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  1. Gopros have either a HDMI or micro HDMI output. So you can buy a HDMI-HDMI or micro HDMI to HDMI cable and just use that. Which gopro do you have?
  2. That thread states that it would be too costly to develop something from scratch. Really? You already had the NMU. Which could read and write airport and aircraft data. Adding an export function to that can't cost more than a whole Paralog license. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Paralog software, and bought v5 for 70€ and upgraded to v7 for 40€, but it seems a bit too much to pay 40€ again for the same features that were in the previous version. About 1 year ago you said that you would look into the idea of free export software. What happened to that? It was in this thread:
  3. At first the reason for not allowing export of data was, that Alti2 was to busy and didn't have enough resources to develop something of their own. But I'm sure that many developers would we happy to develop software for exporting jumps (myself included). As for managing jumps there are a lot of alternatives for Paralog, that are equally good and free. So I really don't see a reason, why the specs for communication with the device are not open. Could you list the good reasons why the firmware is closed?
  4. The original thread was posted in 2009
  5. Yes, we have a wood panel that levels the floor with the door and the tandems just slide down to exit. It can be taken out quickly if seats need to be installed.
  6. I have about 300 skydives out of Seneca V and III. The floor is level so there are no obstacles. The door is a bit on the small side, but it is ok for putting tandems with video out. If the aircraft is properly configured on the jump run and you do a normal exit, then you shouldn't be able to hit the tail. It climbs really fast. Ours takes about 17min to 13,5k. But it isn't cheap to operate.
  7. I know of somebody hitting a car on landing and damaging the windshield. And I think there was someone else who damaged the ailerons of a parked airplane. I don't know how much they covered, but the skydivers didn't have to pay anything in both cases.
  8. You can buy one here for 90€/year (the F0 one). It covers anything up to 1.500.000€. I've heard of people needing it and them paying up. It is valid anywhere in the world, except USA.
  9. Are you planing any new features? I think exporting the jumps and importing previous jumps would be a great feature.
  10. Are you looking for medcial or third party liability insurance? For third party liability I would recomend this: 1.500.000€, valid anywhere in the world, except USA.
  11. Yeah, they have something like that, but my wishes are too complicated for that. I guess I'll either write it by myself or do it by hand that one time per year.
  12. Hi, does anyone know of a software that could help me make flight time scheduling software. I'm planning a tunnel camp and would like to schedule all participants in the available hours based on how much time they have. I've been doing it manually in excel spreadsheets or google drive, but surely there is some software that does just that. I tried the FET timetabling software, but it is just not right for the case. Anyone have any experience in this?
  13. Maybe it was Red Bull?
  14. coticj

    Digital or Analog Altimeter

    How about making a free export tool (or posting the specs) for the logbook from the N3 and not forcing users to buy Paralog?
  15. When I was looking for a canopy tracking system I found this: (I was looking at the spy lamp) It is relatively small and the battery lasts a couple of months. But then in the end I didn't decide for it, because I didn't know where to put it.
  16. When I was at Skydive Europe, there were people from Madeira jumping there, saying that, because it was not possible to jump on the I would say no. Also Madeira is very mountainous, so apart from the intl. airport, there isn't another one, that would be ok for skydiving...
  17. Vrsar, Croatia (the event that GoneCodFishing posted) could also be nice. Temperatures are ok and it on the seaside, so views are nice.
  18. What about the units that were manufactured before 09, but were sent back for service say last year? Is it now also affected or?
  19. I was pulling on the risers, nothing happened, and as I didn't know what is wrong I decided to chop it. But I do know of a case on the same canopy when the guy flared and the canopy then started flying normally...
  20. Here is an example: of what happens to an Atair Radical with both toggles unstowed. If I had known what was wrong, I would probably react by pulling the toggles all the way down...
  21. I started having toggle fires about two weeks ago on Javelin risers in Javelin and Icon Sport containers. I have the problem with the slack in the riser if the toggles are put all the way in. I found that if I straighten the slack (pull the riser) one toggle goes 1cm out from the top stop and the other about 0.5cm. So does this happen because the risers are getting stretched out? I don't quite understand the solution mentioned (about putting another seam on the upper keepers). So the solution would be to physically reduce the length the how far you can put the toggle nose into the keeper? Wouldn't that make the problem equally bad? Out of the 5 jumps this weekend I had toggle fire on 3 jumps.
  22. The same thing happended to me two times on exit. It really isn't a great feeling, being snagged like that. But now I have a new problem. The chincup keeps opening on FF jumps. Anyone had the same problems? Or any idea on how to fix it?
  23. coticj

    Student radios

    So do you think that these radios should be loud enough without an additional earpiece either on the cheststrap or inside the helmet? How about the audio quality? Is it clear enough And is the range at least 1.5 miles?
  24. coticj

    Student radios

    Hey Fast, thank you for your response. So we will have to check out some of the proffesional equipment. We won't actually be using the radios in the states, so the licensing should not be an issue. We were thinking of using the protec helmets with the radios mounted on the side. As for the radios being sewn into the suit, it might pose a problem for the aff students and they might obstruct their movement.
  25. coticj

    Student radios

    Hello, we are getting new student radios for our students and I have some questions about the setup. First which radios would you recommend? I've seen the many threads recommending motorola minitor, but I'm not interested in that. I was looking something like this or this. Anyone have any experience with these? And what about mounting options? We've been using headphones until now, but they keep falling out of the students ears or the sound quality is crap. I've seen some mounted on the chest strap and some directly into the helmets. Does anyone have any examples for helmet mounting? Thank you for your responses, Jure