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  1. There is ZERO need to worry about these magnets having any effect on a DV tape. None whatsoever. At the PIA, with Bill standing there, after he rubbed the magnets over his chest and a DZO rubbed them over his pacemaker, I put a DV tape with material on the magnets, rubbed it around, and then captured the material. Not only is greater magnetic strength needed, but it also needs phasing/cycling to erase the tape. Someone made a comment about how the magnets "could make the image softer." DV tape contains data. 1's and 0's. The image can't become softer, it's either there, or it isn't. No in betweens. It's like saying a magnet could change the sum of 100 + 100 to 194. I'd be more worried about the flap adhering to the side of an aircraft than I'd be worried about DV or HDV tape.
  2. I haven't been around long enough to know whether square pins vs a rounded pin is a problem or not, so I'll leave that to John Sherman to argue one way or the other. I do see that the rounded and offset pin pulls more smoothly, but I'm not educated enough to say that it's a big deal or not. If it does increase the speed and safety at pull time, I'm all for it. If it doesn't change the speed, it's merely an alternative. If it's slower, bends more easily, or hinders the opening process, obviously it won't fly. If nothing else, it's great to see that minds never stop seeking ways of making even the smallest aspect of our sport better, yeah?
  3. John Sherman explains the pin very well in the video, but the upshot of it is that it has an off-center eye, which means that no matter what angle it's pulled, it will release and not bend. Additionally, because there are no squared edges as current pins offer, it will "roll" properly when being pulled. This allows for a more concise and consistent deployment, since any angle will work more efficiently. The new pins cost nearly 3 times to manufacture at this time, but Mr. Sherman believes the cost will eventually come down.
  4. Most of the guys were pretty cool about it; one just didn't get it. He's an employee of the DZ, so he had to be handled differently, and it didn't work too well. I think every DZ probably has a self-appointed Romeo that wants to screw everything regardless of the cost to whomever. I guess that in some parts of the world it's OK to screw your sister, even when she's 18 and you're 31. After all, Borat thinks it was OK.
  5. Saskia, one thing I noticed about the vid you posted, is that it's not an actual customer vid; the exit shot, one of the deployment shots, and the landing shot are 3 different people. So are you having the vidiot deploy before the tandem, sticking in a stock shot of deployment, and then having the vidiot fly to the tandem, completing the vid from that perspective? No way I can see that you could get all of those shots in one jump with one camera. Or if the vidiot is getting the deployment, is he tracking for a short distance, dumping, and the tandem spirals down to his level?
  6. It's absolutely possible, with rigs old and new. After watching Bill demo this on a couple rigs, I tried it on my Eclipse. If the angle is "just so," then the tuck tabs actually lock on themselves up to a point, and it takes a hell of a jerk to free them. Think "bag lock." Very little pressure on the tuck tabs. Additionally, "brand spanking new" systems have mal's just as old ones do. Do you want to be worrying about it with a brand spanking new rig?
  7. I guess that's a better view, assuming he'll understand why folks aren't willing to accept racism as a reason to attack DesertDevil. The thing that kept me awake for much of last night is that I know both people. I know DesertDevil very well; he was one of my AFF instructors. The OP I don't know so well, but I believe he's a pretty good guy. His post came so far out of left field... The OP is "somebody told me," "somebody told me.." Just do the right thing. If what "somebody" told you bothers you, then ask. If you don't have the courage to ask him directly, then ask the DZO or folks at manifest or the folks that work there or the regular jumpers there. While I know that DesertDevil doesn't "carry guns everywhere he goes" I'm surprised that anything to do with "guns" would bother you.
