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  1. A rigger and I undertook the effort to (again) test the strength of the lanyard. The molded connector piece (where the ends of the lanyard terminate) broke free at 45lbs. We tied the lanyard in a double square knot, and it wouldn't break at 55lbs, the max of the scale. Everyone believed nylon screws were the perfect answer, and then a wingsuiter had nylon screws that didn't break when his ringsight was snagged. Point being...you've got several thousands of jumps suggesting what you're doing isn't in your best interest, aside from being unnecessary. Trading out the value of a 250.00 camera over your life will seem really cheap when you're in a hospital or worse. But as they say..."It's your rodeo, and you're a grown-ass man."
  2. "ignore, confront, report?" are all negative processes... If a local JM is teaching this old school messaging, perhaps *asking* your CCI about what you observed, and his thoughts on it. After he's given you his thoughts, you'll perhaps/likely have a better gauge with which to approach the next piece of the conversation. Your post suggests you understand the logic behind why most places don't still teach this old-school info.
  3. The "leadership didn't act;" Mr. Winstock resigned. The only action Leadership took, was that his resignation was accepted. It's unfortunate that what occurred was mis-represented by someone desperate to buy his way onto the BOD. Politics suck, and that's truly what this situation boiled down to. Sadly, the politics don't end with his resignation, and our BOD will likely be much poorer for it come this next election. It's like "Game of Thrones" up in there. Either way, Winstock is off the Chairmanship (by his own choice), and that should make folks happy enough.
  4. If she really wants to improve the world, she could make a Gunbarrel a resident of her mouth temporarily. Loopier than a Red Bull Air Race, this one is. Not funny, humorous, nor cool at any level.
  5. I only received a production RX this morning...so hoping for good weather at the DZ, and at the aquarium. I'll give you my opinion then. On the surface, the anti judder seems to work, I did some very fast pans with the pre-production unit and it seemed solid as heck. It's not a true global shutter, it's just a software approximation of one, for wont of a better explanation.
  6. gotta love the ISO of over 4MILLION.
  7. I'll preface by saying I am unabashedly anti-Panasonic on most everything video. Why? Because they lied to the industry for two years and when got caught out, their response was "we interpret the data differently." They are the only company in history to stretch pixels BOTH vertically and horizontally, and shift colorspace in their upsample. That dishonesty has carried over... now on to my attempt at being unbiased; The camera uses a non standard codec. That shoots it hard for me. I don't care about the burst mode doing 80 vs 50 pix; both are overkill. I do want the faster framerates for super slow mo that the Sony offers. That's a big deal for me, coupled with a professional video codec, is the "big" reason I'd go Sony. The longer zoom of the Panasonic doesn't help me for most of what I'd use it for, YMMV. Overall, if I'm using this camera for 4K, I want the global/antidistortion shutter of the Sony. I want the better codec. I want the super slowmo. Hope that helps?
  8. The nylon lanyard that came with the Contour camera failed to break at 70lbs (the max of the rigger's scale). I just tested the Sony lanyard with my archery scale; it doesn't break nor come unsealed at 55lbs (the max my scale goes). Add that it's under load, you're truly willing to bet your life (and the shit everyone else has to deal with) on "I think so?" It's your rodeo. But recognize there is a reason any experienced skydiver and/or cameraflyer will tell you that it is just plain fucking stupid to put a lanyard on a helmet camera. Add that it's in the range of a reserve in the event of deployment (entirely in the realm of probability in case someone hits you and knocks the camera off), and it's considerably more foolish. But...at least the guy that gets to clean up won't have trouble finding the camera. To stay on topic, I hope your rodeo rider gets clean footage of whatever happens.
  9. Depending on what the source/convert file formats are, you'll find Vlan does a cleaner/more accurate job than Handbrake, but it'll also likely be slower. Handbrake gets it done, but only just, IMO.
  10. It used to be thought that GoPro's were not snag hazards (until that theory was proven false). It used to be thought that GoPro mounts would easily rip off (until that theory was proven false). Then it was thought that the GoPro mount would easily break (until that theory was proven false) Sony, Contour, Replay, and similar are all even more "tough" than a GoPro. How did you test it for all the knowledge you've indicated above?
  11. No offense intended, but that's not much of a rodeo with the rider only lying down and forward. Point of note, you have a lanyard on your helmet. Please tell us that's not a safety lanyard for your camera?
  12. I have seen it without any problem. You've likely also seen people drive drunk without problem. Does that mean it's a safe behavior?
  13. I use the Batch feature of Sony Vegas, so haven't looked at a convert app for quite a while. With the Batch, it can convert hundreds of files to another format while you sleep. There is a small learning curve, however. VLan does some forms of conversion. It should do *most* of what you want, and it's reasonably fast. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html[url]
  14. No real experience with the AZ1, no... sorry! I'm working with the RX10II now...really enjoying what I can get from it. It is stabilized 4K
  15. They were absorbed by another company a couple years ago, and you're right...they've turned into another K-Lite codec installer, filled with crapware. Sorry you got hit!
  16. That is the BioYoke, and it is soft, flexible, and not at all plastic. It is a flexible fabric, identical to what is on a Swiss Army computer bag. Nothing sharp at all. FWIW, I have two Curvs
  17. Those are just tuck-tab pockets. at the very worst, *if* you could somehow contort yourself to have them move past your jugular, you'd do better to be worried about fabric burn than the small plastic insert cutting through a layer of cordura and still having enough force to open skin. However...the hook knife in my mudflap does worry me from time to time (usually when I go through the airport).
  18. That's up to CSC to confirm, but the dates I've been told are suggested: Sept 28: Acrobatic Registration and practice jumps Sept 29-30: Acrobatic Competition Sept 30: Performance Registration and practice jumps October 1-3: Performance Competition October 4: Weather Day, available for competition jumps as needed
  19. I'd contact L&B; this would be VERY odd. I have several VISO's, all on student rigs for wingsuiting. The batteries are changed once a year. Same with my Altitrack and Optima's. Battery life seems about equal on all three devices.
  20. The dropzone will manage that for you; even as only a visiting jumper, I still had to purchase a membership for APF. It was no big deal. Byron Bay is a gorgeous DZ with a terrific staff. Ask for Jose, he'll get you sorted. He's also a USPA licensed jumper in addition to being an APF instructor.
  21. What motivates you to want a digital vs an analog face altimeter?
  22. Bear in mind that 720p is long dead, 1080p has at best 30 months of life. HEVC codecs reduce load time, and are entirely mobile/set top player compatible.
  23. No, we don't/can't take edited footage. I wasn't aware you were looking for comp (I spaced that out). Stick with the AS100V, IMO.
  24. I would avoid Dropbox, as that exposes your customers to spam targeting. Google Drive is less costly, greater security, and more customer-friendly. Drive is easier to share on YouTube as well (although that will soon change), and YouTube is a terrific advertising vehicle. Ultimately, uploading is the best (and most future-looking) way to go. However, some customers will want a thumb drive, as they want the tangible "thing" when they walk away from the DZ. Most importantly
  25. there should be a ceremonial burning of ALL Sabre1 canopies. (This is from a guy who jumps a Stiletto, also 20 year old design.) Quite a few wingsuiters would take issue with that. The Sabre 1 is an excellent WS canopy. I'm more concerned at the OP's wingloading @ 75 jumps. Seems pretty aggressive.