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  1. That was a great listen! Sandy is a walking encyclopedia of our sport.
  2. Search the threads, there are several commentaries. In short, the bitrate and aperture of these types of cameras are too small and low to function for a high-speed sport. https://vimeo.com/41088648 https://vimeo.com/40985675 is at 16mbps, and these are a pair of one of the best offerings out there. And of course the usual...200 jumps, please refer to the now nearly dead thread on small camera incidents.
  3. Replay is a US Company, their tech support second to none, and they are built of aluminum, not plastic. Incredibly durable, great picture, low profile...there is a reason I've used them on several commercial shoots, and why they were rated very high in the DZ.com camera shootout.
  4. Contact Adam at Replay. You can buy lens kits for a few dollars; might as well experiment with one lens cover to see if a small hole fixes the issue. I'd also suggest checking the O ring, and perhaps use a very light coating of silicon ala CYPRES kit. Card speed is critical. There isn't a week go by that I don't hear from someone who has slow or counterfeit cards. So you're formatting outside the camera? That seems a tad odd, but if that's what XD told you to do...
  5. you might want to ask this in the wingsuit forum. However, you'll likely have better openings with a wingsuit and Spectre. I jump Storms (either 135 or 150s, rig dependent), and prefer them over the Spectre. However, at your lower jump number, the Storm might be a bit too aggressive. The Spectre is an ideal wingsuit canopy, IMO.
  6. DSE

    windows 10 and Vegas pro 12 and 13

    Vegas 13 is running smoothly on my Win 10 installs... Haven't reloaded 12, however.
  7. The dropzone will manage that for you; even as only a visiting jumper, I still had to purchase a membership for APF. It was no big deal. Byron Bay is a gorgeous DZ with a terrific staff. Ask for Jose, he'll get you sorted. He's also a USPA licensed jumper in addition to being an APF instructor.
  8. DSE

    Sony mounts

    Wait, what?? You're comfortable with a GoPro mount and not a Sony mount? Sony's mount covers nearly double the surface area of the competitor. It is of a softer material that not only dampes vibration, but also doesn't shatter on impact. Side mounting the AS100v upside down in the Helmet side mount (because you want it on your left side), is a solid option. The AM1 is very solid as well, for a top mount. Put a GoPro adapter on it, and your video will greatly suffer. The whole fulcrum point is why GP is inherently unstable, and why most pro's use cages vs lick n' sticks.
  9. DSE

    Soft links identifier

    That's a useful resource, thank you for taking the time!
  10. Thank you for sharing this story. Snags don't occur only on deployment, but that's an easily forgotten point.
  11. EXCELLENT article. I don't know that newbies are "encouraged" to be unsafe, but the groupthink often suggests "if I can do it, I don't see why it would be difficult for you"... Frequently I run into skydivers that think from their own ability and perspective vs the ability and perspective of the person they're communicating with.
  12. Have you had a rigger measure the lines? Is there any play in your brake lines? The Sabre 1 has a relatively light front riser pressure, or at least the 170 I had did. Closed cells/bucking were never a problem for me. I'd suggest measuring for line trim, or having someone do it for you. http://www.performancedesigns.com/docs/linetrims/LS_120-170LT.pdf
  13. Tony makes an awesome camera suit. I prefer the large wings; it's easy to "get rid of" wing than it is to grow bigger wings.
  14. DSE

    Sony FDR-AX33 test footage

    "Active" usually does better these days... Nice footage. Youtube compression does a terrible job. Vimeo is a tad better. BTW, if you want to see it more amazing...shoot 4K, stabilize it gently in post. The extra resolution does indeed make a diff when outputting HD or 2K.
  15. DSE

    Love Across The Risk Continuum

    Sweet writing as usual, Annette!