  8. This is just FUCKED UP. Since there were only 7 people on the load and 11 on the DZ yesterday, you've revealed who you are. I jumped the camera slot with him, what does that make me? He's a damn good guy, and if you'd take the time to get to know him and know his story, you'd *hopefully* have a different or at least real-world view. BTW, one didn't "join" Saddam's army. It's called "conscription." I'd wager the guy has undergone more challenges to get to America and become American than any American could endure. I guess it just goes to show that you don't know someone until you really get to know them. Kinda like how you haven't come to know our Iraqi skydiver, teacher, and friend. I hope you'll apologize to him, because he's an awesome person who'd give you the shirt off his back. He has no choice as to where he comes from, but has a choice (just like you) about what kind of person he is. I think he's made the right choice. Have you? [edited to add] "I heard him say that so many kids die in Iraq because America has taken over the country." I call bullshit on that. I've shared many a meal with this guy and his wife, and had very intense political discussions with him. Further, the story about the cut-off hand originated with someone who has a beef to pick with him at another dropzone. C'mon...be realistic. Hell, you jumped with me on the prior load. We had fun. Who do you think taught me a lot of what I know? Yeah...the Iraqi. The OP is a personal attack, and one on someone who doesn't frequent this forum. I'd vote the mods either delete it, or ban the OP from posting.
  9. DSE


    Thanks for the kind words, glad it was informative, useful, or fun for some. Matt and I had a good time doing them. Thanks to all the manufacturers and attendees that participated and helped out. The bottles of wine from the Bonehead folks was very appreciated too. We didn't let it age much.
  10. I missed the Cimsa release, but I think you hit everything "big" in what you caught. JumpShack has a new pin that is round vs having squared sides, and it has an off-center eye. John Sherman is exceptionally excited about that. They also have a new speedbag. Rigging Innovations has a new Talon FX. Parasport had the smallest audible I've ever seen, about 2/3 the size of the old Time-Out audibles. Really loud, with adjustable freq's for jumpers that have "holes" in their hearing. Bonehead had two new helmets, plus their Echo helmets distributed exclusively by ParaGear. Consew had a couple new machines. Skysystems had a boatload of new helmets. One of the fabric manufacturers had a revolutionary fabric that should outlast most skydivers, but dying it seems to be a problem, and it's very costly. Strong has their new ATV system., 366 tandem, and the Screamer system for the military. SSK Military had some GPS controlled devices. Heck, I can't remember the rest, but overall, there weren't any new, monstrous groundbreaking technologies that are revolutionary to what currently exists that I saw, other than magnetic risers (which we've been hearing of for a few months, UPT's retractable ripcord, and that's about it...that I saw, and I think I saw it all in 4 days.
  11. Thank you for sharing that, it's a very nicely shot vid.
  12. Bill said it was not possible (or maybe he said "unlikely") to retrofit.
  13. I waited to jump until my daughter was out of high school. I assumed I needed to be there for her no matter what. She decided to skydive after seeing me jump, and got her A license around the same time I got my C. While I'm very glad to be around the DZ with her, it's always a slight nagging feeling that my only child is involved in this sport. The bigger concern has been how a couple of the guys behave around her at the DZ. There are those too ignorant to realize that you don't shit where you eat, and she's had a hard time being a cute young woman at a mostly-male DZ. It seems she may leave the sport as a result. I'm not sure that's a bad thing.
  14. OK, so I don't fly tandem, and am only a beginning level aerial videographer. Either way, for tandems I fail to see the value in the argument. Handcam for video purposes is a POV (Point of View) position, and has merit, IMO. External cam provides a non-POV, and while most people prefer it, I don't know that it's "better." External cam ends when the TM dumps. Handcam can continue, and capture more of the experience. Using both on the same jump is the best of both worlds, but I don't know that most customers would spring for both. Stuntquest argues that handcam is useless for stills, I'm sure everyone agrees. so why argue? Unless of course, a good still cam is used in place of the video cam. Bottom line is that the DZ needs to sell both services, and allow the customer to see the benefits of both. Handcam likely wins 80% of the time. I guess since tandems aren't my main thing, it doesn't bother me much. On the other side of the argument, I can't help but wonder about AFF being done with a hand cam. A lot could screw up there where the instructor needs both hands free, no?
  15. In fairness (and I'm not at all trying to defend Vigil), he also says that the design has now been modified, set to go off more slowly. So yes, it worked the way it was designed, but now that they know a sudden depressurization of the aircraft can result in a misfire (which would be interpreted as a design flaw), they've now modified the design. My feeling, especially based on the intensity in which I'd originally spoken with him off-camera, was that Jo Smolders felt they have nothing to be ashamed of, just that they'd had an unexpected situation that caused their device to fire, which demonstrates that it does indeed, function. Maybe not the way you or I'd want it to... but they have changed out the design after Rantoul and Thailand.
