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  1. Not knowing Natasha, not knowing you, and not knowing the dynamics of anything else; your post suggests you're bashing her, her skills and there is a dash of sour grapes in there too. You maybe didn't mean it as such, but it sure seems that way. I know little about how she won the award; I do know from personal experience that it takes ridiculously hard work to be recognized at such a level in any industry, and frankly, it doesn't matter how she got there. I'd wager it doesn't matter much to her that she received the award anyway. It's very unlikely she won the award by trying for it.
  2. I've got a great shot of him sitting at the campfire next/near to you, Zing. He gave a great interview on Jays project.
  3. I'll vouch for that...I did 12 turnarounds for video [edited to add: during practice runs on Thursday] with Zing and Bill, and in spite of anything else, it was gut wrenching when they rolled over to dive back to the runway. Zing managed to get me floating a couple times. I don't know how those guys did it in such lengthy stretches. thanks for the correction on the number of loads. I guess it just didn't seem like that many Porter turnarounds happened, but there is a big diff between 40 and 90 loads.
  4. Exit order, hook turns swooping, and wingsuits= most discussed. Exit order=most controversy Hook turns/setups=most information exchange Aircraft emergencies were heavily discussed, but since we hear a lot about this topic from pilots that also skydive, it wasn't much of anything new or controversial, it was more that the mechanic and pilot that discussed this subject had a really well put together presentation on turbine engine failure.
  5. The PACs did virtually all the flying. The Porter, although in the hands of the incomparable Zing, just couldn't keep up with the 2 brand new PAC's. Zing could probably tell you the exact number of turnarounds he did, but I'd be surprised if it was more than 40 out of the 642. That wonderbread polkadot sure is fun to look at though.
  6. Bear in mind that the HC7 can shoot 4.6MP images to the card while shooting 1.7MP video to tape. The DSP allows for the higher resolution, and it really shows, IMO. But, it's a photograph shot with a small sensor and video glass, so while it looks pretty good up to a 5x7 or even 8x10, it's not nearly as rich or deep as something shot with an XT. I just printed a couple 8x10's from the HC7 this morning (non aerial) and they look good, but not stunning.
  7. I jumped one early on, and since they were my first camera jumps, I'll admit I probably didn't understand/know much about what I was looking for. That said; It fit really well, made my face look funny/chubby. Was easy to keep my eye on subject, and helmet felt very much a part of me. Although I was told it wouldn't work well as a video helmet (due to the lacking chin cup) by one of the vidiots on the dz, he was surprised when he saw the vid I came down with, and so he jumped it once himself and liked it. The downside from my POV is that the "brim" or "lip" on the front of the helmet lifts your head a bit, and makes an odd sound (at least on my head) resulting from the wind it catches. However, the vidiot that jumped it after my jumps said he heard nothing. Depending on your face, it's a great looking helmet. I have some extra skin on my face, so I look goofy. The younger guys with less fat look very Brad Pitt-like.
  8. I do believe you could modify the Sony wired LANC remote, as it has both a thumb switch for taking images and a start/stop switch for the video side. I haven't taken the time to do so, I'm not really all that motivated. But, the LANC can receive multiple instructions at the same time, so it should be possible. Perhaps Trunk can comment, as I know he's been doing a lot with LANC and the HypEye development.
  9. Can't say enough good about the Silhouette; I'm jumping both a 190 and a 210, and enjoy them very much. I tried Spectre, Sabre2, and a very used Safire, and settled on the Silhouette. Then later found out it's the preferred canopy for military use. With 15lbs of camera gear on, it's nice and soft, but also has a very responsive feel (as though I'd know, flying big boats).
  10. You mean like this one? [edited to make clicky] Thrillride, Adventure Sports, Skyride...all high-risk buys. Hopefully 2007 season will bring some awareness to the general public about these guys.
  11. Kallend, just wanted to say "Thank you" for the use of your presentation, as it was used at Safety Day today. Was interesting watching a 250 jump freeflyer trying to go head to head with a 40 year veteran DZO, who eventually pulled your presentation out with the simulation.
