart, that the bible is a work is a collection of fictional works by a bunch of ego-driven "I was close to Jesus/God" people. I know for an absolute certainty that the book is a best-selling bag of bullshit, much like the DaVinci code except it's not as fun to read. I suspect many people here feel that the bible is bullshit and is best found in the outhouse when the roll is gone. There are those that believe it's the "Word of God." That's OK by me, you're welcome to your illusions, just as I am. However, please realize that the meaning of those words may be interpreted differently by different people. In the past, it's been used by bigots, racists, black/red/brown/yellow people, homophobics, homosexuals, and every other two legged creature to circumvent civility and reality, not to mention humanity and social responsibility. From my view, if you believe in the bible/god/deity, you're using God's name or Jesus' name in vain when using interpretations of the bible to ~participate in the Holocaust ~murder hundreds of thousands of Native Americans through a wide variety of nefarious means ~prevent interracial marriages ~condemn men or women based on sexual preference ~hate/segregate/eliminate others based on race or creed, or geographic locale. ~used to judge/condemn/condone the actions and behaviors of others in or out of your particular faith. Hitler was a "Christian." David Duke is a "Christian." Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, The Navigators, Billy Graham, Jim Wallis, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Cope, Charles Colson, George W. Bush, Pajarito, NCClimber are all Christians. If that's any role call of whose going to be in heaven, I surely don't want to be there. Thankfully, it's not a worry. Cuz I wanna continue to swear on occasion, enjoy the scenery on the beach, put my family first