  16. The V1 can take stills, but I wouldn't use it for such. That's a capture from video, shot progressively. Yes, the V1 and FX7 both offer manual shutter/iris. At the risk of "advertising.." you can get my training DVD on the V1/FX7 from the VASST site. There is no successor to the FX7, it's the newest in their consumer lineup. Sensors are the same on both FX7 and V1. DSP is different. You can set different focus modes on the A1, yes. This is why the PD Factory Team chose the A1 over the HC1. It's not a "fix" but rather a difference between the professional and consumer models.
  17. Something more like this F950, which is two models newer than what we shoot with. There are quantities of sensors (one or three) and size of sensor (ranging from 1/8" to 2"). A camcorder or camera head may have three 2/3" sensors, or one 1/8 sensor, or any mix in between. The cam may have CMOS sensors or CCD sensors. Sensors are sometimes called "Imagers" or "Image blocks" or "read chips" or "converters." Lotsa names for one aspect. I believe a high end handycam can produce a "reasonable" 4 x 6 now. Linked here is a 1920 x 1080 cap'd from Sony Vegas set to Best/Full, shot with a Sony V1U, full end of the lens. Aperture at 5.6, ND2, 1/60shutter, 30P/FPS. It's slightly softer than it would have been had I been shooting with some added sharpness and not at the full end of the lens, and had I been shooting interlaced vs progressive. These guys are roughly 1800-2000 feet from the lens. While I don't believe it's suitable to blow up or print as an 8x10 for professional use, I do believe it's "reasonably" good, and *most* tandem folks would probably be happy with it in a 5 x7 or 4 x 6. This same image from a 2/3" chip cam would be stunning. The V1 is a 1/4" chip cam You'll need to import it to your image editor, convert to 300dpi 4 x 6 to see what you're looking for. You decide.
  18. I did the same as you, John...two broken lines after a nasty opening (learning to sit and not paying attention to alti, opened at high speed, duh!) and had 2 broken lines. Decided to land it after checking for control. One of the instructors and my rigger both looked at the main and proceeded to chew my ass out, saying I should have chopped. Landed fine...but I'm not going to go for a second chance, most likely.
  19. The show is over...Parachutes De France didn't have anything new, or rather, their rep said they didn't. They had a nice big booth though.
  20. Are you a rigger? You might be interested in this monster machine from Consew.
  21. I still stand by what I said then. You can print a 5x7 on good paper and it looks "reasonably" acceptable. It's not anywhere near what a good bit of glass on a Rebel will shoot, but bear in mind, *most* of my shooting is with very high end glass on HD. Grabs from a 2/3 cam at 2MP look very, very good. But...in this discussion, we're talking about replacing still cams with video cams. If you could jump a 2/3 cam with an Angineaux lens...then you'd probably have the same opinion I do. From a low grade HDV cam with glass composite lenses...not a prayer for any still image not destined for the web. But...I'm still learning.
  22. I might have heard it wrong, but I believe Bill commented the same; the Sigma has been using the same materials for several years (7?) without issue. After seeing the way this system works, I have zero doubt it's trustworthy, even more so than steel with a swedge. [edited to add-"but I'm not a rigger; what the hell do I know?]
  23. I suspect one only needs to send it in to Vigil. Jo indicated that they update every unit sent in. It seems that while they do offer a 20 year life, it would make sense to send it in at least from time to time anyway. I do like the idea that I can choose when to send it, vs the 4/8 requirement of Cypres.
  24. Haven't tried it on a jump, but have used mini-mag flashlights with LED vs filament. Has worked really, really well for some of the reality and doc work. Could this work in freefall if you avoided snag points or used heavy Velcro to hold light in place?
  25. His response was indeed sort of "like it or leave it," but he also explained that they've changed the algorithm to slow it down somewhat, which Vigil alleges will prevent misfire in this *particular* situation again. I don't know if *particular* means much, if another *particular* situation that hasn't yet been discovered is suddenly discovered. Jo is the president of Vigil, so while he's a rep, he's also the "boss/head engineer."