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  1. Sorta...I side mounted (very half assed) an HC 3 using a Cookie box. Super PITA to get on/off, and the box opens to the inside, or next to the helmet. It's just not feasible given the way the cam is built and the way the boxes are built. You *could* put one on the right side of a helmet that is flat on the right side, or build an L bracket for the right side...But the box still won't open, because then the hinge is on the helmet side.
  2. For what it's worth, it appears Max is bending over backwards to work out his problem. I chose to take the risk of ordering another lens from him last week after he'd made good on the long-delayed order, and not only did the order arrive 2 days later, but he followed up with a phone call to be sure I was good with everything. So...hoping his bumps in the road have smoothed out, but I'm one to say he made good and then some.
  3. If you are capturing as a type 1 or 2 avi file, it's no big deal to strip out audio and replace with silence. If you're capturing any other format, then the audio may or may not be interleaved, and requires original or rendered replacement audio. Most NLE's (nonlinear editors) can render a video file without recompression, and without having audio in the file, but a type 1 avi file MUST have a sound file associated with it. Type 2 doesn't require an actual file, but will create a false reference. It's easier just to render the file with the audio muted. In Sony Vegas for example, rendering a DV AVI file with no audio would literally take seconds, because it's only rewriting the header file associated with the video. Moviemaker will recompress the video regardless of the format, I believe.
  4. Thank you Bill. Your answer is as close to conclusive as I'll get. It'll have to fall to someone else to speak with him, each time I've tried to talk to him about anything, whether it's packing or doing an instant 180 on deployment ("I'm clearing my airspace") his stock answer has been "I was taught differently in the Army."
  5. I'm confused. Based on the Titusville thread in Incidents: When you go low on a formation and either don't believe you can float up, or for whatever reason, is tracking away immediately the best course regardless of altitude? Or staying around the formation, and tracking off when the formation breaks a better practice? Similar question; we have a person at our DZ that never tries to re-dock if the formation funnels, and tracks off immediately regardless of altitude. Basically, if the formation (usually BFR's) falls apart, they don't want to try getting in or reforming regardless of altitude. Twice, there have been situations of this person being very close to others upon deployment. What is best in either of these situations?
  6. I think that's a little harsh/absolute...? When I'm on vacation, I don't want to pack, I just want to relax and jump. As far as packers go, there are great ones and those are the packers you look for. Just spent a week in Eloy, didn't pack either rig once. I just wanted back to back loads and lots of fun with friends on different loads. Two rigs, packers...it was a blast. When it's "normal" and not any special occasion, by all means, pack yourself. I do too. But there are times....
  7. Thanks. They are toy American Eskimos, and are terrific for keeping rats out of the barn. They love snow, I shave em' in the summer. Some say they're not a man's dog, but having had nearly 40 of them over 30 years...I love em. Ridiculously smart. 10lbs max, so they can do indoors or be outdoor dogs.
  8. Kenny Wayne Shepherd David Gilmour Martin Barre Yngwie Malmsteen (technical, no heart) Zack Wylde (Technically weak, tremendous heart)
  9. Luka (little one) @ 9 weeks (last week) ChuKai (bigger male) @ 14 weeks (last week)
  10. You might try standing in a doorway with your feet about 12" back from the door frame, placing your crotch against the doorframe and leaning way back. Practice/develop muscle memory. Also, search the forum a bit for some answers; use the term "arch" in the search box. You'll quickly learn you're not at all alone in your question. Good luck!
  11. They're rated pretty poorly on resellerratings.com if that is any indication of anything.
  12. The 3233 *is* a Manfrotto, just not the model you're looking at. Aren't you concerned about the hook/release armature at the front of the 394? Seems like a snag hazard to me. You could face it backwards, but if it's on an FTP for instance, it couldn't face backwards, and I sure wouldn't want it facing sideways or frontways.
  13. John LeBlanc of Performance Designs talks about jumping it as a main, the tighter weave, etc. currently only available up to a 143.
