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  1. Bumping for Bob....4 yrs ago Blue Skies Forever
  2. Fly Free Bob! You are still missed by many.....
  3. So very sad and senseless. It sounds as though Tom was a wonderful young man with so very much to live for......all destroyed by an animal that should not have been on the streets at all. My heart goes out to Tom's family and friends.
  4. Godspeed and Blue Skies Tonto......may you forever fly free. Deepest condolences to all who loved you. I'm not really a member here, but joined when I lost a loved one to the sport. Since then, I've been a steady lurker, and have learned much from the great folks here. Always looked forward to T's well thought out posts. I was shocked, and feel a void by what has happened, and I can't even begin to imagine the loss to all of you on this forum, and in his life.
  5. When I saw the poem left by Scoop, I thought I'd like to share another poem. It was written by Bob, and the occasion was the death of a young local officer named Mike Hartzell, who was shot/killed in the line of duty by a worthless piece of human crap. This is the poem that Bob wrote for Mike's funeral......it was only several short years later that the poem was also used for Bob's. Kind of eerie, in a way. AS BAGPIPES PLAY As bagpipes play across the land, There lay one woman, there lay one man. Amazons and warriors fall, Though they fought the fight and gave their all. Duty, honor, courage, pride, Anguished refrains fill the sky. On hallowed ground we walk today, Another hero passed away. Heaven waits, gates opened wide, To receive the souls of those who died. Thousands who have gone before, Stand inside just past the door. Arms outstretched, a warm embrace, Tears of joy stain every face. They too had laid their armor down, Replaced it with a golden crown. United in one voice they call, Echoing across the walls. Mother, father, daughter, son, Husband, wife, everyone. Remember us, as we remember you, Walking straight and talking true. We'll stay and watch the angels play, Until again we kiss one day. As bagpipes play across the land, Another hero makes a stand. -Sgt. Bob Magnuson
  6. Today is the one year anniversary of Bob's death in Cleveland, and it still does not seem real that he is gone. But for those of us that knew and loved him, he will never be forgotten. I'm attaching 2 pics of Bob......the first one is more recent than the second.