  12. . That is how they get you to watch the news and/or Buy their papers. Most the "millions of Identities stolen" BS the spew is just that.. BS. All that means is someone had access to a . I agree with all of your post points excepting this one. Millions of identies have been stolen, but not the millions "stolen each year." What most fail to realize, is that the "stolen" identities are practically handed to the thief by either people leaving their bills unshredded making access to information easy, or they foolishly click on links and fill in credit card information. We just finished an internal corp vid for a very large internet-based business, and was fairly surprised to learn that more than 2 million of their user accounts had been compromised not from internal theft or hackers, but rather to phished mails that appeared to have originated within the company but didn't.
  13. Based on responses to an article in a video for sports magazine, I'm curious as to how mainstream the skydiving videographer may be in regards to current equipment or short term planning for new equipment (or not). If you're not planning a move to HD, I'm interested in knowing why, and if you are already shooting HD but wish you weren't, I'd like to know why as well. Finally, if you are planning a move to HD in the near future, I'd like to know why.
  14. Looking back at my PIA vids, I wish I'd have shot from the front of the room rather than the back of the room. Then we'd have faces to go with hands, and y'all could figure out what DZO's are in favor of the Skyride operation. I wonder what might happen if folks asked their DZO's about it, and explained that as fun jumpers, it's not good juju to support a DZ that supports Skyride. Sort of an "ethics by proxy" movement. there has got to be a method of figuring out what DZ's support Skyride.
  15. I've been using ACDsee, like the OP. However, I too, have a massive database. I imported my ACDsee into Sony PictureGo, and although it's cheap, it is powerful. But, while it displays RAW, it doesn't show the metadata, although the metadata is still there. I have been considering Aperture as I'm both Mac/PC, but really prefer my PC for Pshop work. So also looking for some answers. iPhoto is great, I've watched a great demo of Aperture. Justin Carmody from the PD factory shoots thousands of pix a week, and uses Aperture, and that practically sold me, watching him work, catalog, sort, zoom, display, correct, etc. I just don't like the idea of using my MacBook for photos.
  16. On Mac, iPhoto is pretty good. But with half a terabyte worth it sounds like you might be better off with pro apps like Apple's Aperture or Adobe Lightroom. Have you played with the new Lightroom yet?
  17. Sony Media Software has a new tool that I've been using on the video side for about 5 years, cataloging several TBs over a SAN. Works great. The new software is based on the same engine, and very ACDsee-like. My ACDsee is still working great, but I've been told to back up my database for it often, given that I've also got about half a TB, so your experience confirms what I'm seeing posted on several webforums. Sony Picture Go
  18. Assuming of course, that they pass the A license at jump 25
  19. That ain't saying much, my friend. The sad thing is, I knew that. neither one of us is gonna win any beauty contests, but you've got me beat in personality, bud. I hope you get to try to toss me out of the Porter again sometime soon.
  20. I had a choice of Skydive Hawaii and Pacific Coast. Skydive Hawaii was closer to the airport entrance, so I went there. The DZ in Utah is less than 10 mins from my home. Location is important.
  21. From my relatively inexperienced view, isn't a coach effectively only going to be working with the jumpers with say...10 to 50/60 skydives? Those that are just learning to fly? If someone with say...300 jumps is going for a coach, I think they've already located their guy/gal at the DZ, a neighboring DZ, or a distant DZ. I've hired coaches both in the tunnel and out, all post jump 100 or so, and found them all by lurking DZ.com or asking around. Seven or eight trips to Perris and Eloy, it's been easy to find the higher end. However, in the early jumps, it was difficult to find someone that wasn't jumping tandem, video, AFF, or with their high-number jump buddies that was available to jump with. Paid slot or no. then again, I'm not 19, cute, and female. But I'm better looking than Zing.
  22. Well, having watched you work with people coming from a very wide range of skills (30 to 300 jumps) in the same group, I was impressed. My daughter came away better for the experience with your group. I teach 4 days a week at the university; I hope those teaching skills carry over to being a coach, when/if I achieve that rating.
  23. You might ask the DZO directly. I heard this accusation at a DZ last year, and approached the DZO. He informed me that he tests for illegals (and showed me a shelf full of test packages) consistently with no notice. Yet a couple people at the DZ insisted that they knew better. If you truly know beyond a shadow of *any* doubt, I'd say you have a responsibility to the students and community members to say something, don't you think? I for one, don't want to be on a multi-person jump with someone that's been using.
  24. nice helmet, very nice camera...it's a little heavy, so you'll want to be ready for the opening to be amplified somewhat. Get some advice from folks around you or here regarding how you should set it up.