  14. I think there is a significant difference between a guy like you being paid to look out for the general community that attends a specific congregation as a "watchman," "counselor," "friend," and someone who has their phone number listed in the book and on-call for emergencies for those that need help for whatever reason, and the Kenneth Copes, Benny Hinn's, etc of the world. You need sustenance no matter what, and if that means having your house, bread, and transport paid so you can be available to your community, there is nothing wrong with that. I see that circumstance going far beyond just "preaching." Then there are the Mormons, that allow any lay moron to be a high-ranking official in their church. No professional, eclesiastical, nor social training. Just the most popular and pious guy in the branch, ward, or stake. No fucking wonder they have one of the highest rates of pedophilia, rape, suicide, and spouse abuse in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. There is a huge difference between being a human being helping others and making a meager living in the process and having gold-plated water taps on the dog house. Additionally, while I don't at all believe what you believe, you're respectful of the beliefs of others, and that makes you a respectable person. That sort of person is the sort *needed* in the "ministry" if you will, because they're likely non-judgemental in most cases. I've got no problem with someone being compensated for being available as a crying shoulder. Counselors are paid, aren't they?
  15. I don't use the 394, but do use the Manfrotto 3233 quick release system. I countersunk the screwheads into my FTP. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=77847; http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=77848;
  16. So, I'll take a stab at this: Branding. The "bake sales" and "Pennies by the Inch" campaigns waged locally go to buy new things for the church, ie; we need a new XXX so the church looks better. I don't see a big problem with that, but I do see a problem being paid to preach. But the Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copes, Benny Hinns, Big C, Don Tipton,...it's all about branding. Instead of selling you Nike, they sell you a fish Tshirt or wristband to promote their "brand." Look on the front of your shirt, chances are that at least 70% of those reading this post are wearing a brand of some kind. Maybe it says Perris Skydiving, The Gap, Old Navy, whatever....Jesus needs a brand too, and there are lots of ministers lined up to create it for him. God needs a brand, there are lots of preachers lined up to sell it for him. Jesus needs money too, right? Branding. It's the American way. We are who we are based on the brands we choose to associate with. Therefore it's critical that Jesus and God have a brand of their own. I just wish they could decide on just one. Like "Coke" or "Geico".
  17. I loved the Mormon episode, and the Boyscout one, plus the recycling episode. The Alien Regression one (people that were born aliens, but grew into normal humans. The "Profanity" one was hilarious! And the Bible episodes are the best. it's almost like they scripted it straight out of SC. They have another PETA episode coming up. SANTA VACA!!
  18. When did the term "Swoop" replace "turf-surfing?"
  19. You can use a device like the Canopus ADVC series (Another Damn Video Converter) that will take the analog input and convert it to a DV signal output over 1394. Canopus also has the ADVC1394 that can usually be found cheap on Ebay. USB2 rarely works for capture/transfer, simply as the result of USB being proc dependent whereas the Firewire has its own bus.
  20. If you're capturing via the Firewire output on the HC7, you won't care much about this post, but if you're using a Black Magic Intensity or other 10bit card, you'll find this of use. The new cams have what is called "XV Color." It's a more broad range of color, but most NLE systems can't support the range if you're capturing via Firewire. This test image shows the differences between the 8 bit and 10 bit at two shutter speeds.
  21. Bigway, Several DVD authoring tools miscalculate the final file sizes when prepping to burn to DVD; DVD StudioPro did this in the early days, DVD Workshop still does, Sony DVD Architect 3 did it as well. I've been given a few explanations, none seem to make sense. Bear in mind that the good compression/encoding tools are not "cheap" but there are several freebies out there. If your video seriously matters, use a good encoder such as the Sorenson or MainConcept. They come free with various NLE purchases. Really good encoders cost serious $$ such as the CinemaCraft, which is the standard of the authoring industry. Sells for 1999.00 for the cheap version. As mentioned, for DVD playback on a set top player, the files must be MPEG 2, in the bitrates I mentioned above. Slower bitrates and you risk stalls on some players. Higher bitrate, and you risk the decoder not being able to keep up so you'll see blocky playback. HTH
  22. Burn MPEG 2 vid/AC3 audio Bitrate greater than 7.5Mbps, lesser than 9Mbps Use the media recommended by your BURNER manufacturer, not Ulead. Ulead only makes the authoring software. If you wan an ISO, DVD workshop will usually work with it, but since DVD workshop isn't DVDINdustry compliant, some set tops may struggle with discs burned by DVD Workshop. If you'll pay the postage, I'll happily send you a book on DVD Workshop that we wrote a couple years ago. Ulead has been purchased by Intervideo, and intervideo has discontinued the DVD Workshop product. It was a good one while it lasted.